Welcome Home
by JasNCarly

Carly never shot Tony and Jason and Brenda have just been rescued.Jason came home to a
warm welcome by Carly and Michael.Jason spent must of his night assuring Carly he was just fine.A.J. and Keesha never even considered getting back together and he's has just gotten a new apartment.And Robin has still made a plan to 'welcome' Jason back home.

Carly was so glad Jason was home it seemed liked years of waiting.She wanted to get him something to welcome him home but wasn't quite sure what.She just knew she had to figure it out.Jason didn't really want anything except to be a good friend and Michael's father.Carly snapped her fingers in approval she had the perfect idea.She grabbed her purse and went out to go get Jason his surprise.

Robin went over to Jason's penthouse and Rinaldo let her in thinking he was doing Jason a favor.Robin went back to Jason's room and took a deep breath.She walked into the room and Jason was resting.She walked in and gave him her little let's get back together speech.Jason was so happy she was there he didn't even think about the consequences.Robin was back.He kissed her and she kissed back.

Carly walked in and pulled the present out of her purse.She smiled and went up to Latica to see what she thought.
"Carly,it's perfect.He'll love it."Latica thought it was beautiful.Carly had got Jason an oval shaped locket with a picture of her and Michael inside.She had 'Love Always' inscribed in no time.It was a little messed up because Carly needed it so fast.
"Well,I'm going to go see if he likes it.Wish me luck."
"You won't need it,Carly.He'll love it."Latica said shooing her to go tell him.
Carly walked quickly to Jason's room.She sighed and opened the door.Her smile faded as she saw Robin welcoming Jason home.Carly put her hand over her mouth to silence her sobs.The tears fell from her eyes as she saw it.The present dropped from her hand and landed on the carpet.Jason nor Robin knew Carly saw them.Carly's heart sank and she didn't know what to do.She slowly backed away from the room.She felt like she was going to fall.Latica was upstairs,Rinaldo was away from the door for a mintue,and Jason was too busy to notice her.Without thinking Carly ran.She opened the door and burst into the elevator pounding for a floor anywhere but here.She loudly cried as she kept seeing the picture in her mind.She ran out of the building and stopped.Carly didn't know what to do so she let her legs do the thinking for her.They ran as fast and as far away from the place as they could.Carly wasn't thinking about anything at all she just wanted to get it out of her head.It began to rain but Carly didn't even notice.She was getting drenched she only had on a pair of white jeans,a blue t-shirt,and a light gray sweatshirt over that.Just as the rain started to stop Carly slowed down and went to the docks.She sat on the bench and lifted her knees to her chest.The image of Robin and Jason was killing her.She cried there for hours.She almost lifted her head when she heard footsteps but chose to ignore them.
"Carly?Are you ok?"The voice sounded familiar.
Carly looked up to see A.J.,"Oh great!It's you things have just reached the ultimate low."She smiled saracastically with tears still falling as they had been for hours.
A.J. saw that she was soaked and crying,"What is it?Did Jason hurt you?"
Carly whispered soflty to herself,"More than you know."
A.J. handed her his coat,"Do you want to talk about it?"
Carly took it and laid the coat next to her,"No.Not with you.It wouldn't be private it would be like addressing the public!You would tell the Quartermaines,the Quatermaines would tell everyone,and then like I said those people would address the public.So...no I think I could do without talking to you,A.J."Carly snapped.
A.J. sat next to her,"Ok,so you don't want to talk about it that's fine, you don't have to."
"Good because I wasn't planing to."Carly wiped her tears away the best she could.
"So,are you going back to the penthouse tonight?Because the weather isn't looking to good."A.J. said.
"God,is this twenty questions or what?!A.J. if you must know I don't know if I'll ever go back there ok?!"
"Sorry."A.J. was a little sadden that they couldn't talk to each other anymore.He remembered when they could tell each other anything.
Carly remembered their friendship too,"Thanks for the concern A.J."Carly squeezed his hand,"It's good to know that somebody still cares even after I did just about every bad thing to them that anyone could do to another person."Carly joked.
A.J. laughed,"In a weird way I got my life back and my family accepts me more."
Carly smiled,"I'm glad you and your family are getting along except for Edward."Carly frowned,"I don't like him."
A.J. grinned,"Nobody does."
They laughed.
A.J. thought about it for a second,"Why don't you stay over at my place tonight.I mean we could talk,"A.J. raised his hands in the air when Carly gave him a dirty look,"Completely confidential of course."
"Really?"Carly was surprised by his gesture,"You'd do that for me?"
"Yeah.Sure."A.J. said thinking outloud.
"I guess I can't stay out in this weather."Carly looked at the gray clouds above,"Ok."
A.J. and Carly walked to A.J 's car.
"A.J."Carly stopped for a second and A.J. turned to her,"Thanks."
"It's ok,Carly.Everything will be ok.You'll see."A.J. assured her.
Carly and A.J. did catch up like they wanted too.Carly talked mostly about Michael's silly adventures and Jason.A.J. talked about how crazy the family was.Carly and A.J laughed and flashed each other smiles all night until Carly went to sleep in A.J.'s room and A.J. slept on the couch.He had another room in his place but there wasn't any furniture yet.A.J. had a pretty good night but Carly didn't say one thing about why she had left she had avoided the subject all night.

