Moving On
by JasNCarly

Carly helped Jason clean up the mess the party had made.Jason had a surprise welcome home party for Carly when she got home.Luke,Bobbie,Lucas,Emily,Monica,Michael,and even Robin were there.Carly was so happy to have so many people welcome her home.See was a little surprised to see Jason was trying to get along with Monica.Carly was also glad to know that more than one person actually kind of liked her.She was most of all happy to see Michael.She got a certain since of satisfaction out of the way Jason had stuck by her side all night.Robin had been talking with everyone else for most of the night.Jason was so happy to have her home.He walked into the room where Carly was cleaning up,"So did you have fun?"
Carly smiled and walked over to him,"Thank you.It was absolutely perfect."Carly hugged him.
Jason pulled away and grinned,"You deserve it.You've been through a lot the past few months."
Carly finished picking up the last of the trash and threw it away.She sat at the table,"I am so glad it's over."
Jason sat next to her,"What was it like?"
Carly laughed slighty,"It was hard and long on my part.It was horrible you know.Sometimes I felt like the walls were closing in on me,the light would fade,and hope was lost."
"What kept you going?"Jason asked.
"You'd think it was crazy."Carly turned away.
"No I wouldn't,Carly.Tell me."
Jason's thoughtful look made Carly want to tell him everything,"After a week of being up at Ferncliff I saw something."Carly closed her eyes and explained,"One day the sky was really gray and my room was really dark.I went to the window and looked up at the clouds and couldn't turn away because something.It was a face and it smiled."Carly opened her eyes and redirected her attention back to Jason,"My mother's face.Virginia she was there.And I know it sounds nuts but it helped.It was she was trying to tell me that everything would be ok."Jason looked like he was amused Carly giggled,"I told you you'd think I was crazy."
"I don't think your crazy.Whatever helped you--I'm just glad something helped you through it."Jason took her hand in his,"It's good to have you back."
"It's good to be back."Carly felt er heart pund ten times faster when Jason took her hand.There was a long pause and all they did was look into each other's eyes until Michael began to cry.Jason began to get up but Carly sat him back down,"Let me get it."Carly started to jog up the stairs,"I'm coming,Michael."
Jason sighed,"Carly's home."Jason whispered.

The next morning Carly woke up in her own bed.Her blinds were open because she had to see the moon to feel safe and to be able to sleep.She was so use to looking at the sky now.It was one of the few things she could enjoy.She felt like she never really appreciated it until it was all she had.She walked to her window and looked out at everything.There was a surprising knock that made Carly jump a little but Jason walked in,"Hey you ready?"
"Ready for what?"Carly didn't know what he was talking about.
"I planned a picnic for us in the park.Me,You,Michael,Bobbie,and Lucas."
"You did!?"Carly ran to hug him,"Thank you.I'll get ready right now."Carly said.
"Ok Michael and I will be downstairs.Hurry."Jason rushed her.
Carly put on a long sleeved dark blue shirt that revealed her waist and long overalls.She put her hair in a ponytail and put on her shoes and ran downstairs.Jason was holding Michael while he was on the phone.He was talking to Bobbie.He told her they would meet her in the park in a little while.Jason hung up,"You look nice."
Carly posed joking,"Why thank you.I'm ready to go if you are."
"We're ready aren't we,Michael?"Jason walked out with Michael and Carly.

Carly,Jason,Michael,Lucas,and Bobbie spent most of the day at the park.Bobbie and Carly talked for awhile when Jason and Lucas went to play catch.Bobbie saw that it would be horrible right when Carly got home but it wasn't,"So,Carly is everything ok?"
"She wasn't there last night,Bobbie."Carly told Bobbie.
"That's not going to last for long.You have to figure out how to take care of this situation."Bobbie urged Carly.
"I knowI just don't want to think this is going to end you know.I thought maybe after I got out I wouldn't want Jason anymore.But now I want him even more.Him and Michael.I want us to be a family.And trying to imagine that it won't happen doesn't help it hurts.I just want to enjoy whatever time I have with them before Robin takes over my role as everything to Jason and Michael.Can you just let me do that?"Carly was shocked at how much she had just confessed to Bobbie.
"Ok."Bobbie wiped away a tear that was slowly sliding down Carly's cheek.
That day was one to remember.Everything went right not one bad thing happened.Carly was smiling and laughing all day.Bobbie was happy to see the way Jason was paying attention to Carly.Right now they were thumb wrestling on the blanket they placed on the ground.Carly's laughter echoed through out the park.Finally,Jason got sick of Carly beating him so he started to tickle her side.Carly was very ticklish so her face grew red quickly.Bobbie was enjoying Carly's happiness but she also noticed the change in Jason's expression.He looked as though the whole world had been lifted off his shoulders since Carly came home. As much as she hated to think it Bobbie thought that this wasn't going to last forever.Robin wasn't planning on being second choice for long.Jason had told Bobbie he was not going to make Carly feel she wasn't wanted because he couldn't hurt her after everything she had been through.He was going to keep Carly as long as he could he promised it to Bobbie and Michael.

