Missing You
by JasNCarly

Justus:Ok,Dr. who was the last person to see Carly before she snapped?
Dr:That would be Dr.Tony Jones.
(Jason turned to the doctor)
Jason:What?!What the hell was he doing here?
Dr:I don't understand.
Jason:What kind of idiot are you!He stole Michael!Carly shot him!
Dr:Well we weren't screening visitors.
Jason:Like hell you weren't!You keep me away from her but you let Tony Jones in.A man who
hates her.A man who stole her kid and walked away free after she gets locked up!
Justus:Alright Jason--
Jason:Wait a mintue!Did you even ask her if she wanted to see him?!Does she even get to choose
who you let in to stare at her?!

Jason woke up and looked over to see Robin by his side.He realized he was dreaming about the conversation he had with doctor before finding out the Carly was pretending and he couldn't take her home.He slipped out of bed and went into the front room.He watched the world passing by below him and thought about Carly.She had been in their for at least a month now.He had thought about her a lot lately.He was rewinding everything in his mind.He remembered that just months ago he was smiling and talking to Carly about Michael.He could see her over by Michael's basinette and peer into smile and play with him.The thought crossed his mind about the time Carly was telling him about how Michael reacted to her:
Jason was sitting at the desk, on the phone. Carly was standing next to the desk, rocking Michael in her arms.
Jason: (into phone) Just make sure the Quartermaines don't know what happened. (hangs up and turns to Carly and Michael. Carly has a huge, silly grin on her face) Everything okay?
Carly: I know you're busy, but, uh, I had to tell somebody something and I knew you'd understand.
J: Okay.
C: A little while ago, I went into Michael's room to see if he was asleep? And he was awake. He was just kinda lying in his crib gazing at that little mobile-thingy with the starts? And he was being so quiet that I decided to get a clean diaper for him. And so I was talking to him. I asked him how his nap was and what he dreampt about... So, anyway, I hear this noise and I turn around. And Michael's sitting there and he's gurgling and his little feet are kicking like this and he's kinda craning his neck up to look at me. And he's so happy! He's just smiling away! And it suddenly hit me that it was my voice that was making him happy! It was me!
J: He loves you.
C: I just can't believe it!
J: Why are you so surprised? You feed him. You play with him. You hold him when he cries. Carly, you're the reason good things happen to him.
(Carly kisses Michael on the forehead and Carly's contented face.Carly puts Michael into the basinette)
C: You know, anybody else would have thought I was crazy making such a big deal out of this.
J: (gets up and steps over to Carly and the basinette) You're not. Crazy. It's important.
C: (wets her lips, short pause) I owe that to you. I mean, I have you to thank for it.
J: I don't know about that. Michael was on his own in there. No coaching from me. (leans into basinette and speaks to Michael) Right? (looks back at Carly, slight smile) Seems like a pretty natural reaction to me.
C: Yeah, you have to admit, I haven't exactly been a natural at motherhood.
J: Doesn't mean you're not a good mom.
(Carly narrows her eyes and gives him a big "you're adorable" grin and surprises Jason with a hug. He reacts awkwardly with a forced smile.)(clears throat) Okay. Thanks.
C: (laughing at his discomfort) Anyway, go back to work. I've taken up enough of your time.
J: You're a good mom. (leans in to Michael again) And good-bye you. I'll take a break a little later and we'll give you a real work-out.
(Carly laughs; there's a knock at the door)
J: Yeah?
(Rinaldo opens the door)
Rinaldo: Jason, Dr. Jones is here.
J: Escort him back to his car.
Tony: (steps into the doorway. Rinaldo puts an arm up to stop him) Oh! Just a minute, okay? I don't wanna be here any more than you want me here. So I promise, just one minute.
J: You have less than that.
T: (walks into the apartment) When I was packing up things at the apartment, I found something that Carly left behind. And I know you're not exactly the sentimental type, but I thought you might be interested.I was cleaning out a back closet, and instead of finding dust bunnies or loose change, I, uh, found these (goes into his coat pocket and pulls out a small stack of letters tied with a ribbon. Carly snatches them from him) under a broken floorboard. Uh, your idea of a filing system, I suppose. It's old letters of Virginia's sent to an anonymous post office box in Florida. Because, of course, I guess Virginia was just an old dirty secret back then, right?
C: (accusing) I guess you read them?
T: Nope. I don't wanna know anymore about you. Past, present, or future. And I almost threw them away and then I had this strange moment of sympathy for you and I realized that you wouldn't be saving them unless they were important to you. And especially now that Virginia's gone. And, uh, knowing your penchant for destroying evidence, you took a big risk holding onto those. So they must be important to you.
C: Are you through? They do mean a lot to me. Thank you for bringing them by. You said you were moving, Tony? Are you moving closer to the hospital?
T: Closer to a new life. I'm leaving Port Charles.
C: What about Lucas?
T: (shakes head) Very odd. You never cared about Lucas. He was never one of your priorities. Unless he was part of the game plan to manipulate me or irritate Bobbie.
C: I'm just saying I know how much you care about him.
T: Since you have a child of your own. (peeks into basinette) My, my, my! He's getting bigger! I remember when Lucas was that size. And BJ.
(Tony makes a move to the basinette, but Jason pushes him away)
C: Don't you touch him!
T: You don't deserve that child.
J: Time's up.
T: (shrugs) I'm gone! (backs to the door) God help that child. (Tony leaves)
(Carly and Jason give each other a look.)
(Carly is on the couch, reading Virginia's letters. Jason comes down the stairs, coat on his arm. He stops when he sees the pensive Carly, places his coat on the banister, and walks to the sofa and sits next to her.)
J: You're not letting Tony get to you, are you?