Jason woke up with Robin in his arms.He smiled at her and got up without waking her.He got dressed and was going to tell Carly about he and Robin.Jason didn't know what he was going to tell her.Jason noticed the door was open and saw something on the floor.He picked the present up and opened it up.He saw the locket and looked back at Robin.Carly wouldn't have just laid it down in front of his room.Jason walked into the main room and called for Carly up the staircase,"Carly!"
Jason had a bad feeling about this.Carly didn't answer or come downstairs.Jason ran to the door,"Rinaldo,where's Carly?"
"She's in there isn't she?"Rinaldo pointed inside.
"You didn't see her leave."Jason ran to Carly's room and she wasn't there.He ran back down the stairs,"Get some of the guys to look for her ok?"Jason instructed Rinaldo.
"Yes,sir."Rinaldo nodded.
Robin entered the room with a robe on,"What's wrong?"
"Carly.She's gone.Rinaldo didn't see her leave.I have to find her."Jason grabbed his jacket.
"What?Jason,why do you have to go after her?"Robin asked Jason.
"Because something's wrong.Carly's upset,when she's upset she doesn't think clearly, and she does something without thinking that gets her in trouble."Jason explained putting on his jacket.
Robin was annoyed by this point,"Why is that your responsiblity?"
"I don't know,Robin.But it is."Jason kissed her cheek,"I 'm sorry.I love you but I have to find her."Jason said and left.
Robin got dressed and went over to Brenda's to complain.

Carly put on her shoes and started to get ready to leave.She saw a picture off A.J. and Emily on his dresser.A.J. really loved Emily.Carly kissed her fingertips and pressed them on the picture lightly.She went out into the front.A.J. was already up.He smiled at her,"Good morning."
"Hi.A.J. I need to ask this really big favor of you."Carly sat on the couch with him.
"Can I crash here for a couple of days?I just need to stay here for a couple of days I'd sleep on the couch.I have to figure out everything."
"Sure.You can stay here as long as you need to."A.J. answered.
"Thanks A.J.I'm going to go take a walk try and clear my head."
"I might not be here when you get back though."A.J. told her.
Carly made a disappointed face,"Why?"
"I have to meet with the Quatermaines,"A.J. saw Carly get nervous,"Carly,we meet everyday if I didn't show up they'd know something was up."
Carly thought about it,"Your right.Ok,I'll see you later though."
"Yes and Carly I want to know what happened you have to tell me someday."
"I will A.J. it's a promise."Carly smiled and left.

