The Turth Hurts
by JasNCarly

This takes place inn 2008.In this story,as much as Jason hated to do it he asked Carly to move out.Robin told him it wasn't working out and for him to choose.Surprisingly Jason chose Robin.
He had an apartment for Carly to live in for awhile and Michael stayed with her but Jason saw
him everyday.But Carly and Jax got together about a year after Jason and Carly had 'Split up'
.Jax was by himself because Sonny decided to come back for Brenda.Jax and Carly married
and now live in a house in Port Charles.Jason and Robin are together and plan on getting
married but nothing's for sure yet.Brenda and Sonny have two children- Stone, 5, and Marie,
4.They live in the penthouse across the hall from Jason.Jutus moved out and bought a house
 across town with his new wife. Elizabeth and Lucky were recently married, and they have a
newborn baby girl, named Leigh.Emily and Nikolas are engaged.Right after she graduated,
Sarah got in a car accident and died. Michael is ten.Michael is very close with Stone and Marie.Jason and Carly take care of Michael sometimes he stays with Jason and sometimes he
stays with Carly.Although everybody in Port Charles are doing ok and getting along no really
knows what goes behind closed doors.Jax has started hitting Carly and though people have
noticed Carly is acting different no one has said anything.Carly went from being very outgoing
and letting you know what's on her mind to a quiet shy housewife.She barely went out she began
to dress differently.She always wore long sleeved shirts,her pants were always long (Summer or not.),and she always hid her face.Still no one says anything.

Jason and Michael got in Jason's car.Jason was taking Michael home to Carly's house.
"Buckle up."Jason said to Michael while getting Jason's car.
"Yeah.Yeah."Michael looked at his new toy Jason had gotten him,"Wait until mom sees this."Michael said looking down at his new action figure.
"How is your mom?"Jason asked.
"She's cool just a little tired lately."Michael waited for his dad's response.
"Is she sick?"Jason grew with concern.
Michael liked that his dad showed concerned,"No she's ok.She's probaly cleaning the house right now."
"Oh that's good."Jason laughed nervously.
Michael wanted his parents back together.He remembered his parents together briefly.He saw that Jason and Carly were always worried about each other.Michael was trying to figure out how to get them together.He hated Jax.He had seen Jax hit his mother before and he wanted Jason to take Carly and him home with him.He hated the times when Carly and Jason would meet but nothing would happen.Michael looked at his dad who was concentrating on the road.He just wanted his dad to save the day.To save him and his mom.Although,Jax had never laid a hand on Michael.Michael was still scared of Jax and worried about his mom.Jason stopped the car in Carly and Jax's drive way.As they walked up to the house they could hear music blasting.Jason gave his son a look.
Michael hit his head,"Did you see any neighbors home while we drove in here?"
"No why?"Jason knelt to be his son's height.
Michael rested both of his hands on Jason's shoulders and shook him,"Because then she's going to play her music as loud as she can while she's taking care of the house."Michael rolled his eyes,"It's horrible,Dad!Horrible!"Michael jokingly cried into Jason's arms.
Jason laughed,"It can't be that bad."
"You don't believe me?"Michael took his dad's hand and walked him up the stairs of the house's porch and to the window."Kneel down."Michael instructed his dad.
Jason did as his son instructed,"What are we looking for."
"Trust me you'll notice.Look into the window."Michael explained.
Jason looked into Carly vacuuming the front room and singing along with the song she was playing.She somehow worked a dance into her cleaning.She was playing Selena's song,"Amor Prohibido" off of the Dreaming of You CD.Jason smiled and laughed along with his son who was watching his mother's actions.When the song finished Carly turned to see Jason and Michael watching her.They quickly ducked but their laughter was heard.Carly's mouth dropped and she ran to the window and stuck her head out since there was no screen.Carly mouth dropped and she started hitting the both of them playfully.Jason and Michael backed up from the window and stuck their toungues at her.She screamed in frustration and grabbed a broom that was near by.They both made a run for it.Carly opened the front door and ran after them she was poking them with the broom.She grabbed Michael from behind and held him in a hug as he faced Jason,"Ok,Michael,you have commited a crime against your mother, you must suffer the consequences."She started kissing him on the cheek quickly.
Michael squealed,"Dad,make her stop!"
"Don't worry I'm coming son."Jason yelled and grabbed Carly from behind.Everyone was laughing.
Carly screamed through her laughing,"No!
Michael got an idea,"You caught her,Dad now you have kiss her."
Jason let go of Carly and his smile faded.And he looked at Carly.
Carly quickly covered,"He can't do that honey,"She knelt down to Michael so that she could look him in the eye,"It's called 'Sexual Harrasment.' Now go upstairs while I talk to your daddy.Ok?"
Michael nodded and ran up the front steps.Before he went into the house he waved to his dad.
Jason grinned and let out a small laugh,"Good cover."
Carly turned to Jason,"Thanks.So did you guys have fun?"
"Yep Michael can sure wear a person out."Jason replied.
"He does that to people."Carly smiled,"So I guess I'll see you later."Carly said and started to walk away when Jason stopped her.
"Michael,said you've been tired lately,you ok?"
"Yeah I'm fine,"Carly was happy inside that he cared,"Thanks for the concern."
"I'll always worry about you,"Jason paused,"And Michael."
Carly gave him a thoughtful look,"I know."
Jason opened his door to his car,"Well,I'll see you later."Jason got in his car and drove away.
"Later."Carly whispered.
Michael watched them through the window,"So close."Michael sighed and went upstairs.