C: I don't know. Something is. I'm sitting here and I'm going through all these old letters from Mama. And all I can see, Jason, is what a coward I was. To hide them in a closet so nobody would know who I was. Especially Tony. The last thing in the world that I wanted was for Tony to know the real me.
J: And now?
C: Every time I see Tony I remember how much I lived in fear. There were so many secrets that I had to hide, and so many things I had to cover up. I just, I'm glad he's leaving because I'm really ready to stop being reminded of who I was and get on with who I am. I think maybe Michael's birth created two new lives. His and mine. I mean, I feel like for the first time I can remember, that there's a future for me. I can actually see the future. No cover-ups. No fear. Just a bright, happy, clear, beautiful future. Anyway, I think I'm gonna just sit here and daydream. (gives him a look) Wanna join me? J: (small smile) Uh, I'm no good at time travel. The present keeps me pretty busy.
C: Yeah, but even so, you must think about the future once in a while.
J: Not how you mean. Nobody can really tell what's gonna happen. You can try to guess, or try to plan it. I can't. But if you can, and it makes you happy, go for it. (he pats her knee and gets up to go) I'll see you later.
(Jason leaves.)
Jason couldn't believe Carly wasn't there when he turned around.He could have sworn she was right there smiling at him but realized it was just his amagination.Talk about daydream he was daydreaming about the past.He wanted to go upstairs and see Carly rocking Michael in his room.He was so sick of Carly being away she deserved to be home with Michael.All she did was defend her child and she got locked up.Not that Jason agreed with what she did but he understood it.She always did things without thinking.She just reacted never thinking things through.Jason thought what she did was wrong she should've just trusted him and waited for him to come get her.Damn Edward and A.J. they used Carly's insecurities against her.She should've tried harder to fight them back she just had to believe in him.She was just scared.She never had anyone to trust and she thought Jason would leave her for Robin but the thought had never crossed his mind.Carly was Michael's mother not Robin.A.J. knew Robin being with Jason bothered her and used that against her too.Carly was trapped and tried to get herself out but dug a deeper hole.He thought about the day he had confronted A.J.and Edward:
(Jason walked into the room where A.J.and Alan sat on the couch and Edward stood waiting for confrontation)
J:I know you visited Carly and told her her I wasn't getting her released.That makes what happened to her your fault.
A:Oh don't be upset Jason,Father has that affect on everybody.
E:Now you listen to me,young man.I went to see that little girl with only the best of intentions.
J:Oh is that why you had your little golfing buddy Judge Carter all set to remand her for trial?
E:I merly used what influence I have to settle Carly's situtation in the most timely matter.
J:She wanted to be with her child,and you used it against her.Now she's stuck inside and Michael's not going to see his mother for at least a month.
E:Now you listen I am as sorry as you are about what happened to Carly but if she is that fragile maybe it would be better for Michael not to be around her.
J:Oh are you going to that to Judge Cater too?Next time you'll probaly tell him he's better without me.It's not going to work old man!You have no legal right to Michael and you have no grounds to file for custody!
E:You are a criminal!
J:Prove it!I have never been convicted of anything.There's no way you can touch Michael and there is no way you ever will touch Michael!
(A.J. finally had enough and stood up)
AJ:Hey Jase!Do you ever think about Michael anymore?!(Jason turned to him)Where did you take him when you left the country?Was he safe?Or was it just acceptable for you take the same risks with Michael as you do yourself?
J:I'll never let anything happen to Michael.(Jason started to walk towards A.J.)I'll never let anyone hurt Michael and that includes you.Why do you want him hear listening to all you people lie to each other?Growing up thinking you own him like a stupid silver bowl you stamp your name on to show people he belongs to you?!Michael is a person!You don't own him!You can't have him!I keep telling this to you people but you don't listen!But now I'm gonna have to make you!
E:So is this a declaration of war?What is it now your going to storm my house with flamethrowers and grenades?!Huh?
J:I'm going to take away the one thing you want more than Michael--Money.
E:You can't intimidate us!
AJ:He can.(Walks to Edward's Side)So what are you going to do Jason?Call another strike?
J:Come on AJ.I don't have to your habor renovation is so over budget and behind schedule...and it's about to get worse.
AJ:Why?Because we care about Michael?
J:Because you took his mother away from him!You set Carly up.She was locked in a cage,she was scared,and you tried to use that to get to me!
E:Your forgetting that she tried to kill Tony Jones!
J:I'm not forgetting that both of you visited her!(Turns to A.J.)What did you say to her?That I was going to leave her there?That I was going to take Michael for myself?
AJ:Answer me this (Scartches face)tell me that it didn't occur to you?Now that you and Robin are back together and she can't give you a child.
J:A child?What do you mean?If Robin and I had a baby that I wouldn't love Michael anymore and I'd let some one take him away from us?!I don't love Michael because he's mine I love him because he's Michael the same way Carly loves him!You can't turn us against each other or take him away from us!This time,It is going to cost you so much,you will never try it again
(Alan got up and gave his picnic speech and Jason knew what was going on)
J:You're stoned.I'm not sure what your taking but it's strong and your taking a lot of it.
A:Don't be afraid Jason that's when growth occurs.
(Jason sighs and turns to Edward and A.J.)
J:You know what?Next time you think about filing for custody,remember you have a junkie leaving under your roof.(Jason gave them a stern look and left.)

