by JasNCarly

In this story,Carly came home to find Robin has basically taken over her role in both Michael
and Jason's life.Carly stayed with them for about month and then couldn't take it anymore.
Michael had recognized Robin as his mother and not Carly.Carly packed her stuff and when no
one expected it she left Port Charles.Jason has been looking for her for over a year now.Robin
 left Jason because Jason didn't pay attention to her anymore it was all about getting Carly home.Jason ouldn't believe that with as many contacts as he had no one could find her.Carly
 left to New York.She lives in an apartment building in an ok neighborhood.She recently had a devasting tragedy that no one knows about.Bobbie has been looking for Carly with Jason.They
still lived in Port Charles but were constantly worrying about her.Jason still blamed the Quatermaines for what had happened including Carly leaving they had put the images in her
mind and Carly couldn't get them out.Jason has made a few of the Quartermaines deals get
messed up but the Quatermaines never learned.They were looking for Carly to try and use her against Jason.Besides them the town has said Carly was an uncaring,self fish,concided woman
but Jason knew better.Carly was just scared.

Jason woke up and started his day by taking care of Michael.When he was finished he set Michael in his play pen. He went over to the phone and made his daily phone call to see if anyone had found Carly.Jason was begining to lose hope.Justus entered Jason's place,"Jason." Jason hung up the phone,"Yes?"
"I have some very good news.They found Carly."Justus had him pictures.
Jason took them and saw Carly at her job,a local hang out,and with a little girl,"Where is she?"
"New York.She has been a secretary for some lawyer there and has rented an apartment at that address."Justus handed him a piece of paper.
"Thanks Justus."Jason hugged Justus and turned to Michael,"I'm going go get Carly,Michael.I am going to bring her home just like I promised."Michael looked at Jason and smiled.

Carly hit the snooze button on her alarm.Someone jumped on her bed and started shaking her,"Mom!Mommy wake up."
Carly popped up and tickled her adopted daughter,Lilly.Carly smiled,"What is it?"
Lilly giggled with her teddy bear in her arms,"You promised me we'd go to the zoo today and you'd take me to breakfast."Lilly nodded.Lilly had blond hair,blue eyes,and looked a lot like Carly but it wasn't her daughter.
"I said that?"Carly scratched her head jokingly.
"Yes,you said to me'Lilly we'll go to the zoo Saturday'.I added breakfast.You promised."Lilly groaned.
"I told you we'd go somewhere not the zoo.But go get dressed and I'll get ready so I can take you.And I'll take you out to eat for creativity."Carly laughed.
"Ok."Lilly got up and ran back to her room.
Carly got out of her bed and started to get dressed.Carly had a two bedroom apartment.In her room she had a queen size bed and white flowered bedding.Carly had one big dresser and two nightstands.One on either side of her bed.She had two black lamps.One on her dresser and one on her left side nightstand.She had a big closet.She had a tv,vcr,and cable in her room for her and Lilly to watch.And a bodysize mirror on her wall.She turned on her radio and got her make up on.Across the hall from her was the bathroom which had a sealife shower curtain.Lilly had picked it out.There were two more rooms one was a laundry room and the other was Lilly's room.Lilly's room had a princess bed for Lilly.Lilly had tons on stuffed animals in her room.It seemed like whenever Carly took Lilly somewhere she had to get her one.Lilly was very spoiled but Carly thought she deserved it.That poor little girl had been through too much pain for her age.Lilly was six years old.She had one small dresser in a corner of her room for a lamp.And a closet that had tons of toys and clothes.In their front room Carly a black couch and matching chairs that had a florial pattern.An intable next to the door,a coat rack,and a key holder.She also had a coffee table in the middle of the room.The room had three big windows along the wall.Carly finished up nd walked into the front room.She had on black overalls and a white shirt that revealed her waist.She had her hair in a pony tail and a small backpack for her money and odds and ends.Lilly walked out and gasped.Carly turned to her and saw that they were wearing the same thing except Lilly's shirt didn't reveal her waist.Lilly laughed.Carly grinned,"Well,we are just too use to each other,sweety."Carly grabbed her car keys and took Lilly's hand.They went down to their car and got in.Carly made sure Lilly buckled up and they left.