Michael woke up in the middle of the night to Jax yelling and hitting Carly.Michael looked through the crack in his doorway.He felt the tears fall as he watched his mother take whatever Jax had to dish out.Jax grabbed her and shook her.When he was done yelling in her face he slammed her against the wall.Carly went limp and Jax went out.Michael ran into the hall way to his mother's side and tapped his mom,"Mom?Mommy?Mommy are you ok?"
Carly was inresponsive.She just laid there with her eyes shut.Michael ran downstairs and called an ambulance and then his dad.

Jason ran into General hospital to see Michael in the waiting room by himself.Jason ran to his son,"Hey,Michael you ok?"
"No."Michael cried,"Mommy...she wouldn't wake up."
"Michael,you know your mom,she'll be ok."Jason smiled to assure him.
"I hope so."Michael hugged his dad.
Jason knew excactly what happened and it had to stop.Jason had noticed the change in Carly's behavior.Jason waited with Michael while Carly's friends began to show up.
Luke,Laura,Sonny,Brenda,Emily,Nikolas,Lucky,and Liz all showed up and talked to Michael assuring him everything was ok.They all waited with Michael except Sonny and Jason who took a step to the side.
Sonny scratched his chin,"Do we know what happened?"
Jason felt the anger build inside of him as he prepared to tell Sonny,"He hit her.Jax he beat her and left her there,"Jason punched the wall and alarmed Sonny,"Sonny,my son had to call me and tell me his mom was going to the hospital."
Sonny nodded,"So what do we do?"
"Well,apparently,Jax has taken a little business trip and won't be back for a couple of days.I say we keep Carly with us.She and Michael can stay with me.And we just have to keep an eye on her."
"And when Jax gets back?"Sonny thought the plan was good until Jason got to the Jax part.
"We deal with it when it happens."
"Jason,that's not a good thing to be unprepared."Sonny told Jason.
"Sonny,I can't even think about Jax right now,"His whisper was growing louder and he was getting more and more angry,"If I do I'll end up killing him."
"Alright."Sonny understood.
Monica Quartermaine stepped out of Carly's room,"She's fine."
Everyone sighed.
"Is she awake?"Jason asked.
"Not yet but she should wake up soon."Monica spoke very low to Jason,"Can I speak with you for a mintue?"
"Sure."Jason replied.Sonny walked over to Brenda.
Monica kept speaking low,"Jason,I hate to be the one to tell you this but this doesn't look like the first time."
"What do you mean?"Jason thought he knew what she was going to say but he didn't want to hear that this was not the first time.
"This has been going on for months."Monica sighed.
Jason closed his eyes and a tear fell down his cheek.
"She has multiple bruises on her.Some are from tonight but a lot of them looked like they have been there for awhile.There are bruises all over her."Monica saw the pain in her son's eyes,"I'm sorry."
"Thank you for telling me."
"Take care of her,Jason."Monica gripped her son's arm and walked away.
Sonny saw Monica walk away and he went to Jason,"What'up?"
Jason held back the tears but they filled his eyes,"He's been hitting her for months,"Jason crossed his arms,"He's been hitting her for months and I didn't know,Sonny.I didn't,"Jason sighed,"I didn't see it.What's wrong with me?I knew there was something wrong and I said nothing."
"Jason,man don't beat yourself up you heard Monica she's going to be ok.We know, now we can take care of it."Sonny offered his friend a hug and Jason accepted.

