Truly an Accident? - 1
by JasNCarly

Robin put a white shirt over her small bikini top & cut-off
shorts.She felt Jason's strong warm arms wrap around her
waist and smiled.Jason kissed her cheek,"You ready?"
Robin turned around and wrapped her arms around Jason's
Jason groaned,"Robin,come on.This might be good for us."
Robin laughed,"Yea,right, going on a boat ride with you and
Carly is a great
"This way we can really talk,Robin.You,me,and Carly.We could
work this out."Jason explained once again.
"Jason,"Robin hit him playfully,"Your going to be alone on a
boat with me and Carly.We can't stand to leave in the same
apartment together and now you want us to co-habit on an
even smaller place."
Jason sighed,"Robin,it's only for a couple of hours and we
might even solve our problem."Jason was the one trying to
look at the positive side of things.
Robin kissed him and let out a sigh,"Alright,I will go
through this stupid thing like you want me too."
Jason kissed her on the cheek,"Thank you so much!"
"Yeah.Yeah."Robin smiled and kissed him again.

Carly sat in digust looking at Jason with his arm around
Robin.Carly felt like throwing up over the side of the
boat.She occasionally even put her hand to her face trying
to hold back her sickness.They were so in love.God she hated
Robin!Jason finally had the boat driver stop the boat so he
that they
could talk.As Jason and Robin brought up different possible
ideas Carly constantly shook her head.They kept talk around
for hours but then Robin brought up an idea which included
Michael staying with Jason and Carly visiting Michael!After
Carly picked up her jaw she screamed,"Who the hell do you
think you are?!Your not going to take my son away from me!"
Jason stood quickly,"No!Carly,that wasn't an idea,ok?Robin
was just trying to think of something.I mean you haven't
even tried to think of something thewhole time we've been
out here."Jason was so unhappy being planted in the middle
but he put himself there when he let Robin move in.When he
took Robin back he stepped right in the middle.
Carly couldn't believe this,"Jason,listen to yourself!Like I
have any choice!!In the end you and little miss perfect over
there will have to make the final decision!!You are kidding
yourself if you think I have any say in all of this!!!"Carly
had a tear fall but she was so mad at Jason for doing this
she didn't feel it fall.
Jason hated to see Carly cry about anything.Her face was so
expressive when she was hurt you could tell.Jason stood and
stepped closer to her,"We're sorry,Carly we didn't mean to
upset you."
Carly laughed,"Yeah."
Jason pinched the arch of his nose and then asked,"What do
you want to do?"
Carly shrugged and her voice rose again,"I don't
know,Jason!I don't want to do about this whole situation but
I do know one thing!I want off this boat now!I want
off!"Carly hated this whole trip.She left behind the one
person she loved that loved her back in Port Charles when
she went off to the
Bahamas with Robin and Jason.Jason actually thought that
they could have fun.Who would have thought that Jason could
be so blind?Jason and Robin stayed in one hotel while Carly
stayed in the room next to them how pathetic is that!?Carly
could hear them laugh and giggle at night and it killed
her.She would imagine what they were doing the thought of
Jason's hands on Robin made Carly sent chills down her
spine.Robin was such a little nimrod.What could he possibly
see in her?
Jason nodded,"Ok,Carly.I'll have Rick bring up back to
shore."Jason grinned pathetically and got up to talk to
there boat driver.
Robin had watched Carly do this everyday since she got
back.As soon as Carly shed a tear Jason ran to her side and
tried to fix it.Robin stood quickly as soon as Jason was out
of sight,"You stupid,coniving--"Robin stomped her foot,"Why
do you do that to him?!"
They were at the back of the boat and Jason was at the front
end talking to there captin.Carly wanted to take Robin by
the neck and squeeze until Robin changed colors.Carly jumped
up,"Do that to him!?What about everything he's done to me?!"

