by JasNCarly

Jason hung up his phone and his was filled with fear not for him but for those he cared for.Carly was upstairs with Michael right now.Robin had left to meet with Brenda.Carly came down the stairs with a smile on her face but saw Jason's expression.Carly felt her heart stop,"What's wrong?"
Carly had been back for a couple of months.Carly and Robin constantly butted heads but neither one was leaving.Jason would never ask Robin to leave again and he would never kick Carly out so he was stuck in the middle.
"Carly,can you sit down for a second?"Jason scratched his chin.
Carly sat down in response.
Jason cleared his throat and sat next to her,"That was Benny."
Carly was scared,"Yeah,and?"
"I have some business to take care of."Jason wasn't going to tell her.
Carly knew he was hiding something,"Jason,what are you not telling me?"
"This trip is also very dangerous."Jason warned her.
"How dangerous?You'll be back,right?"Carly asked.
Jason didn't reply he just gave her a look.
Carly swallowed hard,"You can't go."
Jason stood,"Carly,I have to go.I'm telling you so I know that you'll be prepared for the worst."
"No there is a difference between what might happen and what will happen most likely!"
"Carly,I have to go.I have to do this.This is not up for discussion."Jason told her,"I have to go take care of something.I'll be back later to tell Michael goodbye before I leave."
"Poor guy doesn't know what's going to happen."Carly mumbled and ran back upstairs.
Jason wanted to go after her but was going to let her cool down.
Carly looked at Michael,"Oh,Michael.I won't lose him.Not now.Not ever."Carly whispered to her son and went to her room.

Jason grabbed his things and said goodbye to Robin and Michael.Robin was crying but she still keep a smile on her face for Jason.Jason looked around,"Where's Carly?"
Robin shrugged,"I don't know."
Jason nodded,"She's probaly still upset.Tell her I said goodbye,ok?"
Robin put Michael down and hugged Jason.
Jason pulled back and kissed her,"I love you."
"I love you,too,Jason."Robin spoke softly and waved goodbye to him before he left.Jason had explained the trip to Robin.It was dangerous and he wanted to her to know it might result in him getting hurt in some way.While he was riding to the airport he felt a little cheated.He didn't thhink Carly would take it this bad.He knew she'd have a problem but not saying goodbye was a little extreme.He was worried that the last time he would ever see Carly they would have got in a arguement.It's not a good memory and they would regret it.

Jason's flight departed PC Airport.He tapped his fingers on the window.He was a little fearful right now but he didn't let it show.Out of the blue Jason heard a loud thud in a small closet that held emergency supplies.Jason swallowed hard and pulled out his gun.Jason went to the door and slowly opened.He quickly pointed it at the person who fell to the ground but when the person looked up he quickly brang his gun down,"Carly?!"
Carly wiped off her clothing and stood up,"Ok before you go off let me explain."
Jason was outraged,"Carly,what the hell are you doing here?!Do you know how much danger you're in right now!"
Carly was just as mad at him,"I don't care!"
"Carly,what if you were on this plane and there was bomb or something!Michael would have no one!Did you ever think about that!?"Jason shouted at her while she stared down in shame."Of course not.What exactly were you thinking?!"Carly didn't answer she just continued to look down,"Carly,you could have got yourself killed.You could still get yourself killed!"
Carly finally spoke up,"Stop yelling at me!Please.I came to make sure you didn't get killed."
"Oh and how were you going to do that,Carly?!This isn't just some fist fight these guys have guns and would not hesitate to kill you!"Jason yelled.
Carly argued with tears filling her eyes,"I don't care!I am not going to let you die on me!Not now!And I will take any risk to save you!I don't care if I get hurt!"Just as she said that the lights of the plane started to flicker on and off.Carly and Jason both looked up and the didn't know it but the plane was going down...fast.