They came home around seven o' clock.Robin was waiting for Jason by his desk.Jason and Carly came in chatting away.Carly was carrying Michael.Michael had fallen asleep there and Carly didn't mind.Jason saw Robin and his smile faded.It was time for the confrontation he just knew it.So did Carly.
"I'll go upstairs."Carly spoke softly to Jason.
"Thanks."Jason watched Carly go upstairs and cleared his throat.
Robin stood and crossed her arms,"Did you have fun?"
"Yeah,Carly and Michael were very happy today which makes me happy."Jason replied but Robin still looked mad,"But I can see your not happy."
"No.I'm not.I am so sick of this.These past two weeks have all about Carly."
"She's only been here for two day."
"Jason,you've talked about her constantly.It's like I don't exist!I don't feel included in your life anymore."Robin uncrossed her arms,"What am I suppose to do?Wait awhile and hope you pay attention to me."
Carly listen from the top of the staircase.They couldn't see her because she was standing behind the wall.
"Robin,I love you but Carly just got back.I can't lay the fact of you moving in on her right now."Jason argued.
"She's nothing,Jason.She left her son,she ruined Tony,she shot him,she is a basketcase she wasn't even around when Michael first got home!I don't understand why stick up for her.She's never done anything for you.She only causes trouble!"Robin shouted.
"That's enough!"Jason yelled but then lowered his voice,"Carly may not be the best person in the world but she is important to me she's a very special friend and she gave me Michael."
"That's her hold on you.She GAVE you Michael.She didn't give you anything but a problem."Robin cried.
Carly sobbed quitely hearing Robin's words.It was all true.Jason had done so much for her but she never gave him anything in return.She continued to listen.
"She doesn't have a hold on me."Jason said.
"Oh really.Then this should be simple make her move."Robin suggested.Robin knew she was pushing but she had to get Carly out of the picture before she won.
"Do it.Prove it.Prove that she doesn't have a hold on you."Robin looked scared to Jason.
"I can't and I won't kick her out.I will stop ignore but I won't do that to her."Jason stated.
"Then I can't be here.I can't be the other woman in your life.We can not all live in the same place.It won't work."Robin grabbed her coat and left.
Jason thought about it for a second and went after her.
Carly came down to the last step and continued to cry in her lap.The Honeymoon was definitely over.

Carly all night trying to think of something.Something to solve all their problems.She paced her bedroom floor.Something had to be done this wasn't fair to Jason.He had so many things to think about and take care of.Carly was determined not to be one of them.She brainstormed for awhile but then got thirsty.She grabbed a glass from one of the cupboards.She just happened to glance at the hallway floor.She saw the t-shirt Robin had been wearing ealier lying on the floor.She stepped into the hallyway and saw clothing leading to Jason's room.She felt a like someone had just stabbed her in the heart.She forgot the drink and went back to her room.She slowly closed her bedroom door.She leaned her back against it for a second and slowly fell to the floor.She cried there for a few mintues but then looked at the writing pad where she had written her ideas.She circled one and nodded to herself.It was her only option.It would help all of them.Jason wouldn't have to kick her out and Robin wouldn't blame Jason for everything.The only problem was if she did it she would have to give up her fight for Jason's love.She felt as though it was her only option.She threw the writting back on her bed.She dropped to her bed and looked out the window.She stopped crying.Crying wasn't going to help her anymore she had to start taking charge of her life.Jason didn't want her so she would have to learn how to let go.Holding on was to painful.Holding on to something-a dream that would never happen just killed her slowly.She put the pad on her nightstand and turned off her light.

The following morning Carly woke up early.It was a Monday and she got dressed quickly.She went to Michael's room to see him before she went to see Bobbie,"Michael,mommy is going solve everything.You watch."She kissed her fingers and gently pressed it against Michael's cheek.Michael wiped his nose and continued to sleep.Carly was hoping she wouldn't see Jason when she came downstairs and he wasn't.She let out a sigh of relief and walked out the door.