Jason walked into the Quatermaines house where Edward and Alan were talking.Jason interrupted,"Where's Carly?"
"What do you mean?And what are you doing storming into my house."Edward fussed.
"Don't play stupid with me."Jason was going to explode.
A.J. entered,"Hey everybody."He saw Jason,"What's he doing here?"
Jason thought about it for a second Edward wasn't lying but A.J. came in a little late.Jason turned to A.J.,"Where is she?"
"Who?"A.J. tried to act clueless.
"Carly.You know where she is."Jason said.
"I don't know."A.J. shrugged and walked past Jason.
Jason walked up behind A.J.,"If you hurt her,you'll regret it."
A.J. turned to Jason and whispered,"I 'm not the one who hurt her."
Jason gave him a stern look and walked out.
A.J. didn't explain anything to Edward or Alan.A.J. got in his car hoping to get to Carly before Jason.Hopefully Carly wasn't home yet.

Carly hugged herself tightly while walking to Jason's she wasn't even sure why she was going back.She sighed and the tears slid down her cheeks as she saw the imagine again in her mind.What was wrong with her?Why didn't Jason love her the way he loved Robin?She knew it was because of her past.No matter what she did she couldn't escape her past.She couldn't forget it no one would let her including herself.She knew Jason was way too understanding.A man so great could never fall for her she thought.All the thoughts ran through her mind and old memories started to play.Her,Jason,and Michael would have made the perfect family.Carly looked down at the ground in shame.Carly spoke to herself low,"A guy like that could never fall for a girl like you."Carly ran her hand through her hair trying to figure out what to do.She couldn't stay with A.J. too long and she couldn't stay away from Michael.But this Robin and Jason thing was going to be the death of her.

A.J. hurried into his aparment but Carly wasn't there.A.J. put his hand on his heart,"Thank god.Jason has gotten to her yet."He shut the door but not all the way because something stopped it.
Jason walked in,"Carly!"Jason snooped around but he didn't see anything.
A.J. kept his cool,"What is it with you?"
"I know she's here.I want to see her."
"How do you know she's here?"A.J.asked.
Jason didn't have any real proof,"I just know."
"Well,when you have something more you can some back until then,"A.J. opened the door until then,"Get out."
"I don't know what your trying to pull A.J. and I don't know exactly why Carly's so upset but I'm going to find out."Jason stated.
"Good for you.Leave."A.J. slammed the door behind Jason.
A.J. looked out his window wondering why Carly was so sad,why did Jason not have a clue,and out of all the people in Port Charles why was Carly with him right now.A.J. knew Carly being against Jason could work to his advantage but for some weird reason he couldn't do such a thing to her.A.J. figured it was just the way Carly came to him for help after all that had happened between them.A.J. had missed Carly in a weird way.He missed their talks and laughs.A.J. was glad he and Carly were going to work on what little was left of their friendship.

Robin walked back into Jason's penthouse and room.Robin looked around Jason's room and opened his dresser drawer.She pulled out a picture of Michael,Carly,and Jason.Robin thought Carly had figured in some weird way Carly wormed her way into Jason's life.Robin didn't know if Carly was going to be a problem.Robin said outloud,"Yeah right,Robin.She's is the biggest and only problem."Robin said and threw the picture back in the drawer.She grabbed her coat and walked out of Jason's Penthouse.

Jason was getting driven back to the penthouse.Jason thought about it and thought some more.Then he remembered the door was closed when Robin came in and whe he woke up it was open.He then found the present on the ground and Carly was gone.He connected the dots and knew what had happened.Carly caught them in the act and ran out.Jason rubbed his forehead and looked out the window.This was defintely a problem.

Carly turned around from Jason's and walked back to A.J.'s.She would have to do the Jason thing at another time she couldn't do it right now.She knocked on A.J's door.A.J. opened it and gestured for Carly to come in.Carly stepped into the house,"Hi."
"Hi."A.J. slightly smiled.
"I am read to tell you what happened.I don't want to you to die of curiousity.But if I tell you it has to be a secret you can't tell anybody A.J.I'm am trusting you with this,ok?"Carly had to tell somebody.
A.J. knew it was big,"Ok I promise it's just between me and you.
"Ok,"Carly sat on his couch,"I was so happy that Jason was home so I wanted to do something important for him.So I went and bought him a locket and had inscribed Love Always.I was so happy I thought I got the perfect present.I went to his room and I,"Carly burst into tears.
"Carly,what happened?"A.J. asked.
"Let's just say Robin and Jason are back together and I caught them making up."Carly explained with tears flowing from her eyes.
A.J. hugged her,"I'm so sorry,Carly.I know you care about him."He whispered.
"Care about him?I think it's pretty obvious I love him."Carly confessed.
"Yeah it is."A.J. still held her crying and joked.
Carly laughed,"A.J. thank you so much I just don't think anything could cheer me up."
"I can think of something.Come on."A.J. took her hand and walked her out of his apartment.