Robin shouted,"Do you ever think about anybody but
"Yes!Michael and Jason!I think about them all the time and
you are trying to take them away from me!Your the coniving
one!"Carly argued with fury in her eyes.
"I am not coniving!"Robin said and tried to walk away.
Carly wasn't ready to let the conversation go.She grabbed
Robin's wrist tightly and swiftly.Robin spun around and out
of impulse pushed Carly.Carly screamed fell off the back the
boat and tried to grab onto something as she fell causing
her to hit her head before sinking to the bottom.Robin was
seeing it and standing in place in disbelief.Robin walked to
the back of the boat and looked down in to the boat.She
watched as Carly's blond hair faded more and more as she
sunk.Robin'e eyes widened  and Jason came around the
corner,"Ok,guys,Rick says we'll leave in a few min--"He
didn't see Carly and saw Robin staring at the water.Jason
ran to her,"Where's Carly?!"Robin didn't reply she just
pointed to the water.Jason started to remove his shirt,"Tell
Rick not to go anywhere!"Robin wouldn't move so he screamed
again,"Robin!Go!!"Jason dove into the water.He looked under
water but didn't see Carly anywhere.The water just got
deeper and darker as he went down.Robin warned Rick and ran
back to the end of the boat.She didn't see Jason,"Jason!"She
screamed in fear,"Jason!!!"
Jason came up for air,"Carly!"He burst out and was so
frustrated that he didn't see her and that he couldn't get
to her fast enough.She could die within seconds but he still
had the assurance that she could swim to the top if she had
to until he saw the blood on the back of the boat,"Oh
whispered and then began to scream again,"Carly!!!"Jason
said and went back underwater.Robin's worry was just kicking
in her soul mate was risking his life for another woman what
was wrong with this picture.Jason stayed under for a little
too long and Robin couldn't take it anymore so she
jumped in too.

After Rick called for help and Jason searched in the water
for hours they stopped looking for the night.Jason stared at
the water for hours waiting for Carly to come up and say she
was ok.To tell him she was kidding or playing with him but
she never came up and her body was never found.Jason sat in
the hotel room staring at the floor.Robin tried to say
something to him every mintue but just couldn't think of
anything.He had hurt Carly the last seconds of her life.What
was he going to tell Michael?What was he going to do
period?How could he raise Michael without Carly?Carly was
gone.She was dead.Even if they found her body she would have
still drowned.He had made Carly's last moments living
horrible.What the heck was he thinking-bringing Robin and
Carly on the same trip.They hated each other and didn't ry
to hide it.Carly made it obvious that she despised
Robin.Jason rubbed the back of his neck and tried to imagine
what Carly could possibly
have been thinking when she was drowning.Robin had told
Carly just kind of fell but Jason was so preoccupied with
other thoughts he didn't ask for more description.Jason felt
like he lost something more than just a friend or
bodyguard.Robin tried to hug him but he pushed her
"Jason,talk to me."Robin begged.
Jason grinned slightly,"Do you know that I use to get so
sick of her sob stories."He shook his head and looked back
at the ocean,"I'd do anything to hear one of her stories
right now.Just one.I would love to have her crying on my
shoulder boring me with one of her stupid problems but
she'll never do
that again."Jason looked back at Robin,"I took her for
granted.I treated her like she was--I yelled at her and made
her feel really stupid sometimes just to make myself feel
better.If it wasn't for me she might have been a little
happier.If it wasn't for me she wouldn't have even been near
that ocean or
on that boat."
Robin started to speak over him,"Jason,you made her life
even better--"
Jason cut her off,"Don't try to speak for
Carly,ok,Robin?Your not her.You can't tell me what she felt
or thought."He took the key to Carly's hotel room,"I'm going
to sleep in her room tonight."Jason walked out and over to
Carly's hotel room.He entered and sighed out of relief.He
couldn't deal with
Robin right now.He saw two pictures on Carly's nightstand
one of Jason and Michael & one of Carly and Bobbie.They had
taken the picture after Carly came back.Jason sat on Carly's
bed and picked up the picture of Carly with Bobbie.He looked
down at it and his tears fell onto the glass that covered
the picture.Come to think of it that was probaly the last
time he saw her smile.She was so depressed and unhappy
before she died that he was begining to forget the wonderful
sexy giggle she had or the grin she'd give him when she
wanted to thank him.Jason knew right then he had been with
Robin for all the wrong reasons and the woman he should have
been with had passed him by.