Bobbie looked at her watch again.Bobbie had got paged by Carly to meet her at a small restraunt on the corner of Fifth Street and Academy Street.Bobbie waited at a table looking out the window now.Carly entered the restraunt and sat down with Bobbie,"I'm glad came."
Bobbie gave her a happy/worried look,"I hope everything's ok."
"It's not.Like you said it wasn't going to last forever.Robin demanded that Jason kick me out last night."Carly held back the tears choking her in her throat.
"Oh,Carly,I'm so sorry."Bobbie felt bad for her.
"It's ok.I think I found a solution."Carly smiled.
"Oh,Carly,you're not going to shoot someone again,are you?"Bobbie joked.
"Just one more time."Carly laughed along with Bobbie,"No,'s--I have a question for you.Actually it's favor."
"You want me to shoot her?"Bobbie grinned.
"No."Carly giggled,"The question I have to ask may seem--I can completely understand if you say no to what I'm about to ask you."
"You got me worried,Carly.What is it?"Bobbie asked
Carly tilted her head back so her tears wouldn't fall,"I wanted to know if I could live with you.I have to get out of that house,Bobbie.I can't stay.I can't keep thinking worst of Jason.I can't make lose Robin.She means a lot to him.Unlike me."Carly's tears fell when she faced Bobbie again.
Bobbie was dumbfounded by the question,"Carly,what about Michael?"
"I was thinking that Jason could have him one night and I could have him the other you know like that.I would never take Michael away from Jason,Bobbie,I swear."
"I must admit this is very mature of you."Bobbie handed Carly a tissue from her purse.
"Really?"Carly wiped her tears away with the tissue.
"Yes it is."Bobbie didn't have to think any longer,"I would love it  if you came to stay with me and Lucas.It be nice to have you in my house."
Carly squealed and hugged her mom,"Thanks,Bobbie.You won't regret this."
"Have you talked this over with Jason yet?"Bobbie questioned Carly.
"Not quite.I wanted to make sure it was ok with you first.I'll tell him tonight I promise."Carly shook her head.
"And I'll tell Lucas."Bobbie felt overjoyed,"I can't believe you'll be living with me as my daughter."Bobbie mumbled but Carly hurt.
"I know,mom.Me too."Carly squeezed her hand,"I'll talk to you later."
Bobbie watch her daughter wave good by from the window before disappearing.Her son and daughter under the same roof .

Carly walked in and Jason was standing by the window with Michael.She took a deep breath and greeted them,"Hi and how are my two favorite guys today?"Carly took Michael from Jason.Carly started to bounce Michael and stopped when she saw Jason smiling.She had to tell him now.She placed Michael in his playpen.
Jason looked at her confused,"Something wrong?"
Carly bit her lower lip,"I don't think there's something wrong just something has changed."Carly looked at Michael and then back at Jason,"I accidently heard your conversation with Robin last night."
"You were spying!"Jason shouted but lowered his voice since Michael was there,"I would never kick you out."
Carly nodded,"I know that's why I'm moving."
Jason's eyes widen,"What?!"
"Bobbie's going to let me live with her.I'm not leaving the country don't worry."Carly tried to loosen the tention but it was still there hogging all the air.
"No,your not leaving the penthouse."Jason couldn't believe this.
"Jason,"Carly tried to protest but Jason stopped her.
"No,Carly.It's not fair.It's not right.You and Michael belong here this is your home."Jason looked sad.
Carly was surprised by his hurt expression,"Jason,I'm trying to help.This is my one chance to fix every horrible thing I have ever done to you.This is my chance to pay you back for all the favors you have done for me.This way you and Robin can be together.I'm trying to be reasonable."Carly's eyes overflowed with tears,"I only want to do what's right."
"This isn't right,Carly.It just doesn't feel right.It doesn't seem right.How can it be right?"Jason asked.Jason didn't know he felt like this for Carly.He didn't want her to leave.
"It's right.It works out for everyone and you don't have to worry about Michael.I'll have stay the night with me every other night."
"Like joint custody?"Jason was even more confused.
"Yeah."Carly wiped away her tears but Jason's began to fall.
"It just doesn't seem like the right thing."Jason shrugged,"I don't want you to leave."
"I 'm sure you don't but I'm doing this for me and you and Michael.I don't want him struggling.He will if he sees how you try to take care of everyone's problems.It's not fair to you."She began to get teary again,"I'm doing this for you.You can't stop me and you can't change my mind.That's it."Carly raised her arms and then took Michael to his room.Carly laid Michael down and looked up at the ceiling.That was one of the hardest things she had to do.