He remembered when he talked to Carly and told her he knew she was faking.When everything went wrong.He remembered the whole conversation the way Carly cried,the fear in her eyes,and her pain that she felt thinking her family had excepted Robin in her place.Carly tried to make Jason see her side but he just couldn't.He thought about what happened.After he had told her that she was faking and when she started to explain her reasons:
(Carly was on her bed on on the verge of crying.)
C:God you must have thought I was so stupid.
J:No this was stupid,Carly!This was so stupid!
(Carly threw the blanket she was suppose to have wrapped around Michael)
C:You lied to me,Jason!You said I was going home!You said you were going to come and get me and take me home!And I believed you!
J:That was what was suppose to happen!
C:Oh ok!(Carly held her finger up)Let me get guess--Let me guess!(Carly walked around him)At the last minute the judge suddely reneged!He said I was going to have to stand trial after all,so what could you do right?(Her tears started to fall)But don't worry Carly because I've got Justice working on it and he is the best lawyer that there is!There is no way he is going to let you go to prison.You have my word on it.And I've never lied to you have.In fact!In fact Justice is going to make sure that everyone in the courtroom that day and saw you shoot Tony that day suddenly goes blind or--or they get ammesia about the day!Nothing to worry about,really just a couple more months!Just a couple more months.(Carly took a breath as if she was tired from all the stuff she had been hearing from him)What was going to happen then Jason?What were you going to do when I was found guilty!(Carly pushed him around to turn him towards her but he turned away)Oh,Oh sorry that wasn't suppose to happen either but that's ok!Because I know a judge and we'll when this on appeal.(She turned him towards her again.)How long were you going to keep it up!?I mean did you really think I was going to sit and rot in prison while you and Robin raised my son?!
J:Are you finished?
C:No!Michael is mine!I am in here because I fought for him.(She pointed towards herself)Robin fought for Tony.Am I the only person who sees the irony in this--That she is going(Carly walked back towards her bed and put her hands through her hair)is going to raise my son?!Because,you know,she's didn't give a damn about him that day in the courtroom.And you know why Jason?(Jason was listening to her explode and most of it was true but he shouldn't have to take this.He came to get her)Because he was mine.Because he came from me.And anything that comes from me has to be worthless.(Jason saw her heart breaking as she stated what everyone thought of her.)Cheap white trash.Robin wouldn't have even had to say anything to MichaelHe'd just pick it up by the way she thought of me.(Her lip quievered.)Michael is mine.And the fact that she can't have a baby is not my fault!(She pointed toward Jason)You have no right to give her mine!(Jason knew she was scared but not this scared.)
J:Now are you finished?(Carly sighed)You blew it Carly!(She just screamed oh sarcastically and wipe her tears with her sleeves.)You blew it you let the Quatermaines and Dr.Jones walk in her and feed you a bunch of bull!And you bought it!Didn't it even cross your mind that they were setting you up!?That the reason they came here was to turn you against me?!Or did you just act like you always do not even thinking about who lied to you and who didn't?!
C:You know you told me I wasn't going to stand trial!
J:You weren't going to stand trial!
C:No!That's not what my shrink said!He came in here to give a follow up or no a last mintue session right?A closure session before he signed paper work that was going to remand me over for trial.And you know what he said to me,Jason?
(Jason was growing annoyed at by now)
C:He said that I was confused or misinformed if I thought I was going home.(Carly turned away)
J:I told you that was going to happen.I told you!I told you that the pschyatrists would probaly declare you sane and I told you as of yesterday your case would be switched to another judge that I do have a relastionship instead!Of the old man's judge.Justus would offer the new judge a plea to a lesser charge and he would let you out on time served!Do you remember me standing here and telling you that?!Do you?(Carly was still crying)You blew it.
C:Well did all that happen?
J:Yes all that happened!Except when Justus and I came to get you and you had everyone convinced
that you Michael was your pillow!
(Carly bit her nail)
C:What do you mean came to get me?You mean to take me home?
J:Here(Jason pulled out a paper from his coat.)Right here this is your court order!Your release papers!(Jason slammed it on the table)You were that close,Carly!(He screamed and held his fingers close together.)That close!All you had to do is wait another 24 hours more hours like I said.I had it all arranged!But you had to lie instead!You had to lie!I promised Michael!I promised him that I would bring you home tonight!He's waiting for you!Why'd you lie?!(Carly sat down)
C:I'm sorry.
J:No sorry can't get you home to Michael!
C:That's ok.(Carly ran her hand through her hair)This is ok I can fix this.I know how to fix this.I'll just--I'll go to my shrink and tell him I was faking.That the whole pillow thing was an act.And when I explain to him why.
(Jason scratched the back of his ear)
J:No if you do that they will declare you sane,they will put you on trial,and because of the pillow thing you will be put to prison.
(Carly turned her face to the wall when there was a knock at the door)
DR:Mr.Morgan I am going to have to insist--
J:Five more minutes.(Jason held up his hand)
DR:Five more minutes that's it.(The doctor closed the door behind him)
(Carly turned back towards Jason)
C:Jason,what do I do?What do I do?Just tell me what to do.I'll do whatever you say.I promise I will never not believe in you again.
J:Carly,There going to transfer you to a state mental,in Ferncliff.
(Carly rubbed her fist in her hand.)
J:As soon as I leave.
(Carly crossed her arms)
C:Where is it?
J:It's about six hours away from here.
C:Oh my god.(Carly put her hand to her mouth)Oh,my god.Jason, I'm sorry.Look,I'm so so sorry.You gotta fix this.Please you got to--You got to do something.You can't let them take me. J:For the first two months they're not going to let you have any visitors--not me,not Bobbie not anybody.(Carly laughs pathetically)And because of the people there they don't allow kids.Ever. C:I'm gonna be sick.(Carly
sat on her bed.)What do I do?Can't you call somebody?(Carly closed her eyes and let tears fall hoping Jason could do something.)
J:We are out of legal ammo.
C:Jason,you can't give up on me.(She looked up and him and tears continued to fall.)You're all I have.(Carly wiped her tears away with her rolled up sleeves)And Michael--Michael's going to think I left him like Bobbie-- Like I thought Bobbie left me,So your going to have to tell him that I love him everyday.You have to tell him that I miss him,Ok?You have to.Promise me.
(Jason sat in a chair close to her)
J:Carly,I'll tell him.And I'll do whatever I can to get you out,but I can't guarantee it'll be anytime soon.(Carly nodded)
C:I'm sorry.(She looked at him)I thought you lied to me.(She sniffled)Promise you won't give up on me ok?
J:I promise,Carly.(She laughed and nodded again.)I promise I will get you released and back to Michael,No matter what.
C:And I promise that I'll never--I'll never doubt you again.
J:No matter how bad it gets every day,every minute,you think about Michael.You hold it together for him,ok?