Jason walked into the penthouse and Robin went to
Brenda's.Jason told her he wanted to be alone for awhile to
think.When he entered he saw Bobbie sitting with Lucas on
the couch.They were laughing and smiling.Bobbie and Carly
had gained a wonderful relastionship.They acted like mother
and daughter.Imagine that.Whenever Carly even hinted she was
happy it was when she was with Bobbie or Michael.Bobbie
giggled and looked up to see Jason.She quickly stood and
straighten her clothes.She waited for Carly to walk through
the door but she never did.Bobbie frowned,"Where's Carly?"
Jason smiled at Lucas,"Hey buddy could you go upstairs to
check on Michael?"
"Sure,Jason."Lucas replied and ran upstairs.
Bobbie could feel herself getting more and more
worried,"Where's Carly,Jason.Where's my daughter?"She
Jason made a sad face,"She's gone."Jason said and tears
filled his red puffy eyes yet again.
Bobbie started to shiver a little,"What do you mean gone?"
Jason stepped a little closer to Bobbie,"We were on
this--and she fell in and she drowned."
Bobbie's mouth dropped and she felt like someone just ripped
her heart out of her chest.She sobbed loudly,"No!!!"She
howled and fell to ground,"Not Carly!"She screamed,"Not my
daughter!!!"Jason knelt to Bobbie trying to think of
something to say but nothing he could say would help
came down the stairs with a smile but it faded when he saw
his Mom crying so loud and so much.He ran to her,"Mommy!"
Bobbie lifted her head,"Lucas."She stuterred and grabbed
"What happened,Mommy?"Lucas asked.
Bobbie put a hand over her mouth to try and muffle her sobs
a little.She brought her hand down and told him,"Carly's
gone,Baby.She died."
Lucas began to cry and said,"No!"Lucas had just about the
same reaction Bobbie did.They all cried in sync and
repeating no.Carly had left a broken hearted family behind.