Carly didn't come back downstairs all night.Jason couldn't believe it.Carly was leaving.After everything she was leaving.Jason had thought Carly would always be there.She was still going to be close but it wouldn't be the same.

After talking with Bobbie on the phone most of the night Carly finally went to sleep.When she woke up the next day she got ready to pack her stuff.Bobbie was coming over in a little while to help.Carly couldn't help but think it was happening fast but it had to be done.She had never felt really connected with Bobbie until now.She was so grateful to Bobbie for letting her do this.She felt weird when she thought about leaving Jason volunteraly.She sat on her bed and cupped her face with her hands for a second.Jason stepped into her room,"So,your really going to do this?"
Carly jumped up trying not to let Jason see how much this was killing her,"Yep.Bobbie's coming over in a little while with boxes and stuff that sort of thing."She put her hands in her back pockets.
"Carly,you don't have to do this."Jason assured her.
Carly smiled,"Yea,I do.I have to do this."
"Carly,"Jason's blue eye's held so many emotions,"I don't want you to leave."
Carly blushed a little,"Good."Carly looked away from him,"It'll work out for the best you'll see.After a couple of days you'll forget I was ever here."
"I don't think so,Carly.This is all too weird.Too frustrating.You say you want to help but your not.Your just causing me more problems."Jason complained.
"Jason,things will get so much better and easier for you.I know you don't think do but they will.I think the first couple of days will be hard on all of us.Me,you,and maybe even Michael.But weeks will past and then months and so on.We'll still share all the bonding experiences with Michael you know.His first day of school,first report card,first crush or heartbreak,his first girlfriend,and his driving lessons."Carly laughed.She slipped her hand into Jason's,"I am not giving up on Michael and you are still my family,Jason.That will never change no matter what."Carly's words made Jason feel better and worse.
Jason wanted her to stay even more now,"I just wish you didn't have to leave."
"It's for the best."Carly added.
Jason still didn't want this to be happening he was going to say something more when Bobbie came into the room,"Carly,I have tons of boxes.You ready to start?"
"Yeah."Carly patted Jason's knee and got up.
Jason left the room and went downstairs.He could hear Bobbie and Carly talking and joking upstairs.Jason didn't know what to do.Carly was determined to leave.When she set her mind to something she usually got it done.Robin came into the penthouse and Jason really didn't want to see her.

Meanwhile upstairs...
"Carly,what the heck is this?!"Bobbie started to laugh loudly.
It was a picture of one of her old pets.Carly grabbed it,"Oh that's Toby.I had him when I was little."
"Carly,it's a scorpion!"Bobbie exclaimed,"Their evil."
Carly's mouth dropped,"That's so not true,they are just misunderstood.Come to think of it I can relate to them a lot."
"I hate to ask this but how did you get Toby?"Bobbie couldn't believe how odd Carly was at times.
"I found him.I was on one of my usual walks.I use to do it a lot to kind of get away from everything.I found him on the ground.He was so scared.Poor little guy.Anyways I kept him as a pet needless to say Virginia freaked!It was actually sort of funny.Whenever a date got on my nerves though I'd bring Toby out of my purse and show them to the guy.He'd most likely freak out and not bother me again."Carly explained.
Bobbie was still surprised by it all,"You brang him on dates!?"Bobbie couldn't help but keep laughing.
"Only first dates."Carly said with such a straight face.Bobbie fell to the ground laughing so hard.Carly couldn't help but laugh with her,"What?!It's true I tell ya!'
"Carly,you have so much stories to tell me."Bobbie's laughter died down.
"You'll hear them all,Bobbie.I promise."Carly shook her head.