Jason still stood by the window as the sun rose.He couldn't get Carly out of his mind.Robin was a great person but she wasn't Michael's mother.Carly was lots of things she could be completely understanding with him one minute and the next mintue completely confused and hateful.Robin entered the room,"Jason are you,ok?"
Jason snapped out of his thoughts,"What?"
"Are you ok?"Robin crossed her arms.
"Yeah I'm fine."Jason replied.
"You were thinking about Carly weren't you?"Robin asked,"Jason,what happened to her is not your fault."
"Your right it's the Quatermaines and Tony's fault but I feel like I can't do anything to get them back."Jason stated.
"Jason, you already are making the Quatermaines suffer by losing money and Tony well Tony is suffering in his own way."
"It's not enough,Robin."Jason told her and sighed.
"It's her own fault she acted nuts not them.She should have waited like you told her."Robin argued.
"You can't blame Carly.She was just scared.And Tony and the Quatermaines added to all her radical ideas already.She thought you and I were going to raise Michael ourselves.She was already stuck in that place.God,if I had just gotten there sooner and Tony,"Jason put his hands on the table and bowed his head in frustration.
"Well,I don't think it's such a bad idea to raise Michael ourselves."Robin mumbled.
"What?!Robin how can you say that!"Jason exclaimed.
"I know it would never happen and it's a horrible thing to say but--I would be lying if I said the thought never crossed my mind."Robin confessed.
"Robin,you are not Michael's mother."Jason was about to say more when there was a knock at the door.Jason went to answer it.There was a woman standing there.
She looked at Jason from head to toe,"Are you Jason Morgan?"
"Yes can I help you?"Jason answered.
"I'm Teresa um...we have a mutual friend."She introduced herself.
"What friend?"
"Carly."As soon as she told Jason this he opened the door to let her in.
Robin stood where she heard that she was a friend of Carly's.
Teresa got nervous when she saw Robin,"May we speak in private?"
"Sure,I was going to leave anyway."Robin said and went upstairs to Michael's room.
Jason was a little mad about the conversation he just had with Robin.He was more curious about what this woman knew about Carly.
Teresa spoke nervously,"This is very unperfessional on my part but I know Carly.I met her when she came to the mental hospital in Ferncliff.I'm basically the only person she talks to anyway I told her I had this weekend off and she asked me if I would deliver this to you."She took a letter from her coat and handed it to Jason.
Jason accepted it,"How is she?"
"She's holding it together she sends you and Michael her love."
"Sure.Thank you."He held up the letter.
"Don't worry,Jason she's going to make it.She's one of the few people in there that is not crazy and is going to make it home.She can't wait to get back to you and Michael.She's told me all about you two."
"Teresa,I'm not good with words on paper so can you tell Carly,Michael and I miss her and that I will get her out."Jason looked at the letters.
"Of course I'll tell her but I don't think you have to tell her you'll get her out.She knows."Teresa smiled,"I'll be leaving now.Have a pleasant day."She got up and walked to the door.
"Teresa,"Jason called after her,"Thank you for keeping an eye on Carly.I owe you."
"It's no problem.And you don't owe me anything Carly's a good person she just gets mixed up."Teresa laughed and left.
Jason looked down at the letter and opened it.It read:
Dear Jason,
If you're reading this thank god for Teresa.I'm not really sure what to say besides I miss you.I miss you,Jason.I miss Michael.I miss watching you rock Michael and talk to him.I wish I could see you right now.I wish you were here with me actually...no I don't I wish I was there with you.It's not great in here but it's not really horrible.I could complain but what good would it do right?Jason,I hope that you are taking care of yourself and Michael and dare I say Bobbie.They let me read but I have like three magazines I must have read all of the articles in each magazine six times.I go outside sometimes but not to much because when I go out there I get depressed looking at the eletric wiring around makes me feel like I'm in a cage.Sometimes,somedays I think I''ll never make it but then Ipull out a picture of you and Michael and straighten out.That's when I know I'll be ok.I can't even keep the frame because then I might break the glass and cut myself says the rules in this horrid place.There's so much I wish I had to tell you.I really don't though.Teresa is really nice she even summgles in candy bars sometimes.I miss you guys so much and your the reason I'm still sane.Tell Michael I love him and take care of yourself.
Love Always,