A.J. took Carly to get an outfit and he was going to take her to a club to try and get her to stop think about Jason.Carly had finally decide on black jeans,a small black t-shirt,and a baby blue,long sleeved,see through shirt over the black shirt.Carly put her hair in a clip and left out some strands to frame her face.A.J. then drove her to a club downtown.Carly was haing so much fun that she did forget about Jason.

Jason walked into the penthouse still thinking of Carly.Things were good between them now this.Carly had enough stress from the Michael thing which he never took care of it.He went to his room's doorway and tried to imagine what Carly felt when she saw Jason and Robin making up.He took the locket out of his pocket and looked at the inscription and whispered,"Love Always."He sighed and walked into the room.He took his picture of them together.He thought about it and put the locket.He knew what he had to do.That's when Robin walked in,"Jason,you ok?"
Jason stood,"Yeah I'm fine."He smiled,"I know what's going to solve all of our problems."Jason looked down at the locket.
Robin wasn't sure what he was talking about,"Did you find her?Does she know about us?"
Jason took a deep breath,"That's just it there is no us.Robin,last night was amazing and I thought that's what I wanted but not now.I know what I want and it isn't you. I'm sorry but this thing between us is not what it use to be.I'm sorry."Jason said and walked out.
Robin yelled,"Damn you,Carly!"

Carly and A.J. got on the dancefloor when Smash Mouth's 'Can't Get Enough Of You Baby.' started to play.Carly was laughing and smiling the whole time.A.J. was happy to see her happy.It was perfect.
Smash Mouth
Can't Hardly Wait Soundtrack
Can't Get Enough Of You Baby
I can't get enough of you baby
I can't get enough of you baby
Yes it's true
Baby yes it's true
Whenever we kiss I get a feeling like this
I get to wishin that there was two of you
My heart crys out more baby
It feels so nice I want your arms to wrap around me twice

Carly hugged A.J. when it was over and thanked him.And they continued to dance.
Robin walked in and saw Carly.She smiled.This would definetely score her points with Jason.She dialed his number on her cellphone still watching A.J.
"Hello?Carly?"Jason answered.
"Nope sorry to disappoint you but she is right in front of me."Robin said wickedly.
"Where at Robin?"Jason asked.
Robin gave him the directions and Jason was on his way.

I can't get enough of you baby
I can't get enough of you baby
Right or Wrong
Baby Right or Wrong
When you had to go I hated the thought
I always wish the night was twice as long
My heart crys out more baby
I love you so much
I wish that there was more of you to touch
I can't get enough of you baby
Can't get enough of you baby
I can't get enough of you baby
Whenever we kiss I get a feeling like this
I get to wishing that there was two of you
My heart crys out more baby
I love you so much
I wish that there was more of you to touch
I can't get enough of you baby
Can't get enough of you baby
I can't get enough of you baby
Can't get enough of you baby
I can't get enough of you baby
Can't get enough of you baby
I can't get enough of you baby
Can't get enough of you baby
I can't get enough of you baby

Carly and A.J. sat at a booth for a second and had a pepsi.A couple songs played and A.J. talked with Carly.Jason walked in and saw A.J. with Carly.They were on the top floor and Jason was on the bottom floor looking up at them.A.J. spotted Jason.Carly was still uninformed.Jason and A.J. made eye contact.Jason started to walk to them.A.J. took Carly's hand and pulled her to a back way of the club.Jason ran up after them.Carly and A.J. broke out of the back door and Carly shouted,"What was that all about?"Carly followed him down the stairs.A.J. took a deep breath.Jason slammed the door open and Carly looked up at him.
A.J. pointed to Jason's,"That's why."
Carly wanted to pay Jason back for breaking her heart.She wasn't going home anytime soon.She smiled,"I see your point."She grabbed A.J.'s hand and giggled,"Come on."
A.J. grinned and shrugged at Jason.And followed Carly to his car.Jason's anger boiled inside of him.He kind of understood Carly's side of things but what did A.J. get out of taking Carly away?Jason went back to his own car but they had lost him.