Jason asked Robin to keep her distance as he tried to cope
with Carly's death.Today was the day of the ceremony they
were holding in memory of Carly.Bobbie and Lucas were
staying with Jason for right now.Trying to cope with Carly's
departure.They had no body so they had to blow up a picture
of Carly and place it in the front of the church.There was a
rose reef around the picture it.Jason stood in front of the
picture looking at Carly's sweet smile and not remebering
one bad thing she did.He only saw the Carly he knew
personally.The one he knew and cared about.Bobbie walked in
with Lucas,Luke,and Michael.Bobbie walked up to Jason and
they shared an embrace.Luke and Lucas sat.Bobbie handed
Michael to Jason and then sat next to them.Jason held
Michael and they faced the picture of Carly.Jason started to
whisper to Michael,"She was beautiful wasn't she
Michael.I know this hard for you seeing everybody you love
and care about sad.Then the added fact that Carly's never
coming back.She'd really hate to see all of us sad
Michael.She really would."Jason let Michael look at the
picture one last time before handing Michael to.Jason lifted
he head and saw
Robin enter.Bobbie looked angry to see Robin there.Jason
walked up to her,"Why are you here?"
Robin's eyes widen,"For you."
"Now's not the time!"Jason said speaking lowly at first but
his voice rose.Hecleared his throat and walked Robin out
into the hall,"You shouldn't be
here.Bobbie,Michael,Lucas--they all have to deal with this
as a family."
"Jason,I just wanted to know if your ok."
"Go away."Jason snapped.
Robin felt hurt by his sudden hate towards her,"Why are
acting like this?"
"Because the woman I loved is gone!"Jason blurted out but
regetted it,"I'm sorry.I didn't mean for it to come out like
"You're in love with a dead woman?"Robin choked.
"Yes,I loved Carly.I'm sorry but I don't want to see you
again."Jason saidand tried to enter the room again.
Robin grabbed his arm,"No!"She moaned,"How could you love
her?Why would you love her?She's dead,Jason!"Robin
shouted,"She's gone and the world's a lot better off!"
Bobbie heard Robin's words handed Luke Michael and rushed
out to Robin,"Who do you think you are?!"Bobbie yelled with
tears,"How dare you come to my daughter's funeral and still
keep up this holier than thou act!My daughter may not have
been perfect but she didn't look down on
Robin stepped to Bobbie,"That's because she couldn't.She was
A  lower form than anyone.I understand why Tony hated her so
much.Finally I understand."
Bobbie used everything she had to smack Robin hard across
the face.Robin's face unwantingly shifted to the side,"Get
the hell out of here,Robin!You're not wanted." Robin stomped
out of the church and both Jason & Bobbie were even more
angry to see the next guests arrive.Bobbie laughed
slightly,"What are they doing here?!"Bobbie was growing fed
up with everything happening today it was
horrible.Edward,A.J,Lila, Emily,Alan,Monica,and Ned walked
in.Bobbie crossed her arms and Jason spoke first,"I only
invited Ned,Emily,Monica,and Lila.What are you doing here
Edward?Or A.J.?Or Alan?!"
"I felt horrible hearing about that poor little girl."Edward
Jason wanted to hurt Edward right then but Bobbie stopped
him.Bobbie cleared her throat,"Emily,Lila,Monica,Ned please
feel free to go in."
They nodded and entered.A.J.,Edward,and Alan stood
there.Alan stood there looking doped up like he did
everyday.Jason had Johnny escort Alan and Edward out.Edward
hrmphed his way out.A.J. stayed in there.A.J. looked really
sad,"Jase,please,don't kick us out."
Jason didn't want to think th worst of A.J. but knew he
couldn't trust him,"I want you to out of here."
A.J. sighed,"Do you think she would've wanted you to kick us
"First of all don't ever talk about her like you knew
her.Second,Carly trusted and you used it against her so I
won't allow you to be here.Now get out."
A.J. turned to Bobbie,"Say something."
Bobbie shook her head,"No I agree with him.You should go
A.J. peered into the church,"I guess I'll have to say
goodbye another time."A.J. put a smile on his face and
left.Bobbie and Jason walked back into the church and the
ceremony began and everyone said goodbye to Carly.

Fourteen years past.....