Jason read the letter twice before Robin came downstairs with Michael.Robin saw his expression he looked pained,"Jason?Is something wrong with Carly?"
"No she's doing ok.I just can't believe how well.I've got to go ask Justice how here case is coming.I'll talk to you later."Jason kissed her cheek,grabbed his coat,and left.

Jason went to find Justus at some office downtown.Justus was trying to find an office so he wouldn't have to use the penthouse he was staying in.Jason found Justus in a corner office investigating the room.
"Justus,"Jason made Justus jump,"Sorry I wanted to know how Carly's case was coming?"
"Well,I still have no idea when she'll get out."Justus sighed.
"Any good news?"
"Yes,Jason I do have some good news,"He pulled out a paper and handed it to Jason,"According to that right their Carly has been very cooperative and has helped around there so you might be able to have visitation earlier."
"How early?"
"Justus,that's great news,"Jason smiled,"Keep up the good work ok?By the way it's a nice office."Jason keep the paper and walked out of the office.

It was Wenesday when Jason recevied the news that Carly would be able to see him sooner.He waited until Saturday.He was eager and he told Michael he would tell Carly tht Michael loved her.Jason got up early Saturday morning and got dressed.He called the car around and headed for Ferncliff.

Carly woke up that morning sweating and breathing hard as usual.She had nightmares just about everynight.She couldn't remember the last time she had a good dream.She took a deep breath and walked over to her small barred up window.She looked out at the sunrising.She ran her fingers through her hair and wiped her eyes.She started to clean up her room she made the bed,straightened up her corner,and made sure all of her reading material was in tact.She sat on her bed and brushed her hair there wasn't much to do there besides clean,read,and take care of you hair.There was a knock on her door.Teresa walked in with Carly's breakfast,"Hola!How are you this morning?"
"Horrible,miserable,and depressed but besides that chipper."Carly sarcastically said.
"Carly,Listen if you think bad things nothing good will happen,"Teresa set her food on her bed and sat in front of her,"The sun rose this morning,no clouds,something has to be good."
"I'm sorry,Teresa.I just don't know what to think I'm so sad in this place.I just want to go home you know?Be with Jason and Michael.At least he got my letter from you.I miss them so much.At least your here I have someone to talk to."Carly thought oh an upside.
"Well,think positive I'll be back later."Teresa waved and left the room.
Carly opened her drawer and grabbed her picture of Jason and Michael.She laid down with the picture in her hand.She shed some tears and there was another knock at the door.Carly wiped her tears away and sat up.The door opened and Carly expected to see Teresa there but saw Jason instead.Carly thought she was imgaining so she stayed seated.The door closed behind Jason.Jason greeted her,"Hi Carly."
"Jason."Carly whispered and ran up to him.She hugged him tightly and couldn't believe he was really there.
"Hi."Jason smiled and hugged her back.
"Jason,I can't believe you're here.How is Michael?How are you?Does he know I'm not there I mean does he miss me?You have been telling him I love him right, Jason?Of course you did you always keep your promises."Carly took a break from all her talking.
"Carly,are you finished?"Jason laughed.
"Yeah.Come here."Carly sat him down on her bed and sat with him.
"Well,let's see Michael and I are ok,he does know your not there and he does miss you,and yes I tell him everyday and night that you love him."
"Thank you.I needed to hear that."Carly grinned.
"Carly,how are you?"Jason asked.
"I'm ok.I'm hanging in there I just needed to hear from you that everything was ok.it makes me feel a lot better."Carly took his hand,"You always make me feel better."
Jason couldn't help it.He had to say it,"I missed you,too."He stroked her cheek.
Carly didn't know what to say,"I missed you,Jason."
"Good then maybe we can get you home sooner."Jason changed the subject but Carly knew she'd be on cloud nine for days.Jason added,"I'm going to get you out of here you know?"
"Yeah,I know."Carly looked down.
"I think we might be able to get you out by,"Jason was stopped by Carly.
"Don't tell me.I just--the last time I got excited about getting out I ended up here.It's my fault I know I just...one day you'll come in here and take me home complete surprise."Carly explained.
"Carly,it wasn't all your fault.The Quatermaines and Tony used your fear against you.Don't beat yourself up."Jason told her.
"Thanks,Jason.Your so good to me."
"Carly,I'm going to keep my promise.I'll get you out."Jason stated.
"Jason,you don't have to say anything.I will have your face memorized for days.That's all I need to be ok."Carly slid her hand across his cheek,"Thank you so much for coming to see me so early."
"Your welcome."
They talked a little while longer but Jason had to leave.Carly was sad but hugged him,"Goodbye,Jason.I'll miss you."
"Goodbye,Carly.Hang in there.I'll miss you too."Jason said it again and Carly knew she'd be ok.She would do this for Jason and Michael.

