Who Wants to Live Forever 1
(1st in the Forever series--GH, Highlander, Forever Knight)


The docks
Early evening.

 A man is walking alone near the water. He's in his late thirties, average
height, well built, but not muscular. Handsome too, with long brown hair pulled
back into a ponytail, slightly graying at the temples and a goatee also dotted
with a few flecks of gray.
 He hates feeling like this, he knows the separation won't be for long, a few
days at most, but it doesn't help. They've been together so long that any time
apart no matter how brief in unbearable. She's more than just his love, more
than just his wife. She's become a part of him (the best part some would say), a
part of his very soul and when she isn't with him life just doesn't seem to
matter. So he walks alone, hoping that the cool night air and the sound of the
water will make the feeling go away for just a little while. It doesn't.
 He stands at the edge. Sighing to himself he thinks, <I'd better get going. I
don't want to be late.> He turns to leave, then it hits him that sensation he's
come to know so well. He stops and looks around trying to pinpoint where it's
coming from.
 A shape emerges from the darkness behind him. He turns to face the man. The
stranger comes forward, his face illuminated by the light of a nearby
streetlamp. He is a tall man of apparent Spanish descent with long black hair
and a beard that gives his face an almost satanic appearance.
 ''My name is Javier Dominguez.'' the man says giving a melodramatic bow. He
straightens up and from behind his back he produces a sword.
 ''Aaron Grey'' he replies back and produces a sword of his own from his coat.
 The  two men advance on each other, moving in a circle each waiting for the
other to make the first move. It is Javier who strikes first with a fast blow
that Aaron is able to counter easily. For the next several minutes both
opponents try to break the others defenses. They were evenly matched, the
deciding factor in this fight won't be skill. It will be time. Whoever tires
first will be the one to lose his head. But this contest won't be settled
tonight. The sound of someone approaching puts an end to it. For now. Their
business is not for outsiders.
 Javier sheathes his sword, ''This isn't over. We will meet again.'', he says
looking at Aaron.
 ''I'm free Thursdays.''
 Javier smirks and gives him another little bow and disappears back into the
 Aaron tucks his sword into his trenchcoat and leaves.  ''Welcome to Port


The Outback.