Back downstairs...
Robin placed her hand on Jason's shoulder,"How are you doing?"
Jason little shrugged her off,"I'm fine."
"Jason,I know your upset."Robin watched him as he looked up at the staircase as though he was anticipating something incredible or just remonising.
"So why did you ask?"
"I wanted you to confide in me."Robin was couldn't help but feel happy that Carly was leaving.
"Ok,Carly is upstairs packing right now.She's leaving her home."Jason looked at Robin but then turned his attentin back to the staircase,"She doesn't want to leave I know it but somehow she feels as though it's her responsibility to solve everyone else's problems."
Robin laughed,"Nothing like you."
"What's that suppose to mean?"
"Come on you try to solve everyone's problems except your own.Jason,she is doing you a favor."Robin tried to touch Jason again but he ducked.
"I told you kicking Carly out was never an option."Jason was angered by everyone.They all tried to figure out what was best for him.Did it ever occur to them that he could make desicions for himself?
"Jason,your emotional right now so I'm going to leave.I'll be back later."Robin let go of his current actions and left.

Finally after a hours of packing Bobbie and Carly were ready to start shipping Carly's stuff to Bobbie's house.Carly passed Jason tons of times but chose not to say anything.Bobbie gave Jason a sympathatic look when passing him.They finished loading stuff into Bobbie's small moving truck.Carly picked up her backpack which was the last thing and took one last long at her room.She was going to miss her pink laced curtains,her bed,her dressed with the mirror,and even small things like chipped paint on the corners of the walls.She sighed and smiled.She shut the door slowly and quietly.She skipped down the stairs and Jason stood by the closed door.Carly slowly approached him,"This is it."
"Yea."Jason scratched the back of his neck,"It's weird I don't know what to say."
Carly opened her backpack and pulled out a necklace the had a small silver cross on the end,"My mother gave this to me before I left.It's important to me.It's um--it's always kept me safe and I want you to have it."Carly slipped it around his neck and they both cried softly.She kissed him lightly on the lips and then pulled away.She took a couple steps back,"I'll see you around."Carly opened the door and flashed Jason a sad smile before leaving.She stepped on to the elevator where Bobbie waited.Carly wrapped her arms around her mom as she cried.Bobbie kept reassuring Carly it would be ok.Carly knew it would be.It was just going to take sometime.

On the ride over to Bobbie's Carly started to feel better about what she had done.She was repaying Jason not matter how hard it was.Bobbie pulled into the driveway,"Carly?"
Carly smiled and looked at her mom,"Hi."
"Hi.We have to started unloading your stuff.This is the easy part.I have your room all ready.Ok?Now come on."
They unloaded her things and Carly's new room was a little smaller than her room at Jason's.All her boxes they didn't need to be unpacked fit in her closet.She hung up her clothes and set up her bed.By the end of the day Carly was completely out of Jason's house.Carly nodded,"The faster the better."She said while looking around at her new room.Carly had put up a picture of  Virginia and herself together,a picture of Jason and Michael,and an empty frame up which hoped to have Bobbie and her's picture.She collapsed onto her bed and scooted herself into her new bed.For once in her life she had done the right thing.

Weeks past.Carly and Jason switched days with Michael like they agreed.Jason eagerly waited Carly's arrival and dreaded the moments when she said,"I better get going."or "It's getting kind of late."Jason loved the cross Carly had given him he rarely took it off.Jason and Robin's relastionship hadn't survived Jason's constant rambling about Carly.Robin eventually left Jason.She had thought that now that Carly was gone she and Jason could go back to the way things were.It wasn't true at all it was as if Robin had invaded Carly's territory and Carly decided to just change spaces.Robin was left out.She moved back into Brenda's but Brenda was gone a lot.Robin regretted not moving on with her life when she had the chance.Carly and Jason had grown closer in a sense.Jason still didn't like the idea of Carly living somewhere else.Carly and Bobbie's relastionship had improved entirely it was like all the bad things Carly had done to Bobbie never happened.Bobbie had become Carly's mother and best friend.Carly felt that she was kind of freeloading off her mom though since she didn't really have a job.Carly was going through her boxes seeing if she had forgotten anything in them.She was going through the boxes and found some old stories she had written when she was a teenager.She pulled them out and went over them.They weren't that bad.Just a few touch ups and they'd be perfect.Carly got this great idea.She had loved writing so why not be a writer.She just had to find some way to get herself published.