Jason entered into the Penthouse.Feeling better about Carly he walked upstairs to see Michael.Robin was sitting in the rocking chair with Michael.Jason remembered what they were talking about before Teresa came,"Robin,we need to talk."
Robin laid Michael down in his crib.Robin gave Jason a dirty look,"Your damn right we need to talk."Robin walked past him and downstairs"Please tell me you didn't go to see Carly today!Without talking to me or even telling me you were going to be gone all day just to meet up with some phsyco just because I told you what I really thought"
"Robin,I never thought you could think about raising Michael.He's not your son!"Jason aruged.
"Michael needs me."
"No he doesn't he has a mother,Robin,"Jason picked up a picture of Carly and Michael (they had taken it after he got back from being kidnapped).He showed it to Robin,"Carly.Robin,Carly is Michael's mother not you."
"Jason,if she cared so much about her son why is Michael without a mother.Why is she in an insane asylum?"
"Because she shot the kidnapper you helped get away."
"Tony is just confused,Jason."
"You know what?I'm not going to get into this with you.I'm going to bed.Goodnight,Robin."Jason was growing to mad to be around anyone.

Carly looked out at the full moon thinking about her mother,Virginia.She missed her so much.She knew her mother would have pretended to be crazy just so she would always be around Carly.She hoped with all her heart that there was a Heaven so Virginia could watch over Michael and Jason.She sighed,"I know there has got to be a heaven.Watch over them Momma."She kissed her cross necklace that Teresa had got her,"I'll be ok,"She closed her eyes and cried,"Just take care of them please.Goodnight,mom."
She looked at the moon and stars one last time and went to sleep.

Jason woke up the next morning immediately remembering his arguement with Robin.They hadn't been getting along to well.They had been arguing about Carly a lot.Jason went to Michael's room and greeted him good morning.Jason fed him,changed him,and Michael's went right back to sleep.Jason sat on the couch and remembered the night he and Carly went to the docks signing.
(Carly walked downstairs while Jason was talking to Benny)
J:You ready?
C:Um..almost.Do you think I should wear my hair up or down?
J:Whatever you want.(Jason walked past her)
C:Well,it's a formal occasion I should prbaly wear it up but then I would have to wear some kind of necklace and earrings.I don't really have anything that's appropriate.
J:You have earrings.
(Carly bit her lip and looked upstairs)
C:Yeah,ok,well,I can make something work but it's going to take five more minutes.
J:I don't care if we don't get there until there ready to sign.
C:I want us to walk in together and impress people you know?Like we're as good as any of them, (Jason slightly smiled)
J:We are,Carly.
(Carly smiled back)
C:Right.Ok, five minutes that's it,I promise.
J:Five minutes.
(Carly laughed and went upstairs.Jason thought about it for a second.)
J:Benny.(Jason whispered and made sure Carly was upstairs.And motioned his head for him to come closer.)I need you to do something for me before we leave.(Jason held Michael in his hands,)Right there,Michael all lit up.That's Pier 52 that's where Carly and I are going tonight.It's suppose to be some kind of party but really it's just an excuse for the Quatermaines and Jax to get dressed up and pretend to like people.
(Carly walked down the stairs a little and cleared her throat.Jason turned around and smiled at her.She smiled back.)
C:What do you think?
J:You look good.
C:So do you.(Carly addresses Michael)Don't you think,Michael.Doesn't your daddy look handsome?
J:I was just explaining to him about the party.(Jason leaned Michael out a little to look at his face.)
C:Yeah I heard.Um,we should get going though.
J:We have to wait for Benny.(Jason walked over to Michael's basinet to lay him down while Carly got a little disappointed)
C:Benny's coming with us?
J:No,he had to take care of something for me.
(Carly walked over to Jason.)
C:Well,I hope he hurries.I want to be fashionably late but I don't want to be too late.(Jason was ammused by her worry.)You think I'm crazy don't you?(Carly giggled)
J:You care a lot.
C:I just--you know,Jason you've done so much for me I want to make you proud tonight.
J:You don't have to do anything for me,Carly,at all.Not-(Jason was interuppted by the door opening and Benny walking in.Carly sighed and went to Michael.)Did you get them?
B:I hope these are what you wanted.(He held out a jewlery box.)
J:Ask Carly.
(Carly turned around.)
C:Ask me what?(Benny handed the box to Carly.)This looks like a jewlery box.(She swung it a little.)
J:Open it.
(Carly set it on the table and opened it.)
C:Oh,my god.Jason.(Carly stared in awe and then picked the necklace and earrings up.)Oh, there beautiful.(She looked at them again.)Are they real?
(Benny laughed.)
B:No kidding their real.
J:Benny thanks.
B:Sure.Meet you there.
(Carly was still staring at them.)
C:Oh,wow.I've never had any--(Carly wasn't sure what to say.)
J:Try it on.
C:Ok.(Carly laughed nervously and walked over to the mirror.)
(Carly held up the necklace around her neck and Jason grabbed the ends.)
J:Here I'll get that.
(Carly took off her old earrings while Jason was putting on her necklace and put her new ones on.)
C:Wow.These are so incrediable.Oh,my god.(Carly laughed.)Look at this.What do you think?
J:Like I said,(Jason held her upper forearms with his hands)you look good.