 Robin Scorpio and Brenda Barrett enter the Outback. Robin gives her Uncle Mac,
who is standing at the bar with Felecia, a wave hello. They wave back. Robin and
Brenda are seated at their table. Brenda orders a white wine and Robin a mineral
water while they wait for their guest to arrive.
 Brenda sips her wine wondering about this man Robin wants her to meet. Since
getting the phone call last night saying he was coming to town Robin has refused
to tell her anything about him. ''You'll just have to meet him.'' Is all she'll
 ''Okay Robin, enough is enough''
 ''What do you mean?'' Robin asks innocently.
 ''You know exactly what I mean. You've been silent all day and I've had it. Who
is this guy?''
 Robin starts laughing, ''All right, all right. What do you want to know?''
 ''Who is he would be a start.''
 ''His name is Aaron Grey.''
 ''Okay. How did you meet?''
 ''We met in Paris. I was doing the antique shops one weekend and I met him and
his wife at an out of the way little shop near the Seine. We started talking and
ended up having dinner together. They were in Paris on some kind of extended
vacation/second honeymoon. They were there for almost two months and we got
together about every other day. They left Paris a couple of weeks before I came
back to Port Charles. We've been keeping in touch since then and I invited to
come visit.''
 ''What does he do?'' was Brenda's next question.
 After taking a drink of water Robin answered. ''He's a history professor. He
was associated with the university in Toronto but there was some stink about his
teaching methods or something so he took an indefinite leave of absence.''
 ''So you said he's married huh?'' Robin nods. ''What's his wife like?''
 ''Oh she's great. You'll really like her. She's a writer. Her name's Theresa
 ''Theresa Ryan'' Brenda says. ''The one who writes those vampire novels you've
been reading lately.''
 ''That's her'' Robin laughs. ''They been married for about ten years.''
 Their conversation continues on like that with Brenda asking a question about
Aaron or Terry and Robin answering. Eventually they come to the subject of
Terry's rather odd medical condition.
 ''What kind of condition?'' Brenda enquires.
 ''Some sort of rare skin disorder that prevents her from going outside during
the day.'' Robin replies. <If you only knew how rare> she thinks to herself.
 The two women continue to talk. Each telling the other about the events of
their day, touching on the most insignificent of subjects to problems concering
the men in their lives. It was at this point that Aaron finally arrived.
 Robin gets up from her seat and gives him a hello hug. She walks him over to
the table and introduces him to Brenda. Aaron takes her hand while his eyes
study her.
 Across the room at the bar Mac is watching the scene. ''Who's that with
Robin?'' He asks Felecia.
 ''I don't know. I've never seen him before. Seems very friendly though.''
 Mac moves around the bar and starts for Robin's table. Felecia quickly stops
him. ''No you don't Mac. You're not going to interrupt her dinner so you can
interrogate her friend. It can wait. You can talk to Robin tomorrow and find out
all you want to know about him. Okay?'' shes says giving his shirt a playful
 Mac shrugs his shoulders. ''Okay. I guess it can wait till tomorrow.''
Back at Robin's table the three have finished dinner. Robin and Aaron are having
coffee while Brenda digs into a piece of double chocolate fudge cake. ''Sure you
don't want any?'' She asks after taking a bite.
 Robin shakes her head smiling. ''No thanks. I think I've gained ten pounds just
watching you eat it.'' Brenda and Aaron both laugh. Robin turns to Aaron. ''So
when's Terry coming?''
 Aaron puts his cup down. ''In a couple of days. There were some problems with
her new book that she has to work out with her publisher. That's the only thing
that stopped from coming with me. She's really looking forward to seeing you
 Just then Aaron feels the presence of an Immortal nearby. His eyes focus on the
door when two people come in. One is a tall good looking blond man in his
thirties. Behind him is a woman in her late-twenties with brown hair. Aaron sees
the woman stiffen when she catches sight of him.
 Brenda excuses herself from the table and walks over to the couple. She leads
them back a few moments later and introduces them to Aaron. ''Aaron this is my
friend Jasper Jacks'', she says, ''Jax this is Aaron Grey. He's a friend of
Robin's from Paris.''  The two men shake hands. Brenda then turns to V and
introduces them. They shake hands their eyes never leaving each other. Jax and V
move off to another table while Brenda and Aaron rejoin Robin.
 After about ten minutes Aaron gets up to leave. ''Well as much as I would like
to remain in the company of two such beautiful women, I'm afraid I'm going to
call it a night.''
 ''Are you sure?'', Robin asks.
 ''Yes. I should head back to the hotel. I want to call Terry before it gets too
 ''Okay I'll let you go, but only if you promise to have lunch with me
tomorrow'' Robin says as she rises from her seat.
 ''I promise'', he says as he kisses her cheek, ''Good night.'' He turns to
Brenda. ''Good night, Brenda. I'm glad I finally got to meet you.''
 ''I'm glad too'' she says as she takes his hand.
 Aaron grabs his coat and walks to the door. Before leaving he turns and gives a
final look at the table where Jax and V are sitting.
 Robin walks over to the bar to talk to Mac while Brenda moves to Jax's table. V
who has been watching Aaron since she arrived silently thanks Brenda for coming
over. Excusing herself she follows Aaron out the door unnoticed by the others.

 V is walking slowly down the street when she feels it. <He's close.> Her hand
moves instinctivly to her sword tucked inside of her coat. She turns the corner
and finds him standing there waiting. Waiting for her.
 Felecia Jones is on her way home. She turns the corner that leads to the
Brownstone and stumbles upon Aaron and V. She stops before they see her. Felecia
senses something isn't right. She's come to know V pretty well these last few
months and she knows that she can take care of herself. But Felecia decides to
hang back and watch just in case V needs help.
 ''I've been waiting for you. What took you so long?'', Aaron says as he turns
to face her. He sees that her hand is resting inside her coat at the ready.
''Well, what happens now?''
 ''That all depends on you.'' V answers.
 For what seems like an eternity Felecia watches Aaron and V face off. The
silence is finally broken when Aaron spreads his arms wide and smiles. ''Come
here.'' V rushes into his arms. ''I've missed you Little Flower.'', Aaron says
as his arms envelop her.
 V returns his embrace. ''I've missed you too, Daddy.''
 Felecia turns her back to them and silently whispers, ''Daddy?!?''