Jason followed them in a car that had been watching from across the street.Jason had just got to New York last night.Jason watched as Carly and Lilly went into a restraunt and then to the zoo.Carly opened her car door.and helped Lilly out.Carly paid the fee to get in and they started to walk around.Jason followed them around.Lilly's favorite animals were the elephants and giraffes.Carly bought some food for Lilly to give to the giraffes.Lilly made a disgusted face when the last giraffe just licked her hand.Carly got a wet wipe and wiped Lilly's hand.Carly poked her nose and picked Lilly up.They stayed for a few more hours and then left.Carly then took Lilly to the big library.Carly had grabbed some books about animals to read to Lilly.Lilly still liked getting stories read to her before she went to sleep.Carly checked them off and they went to one last place to rent some movies.Carly picked Happy Gilmore for fun and Lilly picked up Labyrinth.Lilly loved that movie.Carly rented them and they left for home.Lilly was getting sleepy by the time they got home.Carly grabbed their two bags and picked Lilly up.Someone opened the door for Carly and she took the elevator to her floor.Jason followed her except he took the stairs.He had the address in his hand.Carly opened her apartment door and walked in.She hung up her keys and laid the two bags at the table.Carly walked with Lilly in her arms to put her to sleep in Lilly's room.She laid Lilly in her bed and covered her up.Carly pushed the hair in Lilly's face out of the way and walked out of the room.Carly walked back into the frontroom.She took out her movie and there was a knock at the door.Carly's heart stopped when she saw Jason,"Oh,my god.What are you doing here?"
"I could ask you the same thing."Jason stepped in.
"Jason,why don't you come in?"Carly laughed at his matters.
"Carly,what were you thinking?!"Jason shouted.
Carly raised her hands,"You watch it.This is my house and my daughter is asleep in her room."
"Daughter?"Jason was shocked.
"Yes,my daughter,Lilly."Carly whispered.
"Carly,what are you trying to do?!Replace Michael!"Jason accused her.
Carly shook her head,"If you must know,Jason!Lilly's mother is dead!And she was my best friend!Her mother was shot and when they wanted to take that poor little girl away from her friends and home,I wouldn't let them!"Carly yelled.
Jason was even more surprised when he heard what Carly said,"What happened?"
"Lilly's mother was walking home from work and someone shot her and took all her money.So the next time you accuse somebody of something make sure your right!"Carly explained.
"Carly,I'm sorry I didn't know."Jason apologized.
"Yeah,well,you don't know a lot about me."Carly said.
"Carly,I know your like your life here but you have to come home.For Michael."Jason pleaded.
"Mommy."Lilly walked into the room rubbing her eyes.
"Yes,sweetheart."Carly went over to Lilly and knelt down.
Lilly opened her eyes,"I didn't know anybody was over."Lilly looked at Jason.
"He was just about to leave."Carly told Lilly.
"Actually,Carly,I think we need to talk more."
Carly picked Lilly up,"There's nothing to talk about,Jason.I am not the same person I use to be.My life is here.Now please shut the door on your way out."Carly walked Lilly back to her room.Jason figured he talk with her when it wasn't so late and when Lilly wasn't around.Jason saw a picture of Lilly and Carly on the table.He grabbed it and took it with him.Carly walked back and locked the door.She hit her head lightly against the door and a tear rolled down her cheek.

Monday morning Carly took Lilly to school and drove to her job.Jason had watched her the whole time.He was trying to figure out what to say to her that would make her go back home.Jason followed her into the building where she worked.Carly stepped in the elevator with Carly.Carly was about to step out when she saw Jason but the elevator doors closed.Carly sighed,"You just don't know when to give up do you?"She pressed her floor.
"Nope."Jason replied.
"Jason,I have thought about this a lot,"Carly took his hand and walked him to a confrence room then closed the door,"This is not a good situation.Even if I wanted to go back,which I don't,how are you going to fit all of Lilly's toys and my stuff in the penthouse.Face it there's not enough room and Lilly has to stay here this i her home."Carly told Jason.
"Carly,I'll figure something out for the living situation."
"Jason,It's not for you to figure out,my problems are my problems,although, you are the one causing most of them right now."
"Is Lilly what's keeping you here?"Jason asked.
"Truthfully,that and Robin.I can't stand to see her.The whole reason I came to New York was to get away from her!"Carly yelled and looked away.The subject was still new.When Carly saw Jason it was like putting salt in a wound.
"Robin won't be there when you get back."Jason argued.
Carly looked up fast,"Why?"
"She left me when she saw all the trouble I was going through to get you back to Michael."
"Yeah well I didn't ask you to.Do you remember how you use to tell everybody that Robin didn't need to be saved?Well I can make my own decisions!This is my choice!"Carly shouted.
"Carly,you have to let go of your pride and do for Michael!You went to that horrible place for Michael!Yes you are Lilly's mother and I understand but you are also Michael's mother!"Jason shouted back.
Carly sat down in a chair and closed her eyes,"Does he miss me?"
"Yes he does."Jason answered at sat close to her.
Carly cried,"What do I tell Lilly?The whole reason I adopted her was so she could be here at home.I don't,"Carly wiped away her tears,"I don't know if I can do that to her."
"Let me talk to her."
"Jason,did I just decide to go back?"Carly laughed.
Jason joked,"Yep."
"Ok."Carly hugged him,"Thank you."
"It's ok."
Carly told her boss she was going to take the day off and left with Jason.