Jason walked into Carly's room after hours of waiting.She lied there and he looked at her arms.He could see now what she had been hiding for months.She had bruises all along her arms.Jason sat next to her at her bedside,"Oh,Carly."Jason cried as he looked at her arms,"I did this.I let this happen.It's all my fault.I'm so sorry.I won't let him hurt you again.You'll stay with me and if Robin has a problem with it,"He took a deep breath,"It's her problem."
Carly started to move.She slowly opened her eyes and smiled when she saw Jason,"Jason."
Jason smiled back at her,"Hey you."
Carly wasn't all the way awake,"What are you doing here?"She looked around,"Where am I?"
"Your in the hospital,Carly."
"What?!"Carly paniced and sat up quickly.She saw Jason look at her bruises and pulled her blanket over herself.
"Carly,you have to tell me what happened."Jason said to her softly.
"I am so clumsy I must have fallen."Carly looked away from Jason.
"Fallen?Carly,how stupid do you think I am?"
"I don't think your stupid,Jason."
"You must because I saw those bruises and you tell me your clumsy.You are in the hospital and you must be clumsy.Monica,told me that you had bruises all over your body."Jason wanted Carly to tell him the truth but she didn't open up to him the way she use to.
Carly looked at him and put a slight smile on her face,"Jason,"She took his hand,"I can tell you anything,right?"
"Of course."Jason said.
" hit me.I just did something wrong and when,"Carly wiped away some of her tears with her other hand,"He get's mad and when he gets mad he hits.But,"Carly looked into his eyes,"It's my fault.If I just wouldn't get him mad he wouldn't hit me."
"Has he hit Michael?"
"No.No,he has never laid a hand on Michael.I would never let him hit Michael.Never.Not in a million years."Carly replied to Jason with pain her voice.
"But you let him hit you,right?"
"Jason,"Carly took her hand away,"He's my husband."
"Carly,just because your married to him does not give him the right to hit you!He has no right."Jason shouted and lowered his voice,"Come stay with me."
"Jason,I don't think that's a good idea.Talk about getting Jax mad."
"I don't give a damn if he's mad or not !"
Carly started yelling back at him,"Oh no!What about Robin?!Did you ever think about her?!"Jason looked away and stood up.He walked over to the window.Carly sighed,"I didn't think so."
Jason looked back at her,"Just stay with me until Jax gets back at the least."
Carly started to speak was interrupted by Michael running into the room and onto Carly's bed,"Mommy!"
Carly hugged him,"Hey you."She poked his nose.
Everyone walked into Carly's room.They all saw the marks on her arms and looked at Jason.Jason nodded back at them but Carly was to busy talking to Michael to notice.
"Are we going to go live with Daddy,Mommy?"Michael asked with high hopes.
Carly looked at Jason and then her son,"Yes."Michael hugged Carly.Carly pulled back,"But only for awhile we're not moving in or anything."Carly told Michael and Jason at the same time.