Carly and A.J. walked into his apartment.Carly took her hair down and ran her hand through it,"That'll teach him."
"You sure you don't want to go home with him.I mean he looked pretty mad."A.J. was a litle worried about Carly.
"Of course,"Carly's look got serious,"Why would I want to go home to Jason and Robin.I probaly throw up,A.J."
"Yeah,thanks for sharing,Carly."A.J. laughed.
"Welcome."Carly replied.
"Well,Goodnight Carly."
"Goodnight,A.J.Thanks for everything."Carly started to prepare the couch.
"Why don't you go sleep in my bed.It's no big deal."A.J. said.
"Are you sure I will be fine with the couch?"
"Yeah I'm sure."A.J. smiled.
"Ok.Goodnight A.J."Carly walked over to him and kissed him quickly,"Thanks again."
"Your welcome."
Carly walked back to A.J.'s room.A.J. laid down on the couch and bit his lower lip.The night was perfect especially the leaving Jason in the dust part.Carly walked into A.J.'s room and took off her shoes.She laid down and sunk into the pillow thinking about Jason.She began to cry.She closed her eyes and saw Jason's smile.She sighed knowing tommorrow was the day she had to confront him.

Jason entered the penthouse with Rinaldo.Jason threw his keys on the table.
"Do you want us to go get her?"Rinaldo asked.
"No.She'll be back tommorrow."Jason answered.
"Are you sure?She didn't look like she was coming back without force."
"Yeah,I'm sure.Carly knows I'm looking for which means she's made as much of an impression as she's going to with A.J.She'll come back tommorrow."
"Ok."Rinaldo exited into the hall but before he left he told Jason,"I'm sorry about the Robin thing I thought you would want her over."
"It's ok I thought so too."Jason excused Rinaldo.Jason went to Michael's room.Michael was asleep.Jason stroked Michael's hand and walked out.