Jason went to Carly's apartment and Carly went to pick up Lilly from school.Carly walked down the school hall.Her heels clicked on the floor.She went to the door of Lilly's classroom.Carly looked at Lilly reading something and hemind told her to get Lilly but her heart said it was wrong to do this to Lilly.Lilly's face lit up when she saw Carly.Lilly waved with a smile on her face.Lilly had her blond hair in to curly pig tails,she wore a shirt with hearts all over it,and fadded blue shorts.Carly waved back.The teacher came into the hall,"Ms.Bensen what can I do for you?"
"I have to take Lilly home family emergency."Carly saw Lilly putting her things in her backpack.
"Ok did you tell the principal?"The teacher asked.
"Yes."Carly signaled for Lilly.
Lilly finished and came out into hall,"Hey mommy what's wrong?"
"Well,we have a little problem with my family and we have to settle it."Carly slid her hand down her daughter's cheek.
"Ok."Lilly nodded and the Lilly's teacher went back into her classroom.Lilly and Carly got in the car.Lilly turned to her mom,"Mom what's wrong?"
Carly turned to Lilly,"Lilly,how would you feel about leaving New York?"
Lilly thought about it for a second,"I don't know.Why would we move?"
"Well,my mom,Jason,and Michael want me to go back to my home in Port Charles."Carly spat out nervously.
"Your mom is dead though?"Lilly said confused.
"In a way she is,do you know how I'm your mom?I adopted you like my mom adopted me.She's dead.My mom Bobbie is my real mom like your other mom was to you."Carly explained while Lilly still looked confused,"I know it's hard to understand."Carly started up the car and drove home while still talking to Lilly.
"No I get it but who is Michael?And Jason?"Lilly questioned.
"Michael is my son.My real son."Carly had never told Lilly about Michael.
"You have a son?Is he adopted?"Lilly was surprised.
"Yes I have a son and he's not adopted.Jason is his father."Carly proceeded to tell Lilly.
" have a whole family?"
"Yeah I do."
"Why did you leave them?"
Carly hesitated,"I thought they didn't want me any more.I guess I was wrong because they've been looking for me."
"Oh.So I have a brother and a grandma."Lilly was happy by the thought.
"Yeah you do.But I will not make you leave if you do not want to Lilly.This is your decision all the way."Carly stopped at their aparment building.
"Well,my friends have treated me different since mom died and mom didn't really have any family it was always just me and her you know?I think it'd be kind of nice to have a grandma and a brother."Lilly smiled.
Carly thought Lilly would be hurt by Carly's gesture but Lilly seemed to like the thought,"Your really ok with this?"
"I'd like not to be known as the girl who's adopted or the girl who's mother died.I'd like to be known as just your daughter."
Lilly's word made Carly cry out of happiness,"Then that's how it will be."Carly hugged Lilly.Carly and Lilly got out of the car and Jason was waiting on the stoop.
Jason stood when he saw Carly's tears,"You ok?"
"Yeah I'm fine.Jason,Lilly and I want to go home to Port Charles."Carly laughed and Lilly grinned at Jason.
"So did she talk you into it or did you talk her into it?"Jason asked Lilly.
"It was a mutual agreement."Lilly giggled.

The next few days were really hectic.Carly had to settle everything with Lilly's school and she had to quit her job.All the packing and moving was no fun at all.Jason finally told Carly just to pack and that everything else would be taken care of.Lilly was so excited to see her brother and grandma.Carly was nervous.Bobbie and Michael might still feel reisentment towards her.Jason had decide to buy Justus a new place and let Carly move across the hall from him.That way Carly could see Michael whenever she wanted to.Justus was more than happy to get a new place he didn't like the little bit of fear he had in the back of his mind about living close to Jason.Carly and Lilly had finished their arrangments and were going home that day. As Carly,Lilly,and Jason boarded the plane Carly's stomach tied in knots.Was this a good idea?Carly thought about it the whole flight.

Bobbie waited at the airport with Lucas.She tried to think of what to say to Carly to make her feel at home.Bobbie was so happy she was coming home.Lucas was excited also but not like Bobbie.Lucas turned to his mom,"So what do I say to her?"
Bobbie's thoughts were interrupted,"Well,I think Carly might want a hug and maybe even a kiss on the cheek."
"Is she going to leave again?"Lucas asked.
Bobbie shrugged,"I don't know.I don't think she will.She's got a daughter now too and she won't want to take her away from family."
"A daughter?"
"Yeah so that's means you have a niece now too.You are an uncle,"Bobbie poked his nose,"Twice."
"Cool."Lucas laughed.
The plane landed.Carly,Jason,and Lilly got off.Carly took a deep breath when she saw Bobbie.Jason picked up Lilly and they walked to Bobbie and Lucas.Carly smiled at Bobbie and Bobbie smiled back.Without a word they hugged each other and started to cry.Jason took Lucas and Lilly to the car.Bobbie and Carly were by theirselves,"Carly,what am I going to do with you?"
"I'm sorry,Bobbie.It will never happen again."Carly cried.
"Oh look at us."Bobbie said crying.
"I missed you,Bobbie."Carly sniffled a little.
"I missed you too."Bobbie laughed,"Their going to leave without us.Come on."Bobbie and wrapped her arm around her daughter and Carly walked back with her.