Jason popped up out of the water.The plane had crashed in the water and he noticed that one of the emergency exits was open.He escaped hoping that Carly saw the exit too.
He looked around but didn't see anyone else.Jason started to scream,"Carly!"His voice echoed over the cold waters.He couldn't believe he had yelled at her so bad he immediately regretted it but what she did was stupid nonetheless.He didn't know what to do.He started to take deep breaths and look for her.He did that for a few mintues but Carly was still nowhere to be found.Jason looked over to see some land not to far away all he had to do was find her.He tried one last time but started to panic he thought maybe she was still stuck in the plane.She would die in there.He wiped his face and screamed again,"Carly!"He spun around in the water and that's when he saw a body floating face down.He knew who it was right away by the blond color of their hair.
"Carly!"Jason screamed one last time and swam to her as quickly as possible.He turned her body over.He put his ear to her mouth.He knew right away Carly wasn't breathing.She was motionless.Jason grabbed her and swam fastly to the land.He dragged her dead weight onto the island.He started to perfom CPR.Robin had taught him before Carly came back.She still laid there inresponsive to anything he did.Jason started to get so frusrated he started to yell at her,"Damn it,Carly!Wake up!"He tried it again.Carly slowly opened her eyes and started to cough.Jason's heart started to beat again as he turned her to cough up the water she had swallowed.Carly sat up and wiped her mouth.She was soaking wet.She still had water dripping from her body.She began to shiver from the cold air.Jason hugged her tightly,"Thank god your alright."
Carly wanted to pull away put the feeling of his arms around her made her feel safe.She was still kind of drained from almost dieing.He felt so warm even though he was still as wet as she was.
Jason kissed her wet hair and rocked her,"You had me so scared."He took her face in his hands,"Don't you ever do that to me again,ok?"
Carly nodded and grabbed him again.She laid her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes.She held onto him refusing to let go not that Jason wanted her to.Jason was holding on to her just as tight.Jason had never been so scared in his whole life.

They stayed in each others arms until sunrise.Both occassionaly drifting off but never letting go.As the sun began to shine down Carly started to wake up.Jason was already awake trying to think of a way to be rescued.They had absolutely no way of signaling anyone.Carly moved a little and opened her eyes.She looked out and saw beautiful blue waters.She thought she was still dreaming.She wasn't fully aware of where she was yet.Then she remembered boarding the plane and the crash.She looked down and realized Jason's arms were wrapped around her.She wanted it to last forever but she knew it would have to end and soon.She had to back to Michael.So she let go of Jason and looked at him,"Hi."
"Hi."Jason smiled,"Are you feeling ok?"
"Yeah,I'm fine just a little tired and scared."Carly replied.
"I'm sorry I yelled at you but what you did seemed so stupid and I'm doing it again aren't I?"Jason sighed.
Carly stood up and wiped the sand off her clothes,"Yeah I love to here about my mistakes and bad choices this early in the morning."Carly looked at Jason's watch,"Don't suppose that's water proof?"
"Nope."Jason hit his finger on the watch but it was dead.
Carly ran her hand through her hair and looked around.It was a pretty big island.Who would look for them though?Carly wasn't about to give up she was going to get back to Michael.Soon.She looked around.Jason was doing the same.Carly bit her lower lip,"Any ideas?"
Jason turned to her,"None yet."Jason sat back down and looked at Carly who was still trying to think of a way to get off this island.He had almost lost her last night he didn't like that feeling.
"Jason,maybe we should just get to higher ground you know?See the rest of this place maybe there are people somewhere."Carly suggested.
Jason snapped out of his thoughts,"Maybe your right.Let's go."Jason stood back up and they started to walk to higher ground.They walked and explored.It was a beautiful island if they had planned to be there.They weren't happy to be there although Carly couldn't help but be smitten with the island's beauty.The trees were a dark green and flowers grew everywhere.There was many different colors and plants.They pushed their way through the bushes.They were protect from the sun do to the trees.The sky was blue with no clouds and Carly was begining to feel happy until she was overwhelmed with  thoughts of Michael.She saw Jason's expression and could tell Jason was thinking about Michael the whole time.Carly cleared her throat,"Do you think he's scared,Jason?"
"Michael?"Jason looked at her,"I hope not."
"Me too.He probaly thinks this a regular thing with us-leaving him for long periods of time has become constant."Carly stuck her hands in her back pockets.
"That's not true.I talk to Michael all the time he knows what's going on.We would never leave him all the sudden for no reason.He knows,Carly."Jason assured her.
"Your right."Carly's eyes then grew large,"The Quatermaines!"
"What about them?"Jason asked.
"Their going to take my baby.If we're gone--oh no."Carly sat down and sobbed into her hands.
Jason knelt beside her and pulled her hands away from her  face,"I'll get you back to him,Carly.I promise."
"Yea?"Carly sniffled.
"Yes,I will."Jason wiped away the tears on her face.
"Ok.I just need to relax."Carly started to take deep breaths.
"Besides,Robin wouldn't let them take Michael."Jason told Carly.
Carly laughed sarcastically,"Thanks for ruining my good thoughts,Jason."
"What do you mean?"Jason knew this was going to turn into an arguement.
"Robin?The thought of Robin taking care of my son is suppose to make me relax and somehow make me feel better!Please!"Carly snapped.
"Carly,Robin loves Michael."
"You know,Jason,we are never going to agree on Robin in terms of Michael."Carly started to feel tears fill her eyes again.
"Your right."Jason agreed.
Carly nodded,"So this is going to turn into an arguement and it's only been maybe an hour.I think it's better if we found our own ways back."
"What do you mean?"
"I go one you go the other.I could do without seeing you right now."Carly walked away.
Jason mumbled,"Fine."He walked the other way.