The following morning Carly put on her outfit she had worn when she ran away from everything.She laid the outfit A.J. had bought for her on the bed.She walked out into the front room.A.J. was still asleep.Carly left him a small note to A.J. saying she was going to face her fears and left.Carly walked around for awhile trying to think of what she should say to Jason.She was to frusrated to talk to Jason right now.She finally just went to the penthouse.She walked into the building and took the elevator up to Jason's.When the doors opened Carly was going to just leave again but took a deep breath and walked out.Johnny was standing next to Jason's door.Carly waved,"Hi."
"Hi,he's expecting you."Johnny told her.
Carly put her hands in her pockets,"Good or bad?"
Johnny grinned,"It's ok,Carly.Just go in."He opened the door.
Jason looked away from the window when he heard the door open.Carly peeked in and didn't see Jason.Carly stepped in and then saw Jason.Jason went to her quickly and embraced her with a hug,"I'm so glad your home."
Carly rested her head on his shoulder but then pulled away and looked away.
Jason nodded,"I know that you saw me and Robin...together,Carly."
Carly looked at him,"That's putting it mildly."Carly walked past him and to the staircase,"Boy,was I sorry I didn't knock."Carly turned to him and crossed her arms,"How'd you find out?"
Jason lifted the locket around his neck from out of his shirt,"This."
Carly laughed saracastically,"You sure Robin doesn't mind you wearing that.Speaking of Robin where is she?"Carly looked around.
"She's not here,Carly and she's not going to be."
"What?After what I have been through you guys aren't even together?"Carly was a little upset.
"Carly,I didn't think you wanted us together."Jason was confused.
"I don't but you would think after you have been so much crying over the past few days it was because of what happened.You know,you and Robin?"Carly uncrossed her arms,"Why'd you call it off?"
"Because,"Jason walked towards her,"Robin and me aren't--us.You and I are us."
"What?"Carly didn't know what the heck he was talking about.
"You,I did this for you.I don't want Robin.I want you."Jason was whispering now because he was so close to Carly.
Carly grabbed the stair railing and started to back up the steps,"I should go see Michael."She turned around and ran up to Michael's.
Jason laughed and smiled at the stairway.Carly ran into her room.She fell on her bed.She started to giggle to herself.Carly put her hands under her chin and closed her eyes,"Take that,Robin."This time when she closed her eyes she didn't see Jason and Robin.
Jason waited for Carly to come back downstairs.Someone knocked on the door.Johnny walked in and said,"Ms.Scorpio is here."
Robin entered,"So did you see Carly?"
"Yeah."Jason let Johnny out.
"She was with A.J."
"I know that too.She's here now though,so thanks for the help and I'll see you."Jason started to guide her out.
"So your not mad?"
"No,Robin,I'm not."Jason responded.
Robin saw Carly start to come down the stairs.Robin took Jason's face in her hands and kissed him.She was running out of ideas.Carly cleared her throat so Jason could here.Jason pulled away quickly and spun around to Carly given her a it wasn't me look.Carly walked past him and face to face with Robin,"Nice for you to drop by.Are you in denial?He doesn't want you."
"Carly, you can think whatever you want but you left because he wanted to be with me.I'll be there as soon as he realizes you were a mistake."Robin gave Carly a dirty look and walked out. Carly turned to Jason.
"I'm glad you didn't fall for what she did."Jason sighed out of relief.
"I didn't say I didn't believe it.I just didn't want her to say she won.That's all."Carly snapped.
"Carly,come one she kissed me."Jason said.
"Yeah right."Carly looked down.
Jason lifted Carly's chin and grabbed her by her forearms.He closed his eyes and kissed her with passion.Carly groaned slightly but then just kissed back.Jason pulled away,"I will tell her again I don't feel anything towards her then we can get back to us."Jason grabbed his coat and kissed her again before leaving,"Hold that thought I'll be right back."
Carly smiled when he left.She went to Michael's room while Jason was gone but then decided to go to bed it was getting late.Jason was still gone and she couldn't figure out where he was.She went into her room and closed the door.She put on a long sleeved shirt that was reached just before her knees.She buttoned it a little and went to sleep in her own bed.

Jason came in kind of late because he had a business deal he had to deal with.He saw Carly wasn't there and went to his room.He took off his jacket and shoes.He thought about it for a second and went up to Carly's room.He opened the door and the shades in Carly's room where opened a little to let the moonlight in.Jason went over and looked down at her.She had one arm by her head and one laying freely next to her side.Her shirt wasn't buttoned all the way so her bra was peeking out.Her socks were also showing from under her covers.Carly's head was facing the window.He pulled up the covers and slid in to the bed with her.Carly turned on her side still asleep.Jason wrapped his arms around her closed his eyes.He was comforted by Carly's breathing.Carly opened up her eyes and turned to see Jason,"Jason!What are you doing?"She laughed surprised.
"You didn't wait for me."Jason joked.
"You took too long."She moved a little,"This bed isn't big enough for the two of us."Carly confirmed.
Jason nodded,"Your right."He threw the covers off himself and Carly.Jason picked Carly up and walked with her out of the room.Carly was laughing louder and louder,"What are you doing?!"
"Going to bed."Jason replied walking into his room.He stood Carly up for a second and closed the door.He looked at her with a devil's grin.
Carly smiled back,"I don't like that look."She started to back up until she was backed up to the edge of his bed.Jason grabbed her face and kissed her again.Carly giggled and jumped on his bed.Jason got on with her.They started kissing again.Carly stopped for a second,"I love you,Jason."
"I love you too,Carly."Jason kissed her again and Carly...welcomed Jason home.
The End

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