Jason,Lilly,Lucas,Carly,and Bobbie walked into the penthouse.They all talked for awhile and finally Carly and Lilly asked,"Where's Michael?"
Jason came down stairs with Michael in his arms,"He's right here."
Carly was a little reluctant about walking to Jason and Michael.Jason knew it and walked to her instead.Carly put her hands behind her back,"Jason,maybe now is not the best time to this.Maybe another time you know."
Jason sighed,"Carly,he's the reason you came home."
"He doesn't want to come to me."Carly shook her head.
Just as she said that Michael started to reach for her.Jason smiled,"So much for that theory."
Carly started to cry again and took Michael into her arms.Carly held him close and the others watched.They were all touched by the reunion.Carly joked,"By the end of this week I won't have any more tears left."
They all laughed.At the end of Carly and Michael's reunion Bobbie and Lucas had to leave.Carly groaned,"Do you have to go?"
"Well,I wish we could stay longer but we can't."Bobbie hugged Carly again.Carly than hugged Lilly.
Lilly hugged back and whispered,"By grandma."
Bobbie liked the sound of it,"You know it's going to be wonderful having you calling me grandma."
"I've always wanted to say it."
"Good you can say it whenever you want."Bobbie hugged her again and Lucas said goodbye to them.They left.
Lilly giggled,"It's going to be great living her mom!"
"You like it?"
"If everyday is like this I'll love it!Although I am kind of tired."Lilly sighed.
"Oh, take my old room and I'm going to sleep down her on the couch ok?"
"You can take my room Carly and I'll take the couch."Jason said.
"Ok.Lilly I'll show you your room."Carly took Lilly's hand and took her to her room.
Jason turned to Michael,"Told you I get her home."
Michael grinned.

Carly came down after putting Michael to sleep.Jason was waiting for her.Carly ran her hands through her hair,"Jason,words can not express what you've done for me.Everything is,"Carly sighed,"Absolutely perfect.Lilly is so happy to have a family and I have Michael again.You always know what to do.Thank you."Carly's tears showed.
Jason was flattered that she would say this,"I only did what was right for you and Michael.Your my family,remember?"
"Family."Carly repeated.
"I'm glad your home and everybody else is."Jason said.
Carly's mouth dropped,"How can you see that and keep a straight face?!"Carly hit him playfully. "What do you mean?"Jason questioned.
"Come on,Jason.I can name plenty of people who do not want to see and are not happy I'm here."
Jason tried to positive so he asked,"Name one."
Carly replied instantly,"Tony."
"That's just one person."
"Ok how about A.J.?"Carly argued.
"He doesn't count he's a Quartermaine."Jason laughed.
"Why would Felicia not want you here?"Jason frowned.
"Uh--did you forget I ruined Tony's life and that they're friends?!"
"Oh ok one more person and I'll believe you."
"Ok,"Carly crossed her arms,"Robin."
Jason looked a little sadden by the thought.
Carly uncrossed her arms and took his hand,"I'm sorry.Cheapshot."
Jason squeezed her hand,"It's ok.I don't care what she thinks anymore.I mean your home that's all that matters."
"Right.Are you sure you don't want to sleep in your own bed I don't mind the couch.When I first got to New York I had to sleep on Rose's couch."Carly to away her hand.v "Who's Rose?"Jason ventured her look.
"Lilly's mother."
Jason wanted to know about her,"So how'd you meet?"
"Well,after I left Port Charles for some reason I went to New York.I just had this feeling something was there for me."Carly sat at the table,"Needless to say I was stuck you know,no money,no job,and no roof over my head.Anyway,I was walking around one day and I bumped into this woman who seemed to just glow."Carly smiled,"She asked me a few questions and bought me coffee.Then she welcomed me with open arms.She took me in no pay required.She was so nice,Jason,you would have liked her."
Jason listened to everyword,"Sounds like it."
Carly started to cry,"Then one day I get this call saying my only friend,my only family is dead.And poor Lilly...she was all alone.And when they said they were going to take Lilly away I couldn't do it.Rose,would have wanted me to take care of Lilly.Lilly was so happy I was with her.Even though I'm not her a way I am."
Jason handed her a tissue,"I know what you mean.I feel the same way about Michael."
Carly laughed,"You always understand."Carly wiped away her tears,"How come you are suppose to be the most immoral person around Port Charles and your more understanding than anyone I've met besides my mom?"
"I don't know I guess I learn fast.Sonny was a good teacher."Jason replied.
"You never give yourself any credit.How is Sonny by the way?"
"He's ok considering the circumstances."
Carly nodded,"I should get to bed."Carly patted his knee,"Goodnight,Jason."Carly stood.
Jason stopped her before she left the room,"Carly,"Carly turned to Jason,"It's really good to have you home."
"It's good to be,"Carly looked around,"Home."Carly gave him one last look and went to bed.