Carly couldn't believe how childish she had just acted.They had to work together now not apart.But then she jgot this image of Jason,Robin,and Michael together.She began to ramble to herself and stomp away,"I can't believe the nerve of Jason and Robin!Who do they think they are?!I mean I'm not that bad of a person am I?Why doesn't Jason see that I can love him better than any other woman.He just such an idot he doesn't see it.God,what a jerk!"She continued to stomp away.She pushed her way eagerly through the bushes and thought about what he did for her last night.How scared he looked when he had almost lost her.He was really worried maybe he cared.But Carly hit her head,"Carly,don't be an idot he doesn't give a damn about you.He just cares about Robin.Saint Robin.Like she's so perfect.She just thinks she's so superior and so much better than everybody else!Who does she thinks she is!?And everyone loves her not just MY Jason but Bobbie,and Felica,and Mac,and just everybody."Carly didn't realize she had tears falling,"What's she got that I don't?"Carly stopped for a second and looked back,"She's got Jason,Carly.That's what she's got."

Jason was just as mad as she was.He was pounding his feet on his own path.He couldn't believe how judemental Carly was of Robin.He too began to ramble,"Why's she being so paranoid?If anything she should be thanking me!I mean what have I done wrong?Nothing!She is so self-centered sometimes I can't believe it.On the other hand she did risk her life to save me."Jason sighed and got angry at himself for not going after her in the first place.He hated how Carly could do just about anything and he'd still forgive her and be mad at himself for yelling at her.Jason started to walk back to the place to the place they initally split up.As he pushed the last branch back he saw Carly sitting on a rock waiting.She kicked a rock and then looked up to see Jason,"Sorry."She mumbled.
Jason smiled,"Me too."
"I shouldn't have brought up the Quatermaines."Carly stood.
"I shouldn't have brought up Robin."Jason added.
"Forgive me?"Carly made a sorry face to him.
"Forgiven."Jason took her hand,"Come on.We better get going."

They saw the same thing for hours.They were growing a little discouraged not seeing any sign of anything except the trees and plants.But then they came to an opening.As they pushed the leaves out of the way they saw a beautiful waterfall and the sun shined down on the water.Carly didn't see any fishes in it when she peered in though.She loved way it looked she could watch the fall for hours.Jason didn't seem to happy.Carly looked at the clean fresh water and back at Jason,"We can clean up at least."
"I guess."Jason mummered.
Carly put her hands up in surrender,"I give up.Jason,listen I know this situation really sucks but if you don't started cheering up I'm going to kill you!"Carly groaned in disgust and went back to the water.She began to rinse out her hair and wash her face.
Jason watched her and sat on the ground near the water.Jason thoughts ran wild as he watched Carly.She was very pretty if you really took a mintue to look at her.Any guy would be a fool not to like her.She was one of the most important people in his life.He looked at her damp body and clothing.He was actually thinking about kissing her at this mintue.He felt guilty for thinking such a thing.But continued to stare at her.
Carly twisted her hair to get the last of the water out of her hair.She saw Jason's stare and giggled,"Jason?"
"Yeah?"Jason said shaking off any thoughts he was having.
"You seemed dazed.You ok?"Carly got out of the water.The warm breeze made her feel very comfortable.She had on a pair of faded blue jean shorts,a red t-shir,and a white long sleeved shirt over it.She was so happy to cool off,"You sure you don't want to hop in before we go any further?"
"No thanks.I think I'll be ok."Jason repsonded.
Carly gazed up at the fading sun,"The sun will be gone in awhile."
"Your right."Jason got up and helped Carly up,"We'll try to find some place to crash."
"What's wrong with right here?"Carly shrugged.
"You want to stay here?"Jason pointed to everything around him.
"I want to stay here I mean we we probaly won't get that far until tommorrow right?"
"Yeah your probaly right.Ok here it is."Jason sat back down and Carly sat next him and flashed him a grin.
They sat in silence waiting for the sun to go down.Both of them could only think of Michael.Their sweet innocent baby boy could be thinking anything right now.After the sun went down.It got a little cold and Jason saw Carly start to get cold.He wrppaed his arms around her to keep her warm.Carly wrapped her arms around him and laid her head on his shoulder.She again fell asleep in Jason's arms.