Port Charles Hotel, Aaron's suite

 Aaron and V are sitting on the couch having a drink. Aaron has spent the last
hour filling V in on what's been happening the several months. He tells her
about his newest student Natalie and her husband Nick. V laughs when she hears
about her adopted brother Kyle's reaction when he found out Terry's secret.
 ''So,'' Aaron says taking a sip, ''what have you been up to the last 15 or so
 V doesn't answer. She gets up and pours herself another drink.
 Aaron walks over to her. ''Venus,'' he places a han on her shoulder, ''what's
 V turns to face him. ''It's just seeing you again after all this time.'' Her
eyes begin to tear up. ''I'm sorry. I shouldn't have disappeared like I did,
without a word to you or mother. But I couldn't face you... I couldn't face
anyone. I just wanted to... wanted to...'' Her voice fails and she begins to
 Aaron pulls her to him resting her head on his chest. ''It's okay Little
Flower.'' He walks to the couch and set her down. Brushing one of her tears away
he continues. ''Venus, what happened?''
 V looks at him.


London, 1984

 V leaves the shop and starts back home. She has spent nearly the entire
afternoon going from shop to shop. Going here for the right cut of meat. Going
here for the right bread. Going there for the right wine. But it'll be worth it.
Once Jess gets a taste of her masterpiece.
 She can't believe it. Can you really fall in love with someone this fast. It's
only been four months, but she feels as if they've known each other all their
lives. That's why she's going to all this trouble. Tonight is the night she
tells Jess the truth, the whole truth, about everything.
 ''Jess! I'm home!'' V calls out as she comes through the door. ''Wait to you
what I have planned for tonight.'' Getting no answer she set down the bags.
''Jess where are you?''
 Getting a little further into the flat she sees the living room has been torn
apart. Panic rising within her V calls out, ''Jess! Jess! Answer Me! Answer
 She's the body sprawled out on the floor. V screams.
 V goes to her body. There is a deep wound to her chest. V cradles Jessica's
head in her lap, gently stroking her hair. ''No... Jessica... Jes...'' V can't
speak anymore, the words won't come. All she can do is cry. Lying near the body
V sees a bloody knife, beneath it is a bloodstained note with just three words.
An house outside London.

 V walks along the grounds heading toward the house. ''CASSIA! CASSIA! COME OUT
 Cassia comes out of the house. She is a tall woman with long blond hair braided
into ponytail. Her most striking feature however is a deep four inch scar on the
left side of her face. A little souvenier from her and V's last meeting.
''Really Venus, such language'' Her voice is sweet almost mocking. ''Something
wrong Venus? Did something bad happen?'' She starts to laugh.
 V gives a cry of rage as she attacks Cassia. The women cut and parried in a
macabre dance. V pulled back as Cassia's strike nearly laid her open at the
waist. Finally she caught Cassia's blade in the bind that Aaron taught her long
ago. Cassia's sword dropped to the ground. V kneed her in the stomach and she
slumped to her knees.
 Standing over her vanquished foe V raised her sword. ''There can be only one.''
Her blade struck Cassia in the throat. She watched the headless body fall to the
ground. V watched as the glowing force slowly crept from Cassa's body and
wrapped around hers. She jerked and screamed as the lightning like power struck
her. Gradually the energy began to fade and V fell to her knees, tears running
down her face.


 V looks at Aaron and then walks to the window.
 ''There was nothing you could have done.''
 ''I should've been there. I could've stopped it.''
 ''You don't know that. Venus life is full of should'ves and could'ves. You need
to let go of that. You need to let go before the guilt and the regret is all
that you remember of your time with her.''
 ''I know. I hear what you're saying but it's hard. The time we have with them
is so short to begin with. We only had four months. It's just not fair.
 ''No it's not. You can't stop them from dying. All you can do is love them when
they are with us and continue to love them when they're gone.
 V turns to face him and gives him a half smile, then walks into one of his
hugs. ''I really am sorry for not letting you and Terry know I was alright.''
 ''It's okay. Daniel would let us know how you were doing from time to time.''
 ''Daniel?'' V asks curiously then thinks for a moment. ''Oh, you're new
 Aaron nods. ''Actually he's one of the reasons Terry and I decided to take
Robin up on her invitation to visit. Daniel said you were here as well.''
 V finishes her drink. ''I should get going. I am a working woman you know and
besides didn't you say you wanted to call Terry.''
 Aaron puts his arm around her and walks her to the door. ''Thanks for reminding
me. Are you sure you don't want to stay and talk to her?''
 V shakes her head. ''I should really talk to her in person. Good night,
Daddy.'' she says as she kisses his cheek and tugs on his beard.
 ''Good night, Little Flower.''
 After closing the door Aaron walks over the the telephone and dials. It rings
several times before being answered by a woman. She speaks with a delicate voice
and a slight Irish accent. ''Hello my love.'' she says.