Over the next few weeks Carly and Lilly had moved into Justus' penthouse and Justus had moved to his new place.Jason had noticed Carly's personality had changed a little.She didn't really talk about her life in New York.She was a lot more responsible.She came over to see Michael every time she could.She also didn't listen to Jason as much though she liked to be as independent as she could..Lilly was enrolled to her new school and she had made a lot of friends.Jason liked having Carly,Lilly,and Michael close.Jason was talking to Justus about a business now.Jason heard some arguing in the hall.Jason stopped his conversation with Carly for a second and opened the door.Carly stormed in.Rinaldo sighed,"I tried to stop her."
"Thank you."Jason then shut the door.
Carly said hi to Justus and turned to Jason.Carly put one hand on her hip and pointed to Jason,"Is someone after Lilly?!"
"What do you mean?"Jason asked.
"Lilly was a little bothered about going to school because she said some big guy was following her."Carly turned to Justus for a second,"Excuse the tone."
"Forgiven."Justus said.
Jason started to explain,"Carly,we're just being safe.You don't want to take any chances right?"
Carly let her arms to her sides,"No."
"If someone found out Lilly was a part of my family they could use it against me and it would hurt you.So I decided to get her taken cared of."Jason continued.
"I guess your right.But Lilly is really nervous about it .Does he have to be lurking right over her?Couldn't he like I don't know."
"Carly,I'll try to make it easier on Lilly ok?Now are you feeling better."
Carly was still angry,"No you should have told me first!So I could warn Lilly.I am still mad and don't you forget it."Carly walked out of the penthouse.
Jason screamed out of frustration.
Justus snickered,"So...the honeymoon's over."
"She is so confusing she has only two emotions now she's either mad at me or happy around me.Sometimes I want to ring her neck and sometimes,"Jason stopped himself,"Nevermind."
Justus had seen Jason's feelings towards Carly.Jutus laughed,"Maybe you should ask her out."
"What do you mean like a date?Are you nuts?"Jason was surprised by his suggestion.
"Oh,come on, Jason.There is more between you and Carly than just Michael.I mean look at how you talk about her when she's not around.Ever since she has been back you end up making some reference to her during our conversation.Jason admit it you like her."Justus pointed out the obvious.
"So."Jason said the first thing that popped in his mind.
"So?Jason just take my advice take her out to dinner and see where it goes from there alright."Justus patted his shoulder and left.
Jason thought about it.Carly was in her apartment reading a book.She was still a little angry but understood Jason's actions.There was a knock at the door.The person kept knocking.Carly called from the back room,"Hold your horses!"She opened the door.
Jason seemed weird.Carly invited him in,"Jason,I apologize for earlier it was uncalled for."Carly apologized.
"No,I should have told you."Jason apologized also.
"Ok that's settled.What do you need?"
Jason just had to ask her,"I was wondering if you'd like to do something tonight."
"Sure.I'll go pick out something for Lilly to wear you take care of Michael's outfit ok."Carly responded.
Jason grabbed her wrist,"No I mean just you and me."
"I know it's a stupid idea but I just thought--"
Carly cut Jason off,"You mean like a date?"
"Yeah I guess.You can call it whatever you want."Jason shrugged.
"Ok.I'd love to but I get to pick the place I'll plan everything you just show up here at seven o clock."Carly pushed him out of the apartment.Jason grinned when he walked out and went to his penthouse.Carly stayed by the door and smiled.She knew exactly what to do.

Jason showed up st seven and knocked on the door.Carly wore a white sunflower dress and low white heels.She had her hair down.And she had something behind her back.
"You look great."Carly praised.
"You do too."
Carly took his hand,"I 've got the perfect place but you have got to wear this,"Carly pulled out a blindfold,"And you've got to trust me."
"Why do I need this?"Jason asked.
"Because it's a secret."Carly tied the blindfold and took Jason to the perfect place.

Jason waited for a long time for the blindfold to come off finally the car stopped and Carly opened Jason's door,"Ok.Come on."Carly helped him out and they walked a few steps.Carly sighed,"Before I take your blindfold off I just want you to know that before I left I use to come here all the time and that this is very important to me."
"Ok,Carly.Can I take it off now?"Jason questioned.
"I'll take it off."Carly untied it.She removed the blindfold and Jason opened his eyes.They were over looking Port Charles.Jason thought it was great.Jason looked around there was a tree close by some of the branches were close to the ground.Carly sat on one.Jason looked down at Port Charles.Jason smiled,"It's beautiful,Carly."
"I know.I love it here."Carly said.The wind blew on lightly on their faces as they looked out at Port Charles.Carly tucked her hair behind her ear,"This use to be an escape for me you know."
"The perfect place."Jason added.
Carly smiled at him this time,"Yeah."
"Carly,I really like that you picked this place."
Jason was still curious,"What happened in New York?"
Carly took a deep breath and looked out at all the lights,"Except for Lilly and Rose?Nothing good.My whole life was just one big--it wasn't even my life anymore.I missed Michael,Bobbie,and you.If it wasn't for them I probaly wouldn't be here talking to you.Lot of things happened in New York.Lot of,"Carly looked at him,"Lots of bad things.There were shootings and muggings.I think I got robbed twice but luckily I didn't die you know.Rose and Lilly were my family other than my family.Things happened that I don't want to remember or talk about.It was just hard but when I found them everything was right with the world."Carly told Jason.
Jason was sitting next to her on the thick branch,"Do you regret it?"
"No,Lilly is the reason I'm who I am.She made me feel like I was wanted and needed again.I felt so isolated from you and Michael.I did what I thought was best and I've learned that's all I can ever do.My best."
"I'm glad you told me about this and brought me here."Jason looked at Carly.
"I'm glad too."Carly looked back at him.
They sat in silence for hours and occasionally did things like take the other's hand or rest their head on the other's shoulder.