Jason moved out of the cottage and into a house.He told
Michael everyday who his mom was.He made sure Michael never
forgot Carly's face or her personality.Michael grew up only
knowing his family as Morgan and Spencer.He ignored the
Quartermaines except for Emily,Lila,and Monica.Poor Lila was
getting sick lately and that scared Michael terribly he
didn't want to lose her.Bobbie had became more than a
grandmother.She was like a second mother to him.From Michael
could remember and from what Jason told him Carly was the
best mother anyone could have.He felt bad for Jason.His dad
had never moved on he worked everyday for some big business
and when he came home it was all about Michael.He liked it
just him and his dad but Jason shouldn't have been alone for
so long.Lucas was like a big brother to Michael.Lucas was
just begining college and Michael was alone with just his
dad.Michael didn't have much friends.He always felt
different from everyone else.He definitely wasn't normal.He
had mother and his dad use to work for the mob.He knew
because a friend he used to have opened his big
mouth.Michael and Jason had a long talk and Michael decided
it wasn't much of a problem.Michael hated being without a
mother.He never knew how to talk or act around girls and
since his dad didn't date much he had no idea what to do.So
he kept his distance and the guys and school treated him
like he was a wuss because of it.He sighed as he checked for
his homework one last time in his backpack.Jason had to take
Michael for a long drive before they reached Michael's
private school.Michael looked out at the scenery passing
them by.Their was some girl hitchhiking and Michael caught a
glimpse of
her.There was something familiar about her,"Dad turn
around!"Michael ordered.
"Why,Michael?"Jason asked.
Michael looked back to see the woman still trying to hitch
hike,"Dad please!"
Jason didn't ask too many questions he just turned around
and headed back,"Did you forget some homework in your
bedroom again?"
Michael started to move his leg impatiently trying to figure
out who that woman was,"No!Dad,just go back."They headed
back and Michael saw her again,"Dad stop the car!"He
Jason pulled the car over to the opposite shoulder than the
one where the woman was.Michael opened his car door and ran
to the other side to look at the woman again.Jason followed
his gaze and saw that he was looking at some lady across the
street.Jason smiled and got out,"Michael,we are not picking
up a hitch hiker."
Michael's mouth dropped and he had a tear fall now Jason was
really worried,"Michael?"
Michael coughed,"That's mom!Dad,it's her!"
"Dad,look!"Michael pointed to the woman as a car pasted.
Jason looked over and stood trying to make it out.He
shielded his eyes with his hands so he could see her.It
couldn't have been Carly.The woman had a old backpack and
she wored black boots,long black jeans,a black t-shirt,and a
leather jacket.Her hair was cut above her shoulders and she
looked mad at the world.But then he saw her face the
cheeks,lips,and everything about her face matched.It was
definitely Carly.Carly turned to see Michael and Jason
looking at her,"What the heck are you looking at?!"Carly
shouted across the street.
Jason heard her voice and his whole world started
spinning.He fell to the ground,"Dad!"Michael exclaimed and
knelt down to him.
"Oops."Carly said to herself and ran to them,"Look,I'm sorry
ok get up."Carly told Jason.
Michael shook his Jason,"Dad,wake up!"
Carly ran a hand through her hair,"Damn it!I wanted a ride
but this wasn't
what I expected!"Carly stood and bent down dragging Jason
into the
car.Michael stood confused,"What are you doing?"
"We gotta get him to a hospital,kid."Carly said and
groaned,"God!He sure is heavy."
"He likes to work out."Michael defended his dad.
"Yeah,well,I'll drive you tell me where the hospital
is!"Carly instructed and
got into the front seat.
Michael got in and Carly started the car up again,"You do
know how to drive don't you?"Michael asked.
Carly grinned,"Kid,I've stolen a couple of cars in my time
this should be a piece of cake."Carly cleared her throat and
thought she was going foward when in fact she was driving
backwards.She pushed the gas petal and when they went
reverse both Michael and Carly felt forced foward.
Michael's eyes widen and he screamed,"Your crazy!"
Carly smiled nervously,"Sorry about that."Carly said and put
the car in driving shift.She sped for the hospital while
Michael stared at her in amazement.

They pulled in front of the General Hospital and Carly ran
into the emergency room,"Help!"Carly screamed.
Amy came up to her,"Carly?"
"What?"Carly frowned and shook her head,"Nevermind.Listen
this guy passed out and he needs help!"Carly said and
Michael rushed in,"Amy!It's my dad!"
"Michael!Where is he?"Amy said signaling for help.
"He's in the back of the car."Michael said and they ran out
to Jason.
Carly felt a little arkward just standing there.She sat in
one of the chairs and bit one of her nails.Michael came back
in with Jason.Amy and some other nurse took Jason into the
emergency room and Michael slowly approached Carly,"Thanks
for helping my dad."
Carly stood and nodded,"No problem,kid.Listen if your dad
wakes up tell him I'm sorry for yelling at him."Carly
shifted her backpack nervously and patted Michael's
Michael grabbed her wrist,"Wait!"Michael had to figure out
what to tell her.Why didn't she remember him?
"Carly?!"Somebody burst out and both Carly & Michael turned.

Bobbie looked at Carly and dropped the glass that was in her
hand.Bobbie's eye slowly rolled up and she collapsed onto
the ground.Carly's wide eyes had followed Bobbie to the
ground.Michael ran to Bobbie's side,"Bobbie!"
Carly lifted her head and raised her arms,"What is it with
people today?!"Carly said and followed Michael,"This passing
out thing has got to stop!"Carly stated and Michael made a
sarcastic smile.Amy came out and saw Bobbie.They ended up
bringing Bobbie into the same room Jason was
in but Jason was waking up.Carly looked up at again and
talked to God,"What I do!?"Carly stomped her foot and ran
her hands through her hair.Michael went to her quickly and
Carly laughed,"Listen,kid,this passing out pattern is really
cramping my style.I gotta go."Carly used her hand to tap
Michael again,"See ya around."Carly turned away and started
to walk away.
Michael acted impulsively,"Your my mother!"Michael's word
stopped Carly in her steps.
She slowly turned to him,"What?"
"Your my mother."Michael repeated.
Carly walked back to him and had tears in her eyes,"Do you
know what your saying?"
"Your Caroline Bensen,my mother."Michael said with a shaking
"That ain't possible,Kid.First of all I have no
family.Second of all if you were family how come I haven't
heard of you for the past fourteen years!?"Carly questioned.