Jason walked into the penthouse and wiped his face with his hands.Robin entered the room and ran to him."Oh thank god your home.I was started to get worried.Is Michael,ok?"Robin hugged him.
Jason pulled away,"He's fine.It's Carly who is in trouble."Jason sighed and sat on the couch.
"What's wrong with Carly?"Robin crossed her arms.She was sick of Carly.
"She's,"Jason couldn't tell Robin what Carly told him in total confidence,"She's going to stay here for awhile."
"What?!"Robin shouted.
"She's staying here."
"Robin,she has to stay here and I can't tell you why ok."
"Oh no,Jason,"Robin stopped him from walking to his room,"You tell me right now why Carly has to stay with us."
"Robin,why do I have to explain to you why I am letting someone stay in my place?!"Jason couldn't believe how demanding Robin was being.
"Because we!Not Carly .We are getting married."Robin told him.
"Robin,don't tell me what to do.Why are you acting like this?"
"Because you don't know,Carly!"Robin was getting nervous because she knew Jason felt something for Carly because she left Jason.Robin knew it was her fault Jason and Carly got so close,"Jason,you don't know what she's like."
"Excuse me!Carly lived here with me I know her better than anybody else!Now I don't know if your trying to protect me or whatever but I know what I'm doing!"Jason yelled.
"Jason,do you remember when I told you to choose between me and Carly?"Robin brought it up as if Jason didn't know what was going on,"You picked me."
"Maybe that was a wrong choice on my part."Jason snapped but regretted it.
Robin nodded with a tear falling from her eye,"You know what maybe you right."She took her engagement ring off and threw it at him,"Here see if Carly wants that!"Robin grabbed her coat and slammed the door on her way out.

Carly and Michael packed there stuff and headed for Jason's.When they got there Carly closed her eyes.Michael looked at her,"Mom are you ok?"
"Yeah.Why don't you go up and I'll meet you there in a second."Carly suggested and Michael nodded.Michael got out of the car and walked up to Jason's penthouse.Michael walked into the place.Jason stood up and smiled.He walked to Michael,"Where's your mom?"
"Dad, you should go get her.She's just waiting in the car."Michael gave his dad a worried look.
"Hey, you don't worry I'll go get her ok."Jason told Rinaldo to watch Michael whil he went to get Carly.

Carly sat in the car and cried.This was going to be hard she knew Jason would expect her to leave Jax but she wasn't sure she could do it.
Jason walked out of the building to see Carly in her car with her face in her hands.He went to her car and knocked on the window.Carly turned to the window and rolled it down,"Hi."She slightly smiled.
"You coming up?"Jason asked.
"I--I don't know if this was such a good idea."Carly told him.
Jason nodded and got into the car.He opened Michael's passenger door and sat.
"What are you doing?"
"Well, if you drive off you got a problem I'm in here and you see Michael's waiting for us upstairs."
Carly smiled,"Yeah I guess I do have a problem."
"Why don't you want to go up?"Jason leaned his head against the seat.
"You want me to give you a list?"
"Jason,there are just,"Carly took a deep breath,"I can think of a lot of reasons not to go up there."
"I can think of more reasons than you about why you should go up there."Jason joked.
"Really?Give me one."Carly turned to him.
"Michael."Jason said.
Carly understood and opened the car door to get out.Jason and Carly went upstairs to Michael who had somehow gotten Rinaldo's hands stuck with string.Carly laughed,"Michael,what did I tell you about this?"She walked over to Rinaldo.Rinaldo had a confused look.
"You said if I practice on anybody it should be you."Michael was trying to a finger trick.He was trying to get Rinaldo's hand tied up and then just get it loose.Carly knew the trick by heart.
"That's right,"Carly opened a small hole,"Put you hands through there."Carly said.
Rinaldo did and his hands were untangled.Carly took the string and handed it to Michael,"Next time come to me if you want to practice.Ok?"
"Ok,Mom."Michael grabbed his string,"I'm going go upstairs and play some video games,"He turned to Jason,"Dad,you want to come?"
Jason was still smiling at how Carly got Rinaldo untangled no problem,"No actually I think I should talk with your mom."
"Ok."Michael kissed Carly's cheek and ran upstairs.
Carly called after him,"Michael don't run your going to hurt yourself."
Jason grinned,"Your good with him,Carly."
Carly turned to Jason,"Thanks.He tries that trick a lot though so I know what to do,"Carly took Jason's hand and sat at the couch with him,"You should see all of the friends I've had to help.I'm surprised he hasn't tried it on you."Carly giggled.
"Yeah imagine that me stuck in string."
Carly laughed.
"You know that's the first time you've laughed since you've got here."Jason brought up.
"Oh,I'm sorry."Carly apologized.
"Why are you sorry?"Jason took her hand and looked in her eyes,"I like it."
Carly blushed,"I should get me and Michael's stuff."
"I'll help."Jason volunteered.