After that they went home.Carly and Jason walked into Jason's penthouse.Carly wasn't sure why she was there Jason wanted to show her something.Jason took her hand and they walked to his room.Carly felt a little uncomfortable.Jason laughed,"Don't worry."Jason went over to one of his drawers.He pulled out a picture and handed it to Carly.Carly took it from his hand.It was a picture of Michael smiling holding Carly's picture.Carly sat on Jason's bed,"It's...I love it."
Jason sat next her,"We took it a couple weeks after you left.I forgot to bring that to you when I picked you up from New York."
"It's ok,I'm happy just to get it."Carly said and stood up.
Jason stood up too,"Yeah probaly."
Carly gave him a quick goodnight kiss.Jason grabbed her and kissed her again but longer.Carly was shocked at first but started to kiss back.Jason put his hands on her face and whispered,"Promise you won't ever run away from me again."
"I promise."Carly vowed and they started to kiss again.Jason closed his door and they fell on the bed.
Later on that night...
Jason looked at Carly's bare back.There was a small scar to the left of her back.Carly slowly opened her eyes.Jason kissed her,"Carly,how did you get that scar?"
"Oh it's nothing just...I was shot once."Carly turned back on her side.
"Wait.. a second you were shot?"Jason couldn't believe it was like any other thing to her.
"Yeah,no biggie.It went right through.I was lucky."Carly was trying to forget it.She remembered every detail though.The guy was so high he didn't even know who the heck she was.
"Carly."Jason said again interuppting her thoughts.
" The doctors said it's a miracle all I got was a scar."Carly finished.
"Do they know who did it?"Jason asked.
"But he died of overdose before they put on trial."
"I can't believe this all happened."
"Told you things happened."Carly said and kissed him,"It's over now."
"Yeah and now your with me."Jason added.
"Exactly."Carly scooted closer and closed her eyes.

Carly woke up the next morning and heard birds chirpping.Carly thought it was a wonderful dream.She then looked down to see she had an arm wrapped around her waist.Carly turned over and saw Jason.Her eyes widen.She gasped and whispered to herself,"What are you doing,Carly?"Carly slipped out of bed and started to get dressed.Carly was repeating to herself,"Your such an idot."
Jason woke up and saw Carly looking for her shoes,"Carly?"
Carly stood up,"Jason!Hi.Um...about last night."
Jason smiled,"Yeah?"
"I am so sorry this was a mistake."Carly said picking up her picture of Michael.
"Mistake?"Jason sat up.
"Yeah I was just... caught up in the moment.I should have left."Carly told him.
Jason slipped into a pair of jeans,"What?Carly,I don't think it was a mistake."
Carly found her shoes,"Yeah it was.I'm sorry for leading you on.I mean staying here last night...nevermind I have to go."
Jason closed the door before she could walk out,"You said you wouldn't run away again."Jason kissed her.
Carly pulled back,"I'm not running.I'm...walking to my place across the hall."
Jason kissed her again before she left.Carly opened the door and walked to her apartment.Lilly was already at school.Carly laid Michael's picture on her table.She ran her hands through her hair.Carly decided to take a shower.Whenever she closed her eyes she could feel Jason's lips on hers and his body against hers.She got out of the shower and combed her hair.Carly thought aloud,"Your in big trouble."
Carly stopped combing her hair and cupped her face in her hands.She dialed Bobbie's cellphone number.Bobbie was at home cleaning.The phone rang and Bobbie let the answering machine pick up.Carly spoke,"Um...Bobbie I need you to come over as soon as you get this message,ok?It's really important."Carly hung up berfore Bobbie answered.Bobbie grabbed her coat and headed for Carly's place.

Jason got dressed and tried to figure out what he did wrong.He was going to go right over there and work everything out.But then he got a call for business.As he went to the elevator he wanted so bad to go to Carly's but left instead.He got into the back of his car and looked out the window.He remembered everything that happened last night.It was great.So he thought.He liked talking to Carly and kissing her.He loved just being with her.Why didn't she feel the same?Did he say something wrong?He had to know.