Jason thought more and more about it the night would have been perfect if the shooting had never happened.Jason wanted to have Carly come walking down the stairs and talk to him about Michael or how she missed her mother Virginia or even a playdate she had set with Bobbie and Lucas.Carly's ghost had lumed over the house and bothered Jason everytime he thought about anything else.He would remember something they did together that had made him feel so strongly towards her or he would think he saw her in the house.He would see her by the window or in front of the mirror or waiting at the table for him to get off the phone so she could talk his ear off.Jason liked listening to her it made him understand why she was the way she was.Once you got past the walls Carly was the sweetest woman you could meet and he missed her.A lot.

The sun woke up Carly.It had shined right on her face.She got up and did her usual routine.There was a knock on the door and it was again Teresa,"Hey you,I got some great news!"
Carly laughed,"What?"
"Since you have been on such good behavior some of the orderlies and some of the patients are taking a trip up to the park and you are allowed to go."Teresa smiled.
" I suppose it's better than staying cooped up in here all day.Are you going?"
"Actually,no because I was off this weekend only the orderlies who worked this weekend get to go."
"Oh no.Then I don't want to go."Carly thought that blew that idea.
"Carly you should still go.It'll be fun,"Teresa gave her a look and Carly kn ew she would not take no for an answer,"So will you go?"
"I don't want to but since you are not going to leave me alone about it.I'll go."Carly wasn't even going to try and argue with Teresa.

Later on that day Carly boared the van with the others.She sat in the back trying to avoid sitting to another patient.Luckily no one sat next to her.Carly looked up at the sky and got a bad feeling.She was going to get off but knew that if she did Teresa would yell at her.She insted held closely the cross around her neck.As they drove more her feeling got worse.She took her picture of Jason and Michael out of her pocket.She kissed it and held it in one hand.Her other hand still holding her cross.As they were about to turn around a mountain side Carly got a strange urge to look back.As she turned her head she saw a car speeding towards them.Everything went black.

There was a knock at Jason's door.He saw Robin standing there with a single rose in her hand,"I'm sorry about arguing with you."
Jason smiled,"It's ok.I'm sorry too."Robin hugged him and entered.
She hung up her coat and sat on the couch,"Jason,I think we should talk about us."
Jason sat next to her,"I do too.It's not been the same with us lately because all I can think about is."Jason was cut off by the phone ringing.He picked it up.Robin could only here his side of the conversation,"Hello?Hi Teresa is Carly ok?What?!When?How did this happen?Nevermind I'll see you when I get there."Jason grabbed his coat and without saying a word to Robin he left.

Jason burst into General Hospital's doors.Teresa was standing there biting her nail.She looked hvery worried.Jason ran to her,"Where is she?How did this happen?"
"She was being so behaved she got to go to the park today with the other good behaviors and a car crashed into the back of the van ramming it into the moutain side they say it's a miracle she even got out breathing.She is one of the only people to make it out.She was in the back of the van so she got a lot of damage done to her.She was hit before they even hit the mountain side.Jason,I saw her when she came in.There was so much blood you could barely tell what color her skin was,she can't wake up,and they say it doesn't look good."Teresa had tears streaming down her face.
"Where is she?"Jason asked again.
"She's in that room with the doctors."Teresa pointed.
Jason started to walk quickly towards them but Teresa stopped him and shook her head no.Jason knew she was right the doctors had to work on Carly.He sat in the waiting room thinking about what life would be like without Carly it was in-amaginable.He couldn't even really see it.He sighed.
A doctor came out of Carly's room.Jason stood up.The doctor looked at Jason,"Are you Mr.Morgan ?"
"Yes."Jason nodded,"Is she ok?"
"Well,we managed to stop the bleeding but she is still finding it hard to breath.We will have to keep her in the ICU.I also must warn you the longer she stays asleep the worse it gets.She'll lose memory and could possibly die.I'm sorry."The doctor explained.
"Can I see her?"Jason asked.
"Yes after we've moved her which is what we are going to do right now."The doctor replied,"Oh Mr.Morgan,"He turned back to Jason and handed him Carly's picture of him with Michael and a cross,"She had these in her hands.We thought you might want them."
Jason looked at them and got even more scared at how much blood there was on them.