Police Commissioner Mac Scorpio's office
Two days later.

 "I'm telling you Mac something's not right about this whole thing."  Felecia
says sitting in a chair in front of Mac's desk.  "V still hasn't said anything
about knowing this friend of Robin's."
 Mac looks at her.  "There's got to some explanation why she wouldn't tell
anyone.  Tell me again what happened the other night."
 "I was walking home and I saw them standing there staring at each other.  For a
moment I thought there was going to be some kind of trouble.  Then all of a
sudden V rushes into his arms and called him 'Daddy'."  She moves over and sits
on the corner of Mac's desk.  "There is something strange going on here."
 "Strange.  In Port Charles.  What are the odds?"  Mac says jokingly.
 "I'm serious Mac.  I've got a weird feeling about this.  And he is pretty close
to Robin."
 That last statement made Mac's mind up for him.  If there is something not
kosher about him he doesn't want him anywhere near Robin.  Besides Mac wouldn't
mind knowing a little more about Mr Aaron Grey himself.
 He picks up the phone, "Where did Robin say he was from, Toronto right?"
Felecia nods.  "Garcia.  Get a hold of the Toronto PD and see what you find out
about an Aaron Grey.  You know background.  Record if he has any.  Let me know
as soon as you find something."  Hanging up the phone he turns to Felecia, "Alex
says he'll let me know what he finds later today."
 "I just hope I'm wrong about this."  Felecia says grabbing her purse.  "The
last thing we need in this town is another wacko."  With that last remark she
leaves Mac's office.

Jax's Penthouse.

 V is sitting at the table a folder in one hand and a pen in the other.  "Well
Mr. Jax I think that's about everything.  Except...", she says looking over her
notes, "there is some kind of problem in Mexico, the details are sketchy but..."
 "Put Jerry on it." he says as V scribbles in her folder. "Anything else?" V
says no.  "Good.  Because there is something you can do for me."
 "What is it?"
 "I want a background check done on Aaron Grey."
 "The man we met last night at the Outback?  Why?"
 For the first time this morning Jax looks up from his papers.  "There is
something about the man that just doesn't feel right."
 "It wouldn't have anything to do with the fact that he's a friend of Robin
Scorpio's and has been seeing her and Miss Barrett a lot while he's in town."
 Jax doesn't answer.  Instead he goes back to his papers.  "Just do it for me
Venus.  Please."
 "Yes sir, Mr Jax"  Outside the apartment V leans against the wall and thinks to
herself <Daddy is going love this.>

General Hospital.

 Robin is waiting at the elevator.  The doors open and Jason and Carly with baby
Michael walk out.  "Jason what are you doing here?  Is something wrong with
 "No Michael is fine."  Jason answers.  "We're just bringing him in for a
 "How is he doing?'
 "He's doing alright.  He seems to have forgotten the entire ordeal with Doctor
 Getting territorial Carly decides to leave before she makes a scene and upsets
Jason, "Jason I'm going to take Michael to Simone's office."
 "All right.  I'll be right there."  Jason takes a look at Michael and then
Carly heads off.  Turning back to Robin, "So why are you here?  Are you Okay?"
 "I'm fine. Just a checkup for me too."
 There are a few moments of uncomfortable silence as the two just stand and
stare at each other.  Both of them knowing what they really want to say to each
other.  But neither one talking.  Finally Robin speaks.  "I should get going and
you had better catch up with Carly."
 "All right. Take care of yourself."  He walks away.
 Robin watches him leave as she gets into the elevator.  The doors close behind
her and she rests against the back wall.  <Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Why didn't
you just say it.>

Simone Hardy's office.

 Carly is sitting with Michael in the outeroffice when Bobbie comes in.  "So
how's my grandson today?"
 Carly looks up and almost smiles, "He's doing just fine aren't you babyboy" he
says cooing at him.
 Bobbie sits down next to her daughter.  It's hard to believe that just a few
months ago they couldn't stand being in the same room together and now they are
actually being civil to each other.  "How about you.  How are you holding up?"
Bobbie enquires.
 Carly takes Michael out of his babyseat.  "I'm okay.  I'll feel a lot better
when Tony is in jail where he belongs."
 Bobbie notices that Jason isn't waiting with her.  "Where's Jason?  Didn't he
come with you?" she aks.
 "He'll be coming in a few minutes." She replies.
 Simone comes out of her office.  "Carly I'm ready for Michael for now."
gets up with the baby and starts toward the inner-office when she suddenly
turns, "Bobbie would you like to come to?"
 Bobbie smiles at her and gets up.  "I'd love to."
 Together mother and daughter walk into the office.