Carly couldn't get the thoughts out of her head.Jason hadn't come over but Carly expected him to any mintue.Carly sat on her couch waiting.Someone knocked,"Carly!"
Carly was relieved it was Bobbie.
"Carly,are you ok?"Bobbie said through the door.
Carly ran to the door and hugged her mom,"Oh,Bobbie!Thank god your here."
Bobbie sighed when she saw Carly,"I thought you were hurt or worse!What are you trying to do give me a heart attack?!"
"Oh,Bobbie something horrible happened.I did something horrible."Carly cried.
"What,Carly?"Bobbie walked in and shut the door behind her.Carly sat down with her mom,"What did something happen to Lilly?"
"No.I--,"Carly hesitated for a mintue and then just let it out,"I slept with Jason."
Bobbie mouth dropped,"What?"Bobbie laughed,"Is that all?"
"What do you mean is that all?"Carly was shocked by her mother's amusement.
"I thought you had strong feelings for Jason."Bobbie said.
"I do."
"Well,then what's wrong,Carly?"Bobbie asked.
"It shouldn't have happened.We aren't ment to be together.And I don't think Jason wanted it to happen.It just...did."Carly pulled her longsleeves down further.
"What did he do?I mean what happened when you guys woke up together?"Bobbie questioned.
"I woke up and I started to--get dressed and then he woke up."Carly was interrupted by Bobbie.
"What did he say?What did he do?"
"He smiled and asked me where I was going.Then he started to kiss me again and..."Carly thought about it for a second,"This isn't looking to good on my part is it?"
"Nope.Did you not want to be there?"Bobbie wasn't sure what was wrong.
"No,I wanted to be there."Carly made a confused face.
Bobbie smiled,"Then what's wrong!?"
Carly looked at her mom,"I'm scared."
"I'm scared because whenever my life is going good something bad happens!"Carly whinned.
"Carly,it seems to me like you should just enjoy the situation all you can.You love Jason."Bobbie stopped Carly before she could protest,"Whether you admit it or not,you do.Now,I can talk to you until I'm blue in the face about why you should be with Jason but eventually you'll have to decide.Besides being scared is there anything else that's keeping you from being with Jason?"Bobbie asked.
Carly turned away.
"It's Robin isn't it?"
Carly nodded.
"Carly,Jason doesn't want Robin.It's been a whole year since Jason and Robin have been together.She left when she saw how much attention Jason was paying to you instead of him.And,"Bobbie took Carly's hand,"She asked Jason to marry her."
Carly gave Bobbie all her attention,"What?"
"Yep.Jason thought about it and thought about it then decided she wasn't the one for him."
"I,"Carly paused,"I didn't know."
"Tell him how you feel,Carly.He wants to understand."Bobbie urged her daughter.
"I don't know,Mom."
Bobbie stopped Carly,"Mom?"
Carly smiled,"Yeah.Mom."
Bobbie hugged her daughter feeling even closer than before.Carly's phone rang.Carly pulled back,"That's probaly Jason."Carly stood up and walked to the phone.
Bobbie whispered,"Tell him.I'll see ya later."
Carly waved and Bobbie left.Carly picked up the phone,"Hello?"
"Why hello,Carly."The voice said perky.
Carly knew who it was,"How the hell did you get this number,Edward?"
Edward laughed,"Oh dear I have my ways.I was hoping we could talk."
Carly was sick of this,"You right I wouldn't mind having a few words with you."Carly slammed the phone,threw her purse over her shoulder,and went to the Quatermaine mansion.

Jason was heading up to Carly's place.He knocked on the door but there was no answer.He walked over to Rinaldo,"Where's Carly?"
"She left awhile ago."Rinaldo replied.
"I'm not sure call Johnny's cellphone.He followed her."Rinaldo instructed.
Jason went to the phone in his penthouse and dialed the number,"Johnny,where's Carly?"Johnny told Jason,"What's she doing there?!Ok make sure she's ok I'll be right over."Jason said and ran out.

Carly walked into the Quatermaine's main room.Edward and A.J. were talking in the next room.Carly stormed in.Edward stood up and grinned like the devil he was,"Carly.What a wonderful surprise."
"Hi,Carly."A.J. said.
Carly was to mad to worry about A.J.,"Edward,I am going to tell you this now because you seemed to forget what I told you before.Leave me alone!"
"Oh I just wanted to see how you were."Edward lied.
"Whatever.I want you to stay away from us!Away from me,from Michael,from Jason,and especially Lilly!"Carly shouted,"Or you'll regret it."Carly lowered her tone.
A.J. stopped Edward before he could speak again,"Can I speak with Carly alone,grandfather?"
"Surely."Edward said and exited the room.
Carly crossed her arms as A.J. closed the door for them to talk,"You got something to say,A.J?"
A.J. approached her,"It's nice to see you.I just wantedto apologize for what I did to you."
"Do it fast so I can leave.Relieve your shoulders of some big weight so we never have to speak again."Carly snapped.
"Carly,the family still doesn't know you or Michael that well.And who's Lilly?"A.J. pried.
"She's my daughter A.J.Now can I leave?"Carly turned.
"Daughter?"A.J. grabbed her wrist.
Jason burst into the room,"Get your hands off her."
A.J. let go and stared at Jason,"We were just talking,Jason."
"Last time I talked to somebody I didn't have to touch them."Jason went to Carly,"You ok?"
"I'm fine,Jason."Carly was happy he got there.
"Good.You ready to leave?"Jason asked Carly.
Carly looked at A.J.,"Way past."
"Let's go."Jason took her hand and they walked out ignoring Edward and A.J.
Jason guided Carly to his car.Carly and Jason got in.Carly realized she was still holding his hand.She let go but Jason held on.Carlu gave him a thoughtful look.Jason rolled up the window to seperate them and the driver,"Are you going to tell me what happened?"
"Well,Edward called and I couldn't take it anymore so I-"Carly stopped when she saw Jason shake his head.
"I mean this morning.You just left.What happened?"Jason questioned her actions.
"I got scared.Everything's going so good.I just can't help thinking something bad is going to happen."Carly explained.
Jason nodded,"I understand.You feel in danger around me."
"No,Jason.It's not like that.I'm just scared that one day you'll wake up and think you made the wrong choice."
"Choice?Carly, what choice?"
"Me over Robin.You could have been married to Robin and I ruined it."The car stopped at a red light.Carly looked to see if there were any cars.She saw none and decide to open the door and got out.She closed the door behind her.Jason was so surprised the car went before Jason could call after Carly.Jason rolled down the window and yelled for the driver to turn around.The car turned around and Carly was walking through a big crowd.Jason had the car pull over and he ran after her.
Carly walked to the end of the pier.Jason finally caught up with her,"Carly,are you nuts?!"Jason yelled.
"I'm not I shouldn't have told you what I did."Carly said with pain in her face.
"No,Carly,I wanted to know."Jason lowered his voice.
Carly looked him in the eyes and tears fell,"Jason,"She touched the side of his face,"I love you so much.And I hate myself for saying this but I think you should have picked Robin."
Jason was dumbfounded by her words,"What?Why?"
"Because I'm not Robin.I will never be her.I can't compete.The only reason you came back to get me in New York it was because of Michael not because you wanted me."Carly cried,"Go back to her.You want to."Carly wiped her tears and smiled,"I have to go pick up Lilly."Carly walked away.
Jason stayed in place and watched Carly walk away.