"Because your suppose to be dead!"
"Dead?!"Carly hit forehead,"I'm suppose to be dead?Well
isn't that just great!"
Michael nodded,"I know your going to have a lot of questions
and I'll answer them with Bobbie and Jason."
Carly sat and pulled Michael to her,"Tell me now."
Michael sighed and began,"Fourteen years ago,you were on
boat with my dad and his girlfriend at the time.You wanted
to go back to shore so my dad to take care of it.When he
came back he saw the other girl looking over the end of the
ship.You had fallen in and they never found your body."
Carly was facing down and her hands were gripping strands of
her hair tightly.Michael see her tears fall to the
floor,"What happened after that?"
"My dad held a ceremony in rembrance of you and we all had
to move on."
"Move on?!"Carly smiled madly and looked up,"No one ever
asked any questions?!No one ever looked for me?!"Carly
looked away from Michael,"Kid,for fourteen years...I have
tried to figure out who the hell I am and your telling me
that it doesn't matter.I have went through all this crap for

nothing!Who ever I was suppose to be with didn't care enough
about me to look for me!To ask questions!"Carly put a hand
over her mouth and tried to stop yelling at Michael.Michael
was crying for his mother.God what she must have felt.Carly
laughed,"Do you know what it's like to wake up with no
name?No memory?No anything?No.You don't because it's
happened to me,not you."
Jason and Bobbie walked in to hear her last
sentence,"Carly."They said unsion and Carly looked up at
them,"Who are you suppose to be?"
Bobbie took a deep breath,"I'm your mother."
Carly held back her tears now and looked at Jason,"And you?"

Michael answered for Jason,"That's my dad."
Carly nodded and looked at Michael,"Your alright,kid.But I
gotta get out of here."She pushed her way past Bobbie and
Jason.Carly looked back at Michael again,"Sorry to hear
about your mother."As Carly turned away Michael could a few
of her tears fall.The light had caught them and they had
shined like tiny crystals.
Michael got up.This was his mother and no one else was doing
anything to make her stay,"Wait!"Michael said and ran after
her.Jason and Bobbie wanted to go after Carly but what could
they possibly say?
Michael caught up with Carly as she was exiting the
hospital,"Please wait!"Carly kept walking and Michael
stepped in front of her,"Stop!"
Carly stopped annoyed,"What,kid?!"
"Wheter you like it or not I'm your son!You gave birth to
me!I know you hate the idea but you better get use to
it!Now,ok so maybe they were stupid where your concerned but
you owe me!You have to find out if your my mother or
not!"Michael lowered his voice,"You owe me."
Carly rubbed her forehead,"Why?"
Michael began to cry,"Because if I had been older I would
have been the one asking questions.I would have been the one
looking for you."Michael laughed,"Because I'm fifteen years
old and I have no mother!If there is even a chance that your
my mother which there is!Don't you think you owe to me to
let me know what happened to you?To my mother?"Michael
Carly wiped away Michael's tears,"Alright."Carly let out a
sigh,"I'll do it.I'll find out if this all true."
"Thank you."
"If you are my kid what do you think it's going to change
though?I'll still have missed the last fourteen years of
your life.I'll still have died in everyone's minds."
"Not mine."Michael assured her and Carly nodded.
"Ok.I'll do it.I'll find out."Carly gave into the poor
little guy.He was so helpless.She was the only one who could
give Michael his answers and Michael along with Jason we're
the only ones that could
give her the answers she needed.

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