Metro Police Station, Toronto.
That evening.

 An attractive young woman with short blond hair is sitting at her desk when the
phone rings, "Metro Homicide, Detective Vetter.  Walter, how are you?  No Nick's
not here.  He's off tonight.  Anyhting I can do?"  Tracy's face grows more
serious as Walter explains.  "Thanks for telling me.  No don't do that.  I'll
talk to Nick.  Thanks for calling.  Bye."  Tracy sits in silence at her desk
before picking up the phone.
 Nick Knight and Natalie Lambert are sitting together on the floor in front of a
raging fire.  With her head resting on Nick's shoulder Natalie lets out a
contented sigh, "Well I don't know about you, but I can't think of a better way
to spend a night off."
 "Neither can I." Nicks says as he lifts her head and kisses her.
 As the kiss deepens Natalie stradles Nick's waist.  His hands move to her waist
and then up her back.  Just then the phone rings.  "Great." Nick says
 "Let the machine get it."  Natalie says not wanting him to stop.
 "I didn't turn it on."
 Nick gets up and puts on his robe as he walks to phone while Natalie lets out a
wolf whistle.  "Don't start something you might not able to finish."  He
admonishs her.  Picking up the phone, "Knight here."
 "Nick it's Trace.  I'm sorry for bothering on your only night off.  I didn't
interuppt anything did I?"
 "No Tracy.  You didn't interuppt anything." Nicks says looking at Natalie who
giggles.  "What's wrong?"
 "I just got a call from Walter Simon over at central records he called to tell
me that a detective from the states requested background info on Aaron Gray.
Since he knows that Aaron's a friend of Natalie's he thought you both would like
to know that somebody's checking him out."
 "It's probably nothing to worry about but thanks for calling to tell us Tracy."
Nick hangs up the phone.  He sits down at the table.
 Natalie watches as her husband with concern.  Throwing the blanket onto the
couch, she puts on her robe and walks over to him.  "Has something's happened?"
Nick nods.  "Is it serious?"
 "I don't know.  All Tracy said was that a detective from the states was
checking Aaron out.  It might be nothing."
 "It might not be."  Natalie says.  Sitting across from him she takes one of his
hands.  "We had better tell Terry."

Luke's Club.

 Luke is tending bar when he sees Brenda and Aaron enter the club.  It's early
but the place is already jumping.  They walk over to the bar.  "Well if isn't
the gorgeous Miss Barrett", Luke said taking Brenda's and kissing it.  "What can
I get you?."
 Brenda smiled, "Nothing yet.  We're waiting for Robin."  She then introduces
Aaron to Luke.
 The two men shake hands.  Aaron looks around the club.  "This is a great place
you've got here Mr Spencer."
 "Thanks.  Please call me Luke."  He glances at the door as sees Robin.  "I
think the last member of your party has just arrived."
 Brenda, Aaron and Robin grab a table just as the band takes the stage.

PCPD, the Police Commissioner's office.

 Felecia looks at the info on Aaron Grey that Mac just handed her.  "This it
it?" she asks.
 "That's everything Alex was able find at the Toronto PD."
 "These only go back a couple of years".  She says as she skims through the
file.  "There are a couple of police reports that a bit troubling.  Both of them
centering on his wife.  One is a report about a trio a serial killers who
thought they were vampires who tried to kill her.  The other is just as
encouraging, only this one is about a group of vampire hunters who were after
her because they thought she was one of the 'undead'.  They didn't hurt her, but
they did blow up their house."
 Mac takes the folder from her.  "According to Garcia before settling in Toronto
a couple years ago Aaron and his wife were moving around quite frequently.
Paris.  London.  Dublin.  Rome.  New Orleans.  New York  Never staying in one
place for very long."
 "Where was the last place they were living?"  Felecia asks.
 "Paris."  Mac says holding his hand up. "And before you interrupt.  I already
have someone checking out their time there."
 Felecia smiles and picks up the folder again.  <I know you're hiding something
and I'm going find out what it is.>

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