Carly waited in a swing for Lilly to walk out.The bell rang.Lilly smiled when she saw her mom.Lilly grinned and ran to Carly,"Mom!"
Carly lit up when she saw Lilly,"Hey you!"Carly stood.
"What are you doing here so early?"Lilly jumped into her moms arms.
"Well,I was thinking we should probaly have a movie night,tonight.What do you think?"Carly suggested to Lilly.And set her down.
"Sounds good we haven't had a movie night in a long time.Not ever since we got to Port Charles."Lilly got a bad feeling,"Is something wrong?"
"No.Nothing's wrong."
"Your lying,mom."Lilly said stopping her by tugging on her hand.
"Truth is there is something wrong but it'll be ok if we have movie night."Carly said.
"Do you have your card?"
"No but I'll get one."Carly said and they walked to the video store.

Jason went home hoping that Carly had got back but she wasn't there.Jason went to his window in his room to try and think.He couldn't get the thought of holding Carly in his arms out of his mind.Jason thought about it and realized Carly shouldn't have walked away after saying she loved him.She shouldn't have asked him to go back to Robin.He thought more and more and realized he wasn't in love with Robin he was in love with Carly but for some reason he didn't feel any better.He still didn't know what to do are what to say to Carly.

Carly unlocked the door and Lilly walked in first.Carly shut the door behind her.Carly had picked up some take out for her and Lilly so they wouldn't have to make dinner.Lilly put her movie in and pressed rewind.Carly and Lilly sat down at the couch after they ate.Lilly yawned and laid her head Carly's lap.Carly stroked Lilly's hair during the movie.Carly remembered that no matter what was going on between her and Jason she was there for Lilly and Michael.They were her purpose.She was on this earth for them.After the credits started to roll.Carly saw Lilly was asleep.Carly picked her up and carried Lilly to her room.Carly went to the front door and asked Johnny to stay by Lilly's door and watch her until Carly got back.Johnny agreed and watched Lilly.Carly went into Jason's Penthouse and walked up to Michael's roomShe found him sound asleep.She picked him up and rocked him in her arms for awhile.She was so happy to have Michael and Lilly in her life.She kissed Michael's forehead and laid him back down.Carly smiled at him one last time and walked back downstairs.Carly was so curious about Jason.She walked back to his room.Jason was sound asleep.Carly walked in and kissed his cheek,"Goodnight,Jason."Carly whispered and left.Carly went back to her place and thanked Johnny.Johnny exited Carly's penthouse and again took his place outside her door.Carly went back to her room.She got in her blue,black,and white flannel pajamas then laid down.Carly started to whisper to herself,"This isn't like you,Carly.You usually fight for what you want.Why did you stop now?You should fight for Jason,"She turned on her side,"What's the point?"
"The point is you don't have to fight."A voice said from the doorway.
Carly turned to see Jason.She sat up,"Jason."She smiled.
"Hi."He closed the door behind him,"I forgot to say goodnight to you."
"You were awake."Carly sighed.
"Yeah.I can't stop thinking about what happened today or last night."Jason sat on her bed.
"It has been an eventful two days."Carly agreed.
"Carly,I didn't come to get you just because of Michael.I wanted you back for me too.I missed you.Robin doesn't matter.I haven't thought about her lately just you.You make me do all those stupid love things like acting completely stupid."
Carly blushed,"It's not so bad."Carly laid down looking up at him.
"No it's not.Carly,"Jason placed his hand next to her face,"I love you not Robin."
Carly took his hand and pulled him down to her,"I know."
Jason kissed her.Carly accepted and kissed back,"You have to go stay with Michael."
"I am going to go back there.Just give me a mintue."Jason laid next to her and wrapped his arm around her waist.
Carly nozzled his neck,"Jason,I'll tell you what on the count of three we'll both get up."
"Ok."Jason closed his eyes.
"Three..."Carly concluded and no one got up.Carly laughed,"I'll tell you what Jason."
"I'll get Lilly and bring her to your place.That way we can all be in the same place."Carly turned to him.
"You mean you won't runaway tommorrow."Jason opened his eyes.
"No.After last night we probaly don't need this place."Carly giggled.
"Your right."Jason said and kissed her.
Carly brought Lilly to Jason's and put her in Carly's old room upstairs.Lilly was still asleep.Carly went down to Jason's room and laid down with him.Jason was already under the covers.Jason wrapped his arms and the covers around Carly.Things were definitely looking up.After so much searching she was finally home.
The End

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