Meanwhile back in Port Charles...
Bobbie,Robin,Luke,and Brenda were at the penthouse.They all knew about Jason's plane going down and found out Carly was with him.Apparently she had bribed someon to board and they let her.Robin was crying into Luke's arms and Robin cried in Brenda's arms.They had no idea how to get them back.Bobbie pulled away from Luke and turned to Mac who had just got word,"Is there anything cloe to where their plane went down?"
"We're not exactly sure where it went down."Mac replied.
"Well how do you know it fell?"Robin asked ignorantly.
"It fell off radar hours ago."Mac told her.
They conitued to sob now growing louder.Luke and Brenda tried to be supportive of the girls and Mac apologized to them as though he had caused the accident or something.Robin then pushed Brenda away,"He's not dead,Brenda.He's not."
"Ok."Brenda then hugged her friend again.

The next day Carly woke up before Jason she carefully manuvered her way out of his arms.She was trying to figure out a way to get up to the top of the mountain that was the highest.There was only one solution they had to climb.That's all there was to it.Carly rubbed her eyes and Jason began to stir.He slowly opened his eyes and looked at Carly who had her hand sheilding her face as she looked up at the mountain.She had a determined look.She stopped and looked down at Jason,"Good morning sunshine."
"Hi."Jason stood and looked at what she was,"So you ready to climb?"
"I guess."Carly laughed not enjoying the thought of the climbing today.
They walked to the mountain's side and began to climb.Carly's calves hurt so bad but her motivation was Michael.Her baby.He must have been so scared.Jason climbed a little ahead of her instructing her on what to do.Carly's finger's started to ache.Jason saw her pained face and was constantly asking her if she was ok.She just nodded and continued to climb.Carly was started to get tired and her body ached so bad as she put her hands up further her one of her hands cramoed and her fingers slipped,"Ahh!!!"She screamed.
"Carly!"Jason didn't know exactly what he was doing he just acted out of pure instinct.
Carly hung onto the rock with one hand,"Jason!Help!"
"I'm coming,Carly.Stay calm."Jason said in a soothing voice.
"Jason,I can't hold on much longer."Carly cried and managed to get her hand back up.She was barely holding on.
Jason finally got down to the rock she was trying to climb.He stuck his hand out,"Take my hand."
Carly looked down below her,"I can't.I'll fall."
Jason had to keep calm for her,"Carly,if you don't take my hand you'll fall anyway."He pleaded with her,"Please take my hand."
Carly trusted him with everything including her life.She closed her eyes and grabbed his hand.Jason pulled her slowly picked her up.Carly leaped into his arms.Jason was began to breath again.He had almost lost her...twice.

Back in Port Charles...
Robin and Bobbie sat on the couch in Jason's penthouse lost in their thoughts of Jason and Carly.Robin struggled,"What do you think their doing right now?"
"Probaly trying to fin a way home."Bobbie answered.
"I'm scared,Bobbie."
"Me too,Robin.We just have to wait.They have to come back."Bobbie stated.