Jason walked into Carly's room once they had moved her.She had so many wires around her.She was pale,she had millions of bruises and cuts,and she was barely hanging on.Jason grabbed a chair and sat next her.He took her hand in his,"Hi Carly,listen I know that your sleeping right now and that you think that's ok but you have to open your eyes so that the doctors know your ok.They think your going to die you know.Carly,I know your a fighter you were doing so well don't give up know.Your too close.Your so close to getting home.Carly,I need you to wake up ok and if you want to rest for awhile that's ok but don't wait too long before you wake up.I'll be right here when you decide to wake up ok?"Jason pleaded with Carly.
Bobbie slammed the door open.Jason jumped when he heard Bobbie come in.She ran to Carly's side,"Oh Carly."Bobbie cried.
"I'll be right back."Jason walked out of Carly's room and took out his cellphone,"Hello Justus.I need you to get to General Hospital.I'll tell you when you get here."Jason hung up and walked over Teresa,"How are you?"
"Not good.I talked Carly into going if I hadn't."Teresa trailed off.
"You were just trying to help her live her life a little don't worry she'll be ok I know it."Jason was trying to convince himself Carly would be ok.
"You know,what I'm going to go light a candle you want to come?"
"No,I'm going to go back in thanks."Jason stood up and Teresa walked away.Jason walked back into Carly's room.Bobbie was crying stroking Carly's hand.Jason rested his hand on Bobbie's shoulder,"She's going to be ok Bobbie."
Bobbie laughed,"I never pictured you to be the hopeful type."
"Maybe it's time I started,"Jason grabbed another chair that was in the room and sat next to Bobbie,"I can't imagine what I would do if Carly wasn't around.I mean it's been hard enough knowing she was in some mental hospital fighting to stay sane now,"He took a deep breath,"Now she's in a hospital fighting to stay alive.All I have right now is hope."
Bobbie could relate,"You and me both,Jason."Bobbie looked back at her daughter,"I don't want to lose her again,Jason.She means too much now.Although she always did."
A nurse entered the room,"Mr. Morgan a Mr. Ward is waiting outside for you."
"Ok thank you."Jason answered.
Bobbie looked confused,"Why is Justus here?Trouble at work?"
Jason joked,"If I told you I'd have to kill you."His expression turned serious,"I'm going to make sure Carly never has to go back to that place.Ever."Jason walked out.
"Jason, what's wrong with Carly?"
"She's in some kind of a coma I think. Listen I want you to make sure that when she gets out of it she doesn't have to go back to that asylum.Ok?"
"Jason,I'll admit that's sounds do-able but I can't guarantee it."
"It's do-able?"Jason asked and Justus nodded,"Then we have nothing else to talk about."Jason walked back into Carly's room.
Bobbie was still there.Jason sat back next to her.Bobbie kissed Carly's hand and laid it nex to her side,"Jason take care of Carly,please.I have to get Lucas and bring him home then I have to work I'll visit her again later.You look after her ok?"
Jason looked at Carly,"You know I will."
Bobbie left the room and cried to her car.
Jason moved one of the chairs back and sat closer to Carly,"Carly can you wake up?I mean will you wake up?"Jason sighed,took her hand,and held it to his forehead,"You can't leave us now.You can't leave Bobbie,Lucas,Michael--what about Michael,Carly?He would die if he knew you were gone.Not only that but what about my promise?I promised him I would get you guys back together someday.I promised you know I hate to break promises,"H stroked the side of her face,"And I promised you I would get you home.If you wake up I'm going to take you home to Michael.Justice is going to make sure you go home.Carly wake up now and we could just go home.Home,Carly.You can come home.Just wake up."Jason begged.

Robin called Latica and she finally got to Jason's penthouse.Robin asked her to watch Michael and found out Jason told Rinaldo he was at General Hospital.Robin grabbed a cab to the hospital she paid the cab driver and ran iside of th hospital.Robin asked a nurse about Carly and they told Robin where she was.She got to the room and took a deep breath before walking in.Jason was sitting by Carly and leaning his head on her hand.Robin wasn't sure what to think.Robin saw how bad Carly looked and how worried Jason was and felt bad for them both.She stood in the doorway while Jason spoke to Carly,"You know this is one of those times I wish you were lying to try to get out of prison or something.I wish you'd just open your eyes and ask me what to do.But your not,"Jason began to cry a little,"The doctors seem to think you could die you know?They think it's a miracle you even made it here to the hospital.But they don't know you,Carly.Your stubborn and spoiled but you fight for everything.If you wake up I promise you won't have to fight for anything again.You just got to win this one last fight.You have to wake up."Jason sighed and looked at Carly who was still looking bad.
Robin was crying for Jason.She walked to his side and took his hand.She walked him out of the room.Jason hugged Robin when they sat and cried in her arms.Robin stroked his back."I got to get back to Carly."Jason said to Robin after telling her what had happened to Carly and was done crying a little.
"Ok,Jason."Robin kissed him goodbye and Jason walked back into Carly's.
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