Months and Months of turn downs.Carly knew it would be hard but not this hard.She met with Jason and Michael even more.Jason supported her in her writing idea but Carly wouldn't let him read any of her stories until they were published.Carly was growing more and more discouraged by the way no one wanting her stories.She was eating dinner with Bobbie and Lucas one night when she got a phone call.Bobbie handed her the phone.Bobbie and Lucas watched Carly talk on the phone,"Hello.This is her speaking can I help you?Really?"Carly eyes widen,"Los Angeles?Uh huh.Ok.Thank you so much!"Carly hung up the phone and squealed while she jumped up and down,"They want to see me about my stories!"
"That's great!"Bobbie hugged Carly.
"That's cool,Carly."Lucas added.
"They want to meet with me this weekend.I get to stay there two days and they'll pay for everything.I have to tell Jason."Carly said and grabbed her coat,"I have to go see him.Bye."Carly was so excited.
Bobbie and Lucas cleaned up both excited for her.

Carly knocked on Jason's door quickly.Jason stumbled to the door.He had fallen asleep and Latica was watching Michael.He was surprised to see Carly.Carly jumped up to give him a hug,"It happened,Jason!Well,it's not for sure but they liked my stories.This is like a wonderful dream.If I am sleeping don't you dare wake me up."
"I won't."Jason smiled.
"I can't believe it.I get to go to L.A. and meet with the publishers."Carly was so happy.
Jason didn't want to ruin her happy moment,"Are you sure that's a good idea?"
"I'll take self defense classes if you'd like.Don't worry I'll be fine,Jason."
"Maybe I should have a guard go with you."Jason began to worry.
"Jason!It's just a weekend.I'll be back before you know it."
"I'd really feel better about it,Carly."Jason said.
"Jason,"Carly looked him in the eyes,"I'm going to be fine!Trust me.I want to take one last look at Michael before leaving.So if you'll excuse me."She ran up to Michael's room.Carly explained everything to Michael.She gave him a goodnight kiss and left for her home.

The next day Carly and Bobbie went to look for two business suits.Carly didn't have anything to wear otherwise.They spent all day and went to tons of different stores finding nothing.While they were walking down a street Carly saw a beautiful suit on window display.It was baby blue and had buttons to the side.She then saw a black suit in the same store.Finally,she had found what she was looking for.Bobbie was so happy they had finally found what she wanted it was becoming a real pain until she found that paticular suit.She packed them along with two other outfits for when the meetings were over.She also brought her picture of her and Virginia with her.Bobbie wished her luck before she boarded her flight.On the plane ride she felt as though she was about to meet her destiny good or bad.She tried to stay positive in her mind.She looked out at the clouds and couldn't believe how much and how little she had one in the last months.She had done a lot for Jason but little for herself.Now was her chance to change her life.This was her one chance to be somebody.She was going to their socks off.