Jason and Carly had reached pretty far but not all the way.It started to rain and they stopped climbing.The little bit of mountaint side they could walk on  they did and found a small cave on the other side.They thanked god for their luck and walked in.As they entered they were safe from any bears or bats nothing creepy was in the cave surprisingly.Carly built a fire which took Jason by surprise.Jason laughed once she was done,"Where did you learn to that?"
Carly smiled at him,"I once had a boyfriend that was a former boyscout he taught me when we went pn this camping trip with some friends and he taught me how."
"Your boyfriend?"Jason rose a brow,"How old were you?"
"Sixteen.I was just begining to date.And I could have sworn he was the one you know.Get this I was talking about marraige with him at sixteen years old.I thought the world of him."Carly giggled.
"Marraige?"Jason grinned.
Carly's smile faded,"Do you ever remember things like that?"She inquired.
"Not really.I never get a lot flashbacks.It's like disappeared.Sometimes I wish I could."Jason confessed.
"I'm sorry that you don't have those kind of memories."Carly scooted closer to Jason.
Jason liked that they were so close together.She was so close that he could hear her soft breathing,"It's weird all the good or nice memories seem to be of you and Michael."
"And Robin?"Carly made a sad puppy dog like look.
"You.I can talk to you about everything and you share things with me.I just have a lot of good memories of you."Jason turned to her.
His sweet look towards her made her cheeks grow rosey red,"What happened to Michael?"
"He's still there."Jason replied.
Carly nodded,"Good."
Jason rubbed his hands together,"You know I almost lost you today."
Carly slightly smiled,"Big deal."
"It is."Jason's words made Carly look at him half thanking him and half shocked,"Carly,if I lost you.I don't know what I'd do."
"Really?"Carly was still trying to let it sink in.
"Yeah.It seems like I can't even remember a time when we weren't friends or close.I can't imagine what life would be without you."Jason let all these feelings out and he didn't even know that he had.
"Jason,"Carly wiped a tear away before Jason could catch it,"You don't know how much that means to me."
"Carly,I know I yelled at you for boarding that plane and for trying to save me but,"He turned to her placed his hands on her face,"I don't know any other person who would do such a thing-just for me.I don't think even Robin would or could do that."
Carly tried to look away because of her tears that began to fall but Jason wouldn't let her he just held her face so he could look into her eyes,"Jason--"
Jason cut her off,"I don't want to lose you,Carly.Ever."
"Jason,if I can help it you'll never lose me."Carly vowed.
After said those final words Jason couldn't help himself anymore.He pulled Carly's face to his and kissed her with everything he had.Carly was taken back by his kiss.She felt like she was in heaven.She didn't do anything but accept the kiss.She was so surprised that her arms laid freely by her sides.She just used her mouth to respond.Jason pulled away a little just enough to say,"I love you,Carly."And he began to kiss her again before she respond.Finally,Carly managed to push him away,"Jason."She let out a small laugh,"I don't think this is such a good idea.You don't love me.You love Robin.It's just this atmosphere and this situation it's getting to your head,"Jason continued to look at her with longing eyes,"Jason,your just letting it get to your head."
"No,Carly,that's not true."Jason protested.
"It's not?"Carly would love to believe that what he was saying to her was true.
"No,I love you,Carly.I do.I almost lost you and it made me realize my life wouldn't be the same without you.I can't live without you and I don't want too."Jason said and began to gently kiss her neck.
"This isn't what you want."Carly whispered.
"Yes it is."Jason looked at Carly,"I want you,Carly."Jason kissed her on the lips again.They slowly drifted to the floor.Carly kept trying to stop but Jason wasn't making it easy.As the kissing grew more passionate Carly found it harder to resist and just gave in.

The next day Carly woke up naked in Jason's arms.He had nothing but his coat covering them both.Carly put her hand over her mouth as she gasped.She had let Jason win her over.She started to get dressed and felt so stupid.She started to sob as she slipped on her last article of clothing.She thought that as Jason woke up he'd be apologizing and calling last night a horrible mistake.She couldn't take it.She stepped out of the small cave and looked up to see a little more to go before they reached the top.Maybe it was stupid but she had to get her sadness,anger,and frustration so she began to climb.She felt a lot stronger than yesterday but also a lot sore.She climbed the rocks and never looked back.Last night was last night and nothing more.As she reached the top of the mountain her emotions changed she had done it and as she looked around at the island she didn't see any real sign of other people.She sat down and looked up at the sky waiting.