A couple days passed and Jax was suppose to come home that night.Jason had managed to keep Carly occupied all day.He called Brenda to keep her occupied for the night,"Hi Brenda.I need a favor."Jason talked with Brenda for awhile and planned everything after he got off the phone he told a few of his guards what he wanted them to do.Carly came downstairs not knowing what was going on.Jason smiled at her,"Hey Brenda will be here in a couple of minutes."
"Why do I care?"Carly asked.
"Because I want you to have fun tonight."Jason said.
Carly knew what was going on,"You mean you don't want me here when whatever goes down with Jax."
"That too."Jason smiled devilishly.
"Jason,you can't keep protecting me from everything."Carly told him.
"I didn't protect you for the last few months.I'm off my leave of absence."Jason joked.
Carly grinned,"What do you want me to do?"
"That's my girl."Jason hugged her.Carly missed hugging him.She closed her eyes.Jason missed it too.He held onto her hoping to remember what it felt like.
Carly pulled back first.Jason then pulled back too.He explained to Carly what was going to happen.He had set up a limo to take Brenda,Emily,Lizzie,and Carly to a club downtown.He was going to have guards with her.Jason watched as Carly walked out.Carly turned to him,"I --,"Carly looked down,"I don't know how to thank you."
"It's ok."Jason smiled and Carly left.

Brenda,Carly,Emily,and Lizzie got to the club and walked straight in.They sat down but immediatly wanted to dance.They walked downstairs to the dance floor.Carly and the other were dancing with there guards trying to lossen them up.The Spice Girls song 'Who Do You Think You?' was playing.
Spice Girls
Who Do You Think You Are?
The race is on to get out of the bottom,
The top is high so your roots are forgotten,
Giving is good as long as you're getting,
What's driving you it's ambition and betting,
I said who do you think you are?
(I said who)
Some kind of superstar,
You have got to swing it, shake it, move it, make it,
who do you think you are?
Trust it, use it, prove it, groove it,
show me how good you are,
Swing it, shake it, move it, make it,
who do you think you are?
Trust it, use it, prove it, groove it,
show me how good you are.

He walked in and saw Carly dancing she was wearing a white suit with the jacket open and a small shirt under the jacket.

You're swelling out in the wrong direction,
you've got the bug, superstar you've been bitten,
Your trumpet's blowing for far too long,
playing the snake of the ladder, but you're wrong

I said who do you think you are?
(I said who)
Some kind of superstar,
You have got to swing it, shake it, move it, make it,
who do you think you are?
Trust it, use it, prove it, groove it,
show me how good you are,
Swing it, shake it, move it, make it,
who do you think you are?
Trust it, use it, prove it, groove it,
show me how good you are.

You have got to reach on up, never lose your soul,
You have got to reach on up, never lose control

Carly felt like someone was watching her.Rinaldo was dancing by himself while she turned around to see Jax on the top floor.She closed her jacket and tried to cover herself.He smiled and mouthed for her to come up to where he was.She mouthed back I can't.Jax told her she could and she made sure no one was looking.The others were dancing and having fun.Carly looked down and back to Jax who looked ok enough.She walked through the crowd and up the stairs.

I said who do you think you are?
(I said who)
Some kind of superstar,
You have got to swing it, shake it, move it, make it,
who do you think you are?
Trust it, use it, prove it, groove it,
show me how good you are,
Swing it, shake it, move it, make it,
who do you think you are?
Trust it, use it, prove it, groove it,
show me how good you are.

Jax hugged her tightly and she moaned a little in pain,"I'm so sorry,Carly.I'm so sorry.I never wanted to hurt you I swear."
"I know."Carly cried.
He wiped her tears away,"We should leave before they see your talking to me."
"You right."Carly looked back down at the others.
"Carly,let's go home."Jax stuck his hand out.
Reluctantly,Carly took his hand and they left.

Swing it, shake it, move it, make it,
(who do you think you are?)
Trust it, use it, prove it, groove it
show me how good you are.
As the song ended Brenda looked around and didn't see Carly anywhere,"You guys!Where's Carly?" The others smiles faded when they saw she was nowhere to be found,"Oh no."

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