Jason held Michael by the window at the window the two nights Carly was gone.He explained to Michael where she was and that they should hope for the best for Carly's sake.Jason was still worried since she was gone.His feelings for Carly had just gotten stronger since she had left.He had memorized everything about her.Her face,her presence,her smile,her expressions,and even her scent.He was looking at the cars passing by below when Rinaldo walked in,"Ms.Spencer is here to see you."
Jason turned,"Send her in."Jason walked over to the playpen for Michael.
Bobbie walked in and grinned at Michael,"Hi there."
"Hi Bobbie.What are you doing here?"Jason asked not meaning to sound rude.
Bobbie knew her wasn't,"Well,Lucas is spending the night at a friend's house and Carly's away so I got of lonely and came to Michael."Bobbie took him from Michael.She played with him for a few mintues.Jason watched until Bobbie put Michael down.Jason gestured for her to sit down.She sat on the couch and Jason sat in one of his chairs next to the couch,"Have you heard from Carly?"
Bobbie nodded,"She is really nervous.She didn't call you?"
"No.Not yet I mean."Jason a little jealous of Bobbie.
Bobbie smiled slighty,"Does it bother you that she called me?"
Jason let out a slight laugh as though his trying to deny it but Bobbie gave him a look like she knew he was about to lie so he told the truth,"Maybe a little."
Bobbie's slight smile turned into a huge grin,"Thanks for making me feel superior to you."She laughed but she didn't see Jason's expression change.
"It's weird I see her everyday and I have no idea what's going on with her.I mean she tells me about her writing and Michael but we just don't talk like we use to.She's not as open.I miss what we use to have."Jason said feeling even worse inside.
"Jason,if I didn't know better I'd think you were in love with her by the way your talking."Bobbie joked but noticed Jason got even more uneasy,"Jason,your not serious are you?"
"I don't know what I am."Jason cupped his face and sighed.
Bobbie thought for a second,"Tell me how you feel about her."Bobbie waited to hear him but he hesitated.Bobbie shook him,"Tell me.I can make a good judgement."
Jason took a deep breath,"I don't know.I--I miss when she's gone,I can't wait for the time when she comes to see me and Michael,I think about her a lot,and sometimes I swear that she's going to come walking down the stairs complaining about something."
"You've got it bad.When you start to enjoy someone else's complainging you have definitely got it bad."Bobbie made an ouch face for Jason.
"Yeah,but I know she doesn't want anything to do with me."Jason got up and started to walk back and forth.
"That's not true."Bobbie got up and stopped him,"She moved out of here for you.She's trying to be a better person for you."
"Really?"Jason seemed surprised,"Does she talk about me?"
"To tell you the truth I think she's trying to ignore anything she feels for you.She only talks about her writing and Michael."
Jason wasn't sure what to think,"I don't what to do."
Bobbie searched her mind for a second and thought of a solution,"Do you really love her?"
Jason smiled,"Yeah.I do."
Bobbie had to be a mother to Carly,"Wait."
"Wait?"Jason frowned.
"Wait for her to establish herself.She's going to want and find herself out you know.I'm not going to tell you to let her go because that didn't work for you and Robin.Just wait for her she's going to be on her own for awhile her own place,her own job,and her life."Bobbie suggested.
"I know,"Jason grinned with the corner of his mouth,"But can I wait is the question right?"
"Tis the question."
"I think I can."Jason replied.
"Doesn't this seem like an unlikely situation."
"What do you mean?"Jason questioned.
"I mean Carly being for you 'the one that got away' and for me 'my long lost daughter'."Bobbie pointed out.
"Come to think of it this is unlikely."Jason agreed.Jason looked at his watch,"Would you mind watching Michael?I have to go take care of something and I'll be right back fifteen mintues tops."
"Sure I don't mind."
"Thanks."Jason said and left.
As soon as he left the phone rang.Bobbie let the answering machine take it:
Hi,Jason.It's me,Carly.I'm sorry I didn't catch I probaly should have called you sooner--
Bobbie picked it up,"Hello?Carly?"
"Mom?"Carly was surprised to hear Bobbie,"Hi!"
"Hi,Carly.Jason just stepped out."Bobbie told Carly.
"Oh,your kidding me.Ok,well,can you tell him I called?"Carly then shook her head,"Why are you there?"
"I came over to see Michael and Jason.Lucas spent the night at a friend's so I was kind of bored."
Carly giggled,"Mom,if your bored now what are you going to do when I move out?"
"Your moving for sure?"Bobbie got a little disappointed she wanted Carly to get this job but she would miss Carly being under the same roof as her.
"Not yet but I have another meeting with them tommorrow and it looks good.I don't want to jinx it though!"Carly said warning her mom not to say congratulations yet.
"Ok.Get a good night's rest so you'll be great tommorrow."Bobbie instructed.
"Ok,night mom."Carly said.
"Goodnight,Carly."Bobbie hung up.
Jason entered the penthouse again,"Forgot the papers."
"Carly called."Bobbie told Jason.
"She did?Just like me to miss it right?"Jason tried to laugh at his misfortune.
"Maybe she'll call again.Just wait."Bobbie said.
"Maybe.I better get going talk to you later."Jason said and left.
Bobbie felt a little bad for Jason but got an idea,"Jason,why don't you pick her up when she's get back."
"I thought you were suppose to."
"I am but I might be working that day you know?"Bobbie was sick of being the motherly figure she had said her part as a mother know it was time to be a friend to Jason.
"Thanks,Bobbie."Jason was grateful to her for that.

Carly was really tired when she was getting off the plane.She walked slowly with the crowd of people.When she walked out into room were people waited for people to deboard the plane she saw Jason and Michael.She smiled and picked up the pace.She rushed over to them and grabbed Michael,"Hi,sweety."She looked at Jason,"Hi!"
"Hi."Jason grinned at her excitement.
"I have to get my suitcase and then we can go."
They grabbed her things and got into Jason's car waiting outside.Carly rolled down her window,"It's too nice outside to have your windows closed."
"So how'd it,"Jason paused when Carly yawned and laid her head on his shoulder,"Go?"
"Same old same old."Carly slowly closed her eyes.
"You got turned down?"Jason asked.
"I tell you everything later in detail I promise.I'm just really tired I barely got any sleep in L.A and you know I can't sleep on planes.Plus..."Carly trailed off.
Jason saw that she was asleep and wrapped his arm around her,"You can tell me later."

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