Jason felt his arm and not around Carly.He opened his eyes quickly,"Carly!"He called out but no reply.He got dressed and exited the cave.He looked above him and below him.He didn't want to think she'd fallen so he begin to climb upward.He pulled himself up and saw Carly.She had her legs over the edge and laid down.Her eyes were closed.Jason breath a sigh of relief and Carly heard.She sat up quickly and she looked hurt as soon as she saw him.Jason didn't know what was wrong,"Carly,what is it?"
Carly turned away trying not to let him see she was crying,"I just was anxious to get up and so I left."
Jason could tell something was bothering her,"Carly,if this is about last night..."
"I don't want you to start telling me how much you regret it or how much you didn't expect or want that to happen."Jason sat next to her and saw her tears,"I don't want to know.I'd rather you ignore me."
Jason kissed her cheek,"I don't regret last night.I wanted to make love to you last night and when I did I was so happy.I just wish you wanted to make love to me."
"I did.I do.I just.I don't think you love me."
"I do love you,Carly.You just don't understand how much."Jason kissed her on the lips not denying anything that happened last night.
"I love you too,Jason."Carly said and rubbed her nose next to his.
"I don't lose you I said and I don't plan to.Not now or ever."Jason softly spoke into her ear.
"I don't want to lose you,either."
"Carly,we came up her with no food or anything."Jason brought up paniced in a way.
"We better hope help comes soon."Carly added and they held hands feeling a little dizzy.Carly then held onto Jason,"Jason,I don't feel too good."
"I know me neither."Jason said feeling the same way.They laid down trying to stop from feeling so bad.They feel asleep again wrapping their arms around each other.

Jason's opened and he looked around.He was in a white room with one window.Their were a few vases with flowers and he was in a bed.He then immediately thought about Carly.Bobbie walked into his room,"Hi!"
"Carly?Where's Carly?"Jason asked.
"She's fine,Jason.She's a little weak but she's fine."Bobbie told him.
"I want to see her."Jason demanded.
"Ok,Jason.Just a mintue."Bobbie went to grab a wheelchair for him and insisted that he let her bring him to Carly's room.Jason would do anything to Carly so he let her bring to Carly.Bobbie wheeled him around a few corners and a two doors down.Carly was still asleep and she looked peaceful.Bobbie sat Jason next to Carly.Bobbie couldn't believe how Jason was acting instead of asking about Robin or Michael he wanted to know about Carly.He was really worried.Jason stroked Carly's hair and was careful not to show too much affection towards Carly.Bobbie knew just by the way he was acting something happened on that island.Bobbie sighed,"Jason,I have to leave for awhile but I'll be later."
Jason nodded but didn't even acknowledge her leaving.When Bobbie left the room Carly started to show signs of movement and then popped right up.She was confused when she looked around her and then saw Jason in a wheelchair,"Oh my god,are you ok?"
Jason smiled,"I'm fine,Carly."
"Michael?"Carly asked.
"I don't know."Jason replied.
"Well,somebody must have said something when you came here."
"I just had to get to you."Jason took her hand,"Are you ok?"
"Yeah,I just need to know about my baby."Carly laughed,"I'll be fine then."
"He's fine.He's at home with Robin."Justus said from the doorway,"I managed to give her temporary cutody while you were gone."
"Thank you,Justus."Jason grinned.
"It's my job.Also you guys should be released sometime today."Justus had also arranged that.
Carly looked at Jason's expression when Justus brought up Robin.Jason seemed pleased to here her name.Carly took her hand away at the thought of being a replacement,"What are you going to tell Robin?"
"I don't know."Jason shrugged.
"Are you even going to tell her?"Carly questioned.
"I don't know,Carly."Jason answered.
"I told you it wasn't what you wanted."Carly wiped her face with her hand.
"Carly,I will do something soon--"Jason was stopped by Carly.
Carly cut him off,"Just get out.Please.Ok I don't want to argue about this right now."
"Ok,Carly."Jason wheeled himself out and Carly pulled her covers around her tightly.
Carly knew this would happen.

That same day Jason and Carly went home.Robin anixously waited their arrival.Justus had to go in Jason's place for dangerous meeting.Justus had settled everything with now bloodshed.Bobbie was also there.Carly and Jason walked in.Robin and Jason's eyes met and she ran to him.Carly walked over to her mom.Jason looked over Robin's shoulder at Carly and Carly looked over Bobbie's shoulder at him.Carly gave him a pain face and Jason mouthed I'm sorry.Carly laughed.Bobbie pulled away with tears in her eyes,"What's so funny?"
"I'm just so happy to see you."Carly covered and hugged Bobbie again.
Robin didn't let go of Jason for even a second.Jason and Carly continued to look at each other.They both felt the ache in their hearts.Was the island just one romantic getaway or not?

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