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(Note: This story begins a few weeks after the end of Into The Night.)

A General Hospital-Highlander-Forever Knight crossover.
by James Spencer
Fourth in the Forever series.


GH, first floor nurse's station,

        Dr. Eve Lambert stands behind the desk writing something on a patience's chart.
She had just replaced the chart when a man walked up to her.  He was of average
height, handsome and spoke in a cultured english accent.
        "Excuse me..."  The man said.  "I was wondering if you could tell me where to
find Stefan Cassadine."
        Eve looked up from another chart and for a moment her eyes and the strangers
locked.  "Umm.... Just take the elevator up to the fourth floor and they'll
direct you."
        The man just smiled at her.  "Thank you Doctor......"  He leaned in so he could
read her name tag.  "...Lambert."
        She smiled back as the man walked to the elevator.  A voice from behind stopped
him and he turned around.  Stefan came walking up to him with his hand out.  The
man grasped Stefan's hand and then pulled him into a big hug.
        "Stefan.  It's good to see you again."
        "It's good to see you too Adam."  Stefan said as they broke apart and headed
for his office.
        Eve arched one of her eyebrows as she watched the handsome stranger disappear
behind the elevator doors.

        Robin reached an arm over and felt empty space next to her.  She sat up and
found Jason gone... again.  She grabbed a robe to cover her nakedness and walked
        Jason was standing alone in front of the window watching the sunrise.  Robin
has seen him like this every morning since they got back together.  It was all
part of his morning ritual.  Michael would always wake up a first light and
Jason would bring him down and together they would watch the sun come up.
        After several minutes Jason noticed her standing on the stairs out of the way
of the sun's rays which were now streaming into the apartment.  Jason grabbed
the heavy drapes and closed them allowing Robin to come down.  She walked over
to him and wrapped her arms around his waist.
        Adam smiled as he sat on the edge of Stefan's desk.  "Nice office Stefan, it
makes you almost appear respectable."  He said looking around the room.  "I
heard about you finace.  I'm sorry."
        Stefan snatched a paperweight from Adam's hands and set it back down on his
desk.  "Thank you."  He got up and walked around to the front of his desk.  "I
assume Joseph sent you here for Sarah Webber."
        Adam hopped off the desk smiling.  "Yeah.  What's your opinion of her?"
        "To be perfectly honest.  When she was seeing my neph..... my son.... I didn't
think very much of her, but now that I've spent some time with her these last
few weeks.... I find her a very.... capable young woman.  I think she'll make a
fine addition to us."
        The office door opened and Alexis walked in.  "Stefan, I need you to look.....
Adam!"  Alexis almost ran across the room and hugged him.
        Sarah Webber poured herself  a cup of coffee and sat down at the kitchen table.
She raised her hand and ran a finger over the tattoo on her wrist.  <He could
have warned about that.>  She thought to herself.  She looked up as Liz walked
        "Don't start."  Liz said as she poured herself some coffee.
        "This is just getting silly, you and Gram have got to talk this out."
        "We will as soon as she stops treating me like a child."
        Sarah got up.  "Why don't you try to see this from her point of view.  You are
17 years old and you're sleeping with a boy.  Can't you see how that might upset
her?  Especially when you throw it in her face."
        "I have not been throwing it in her face."
        "What do you call not coming home at night.  My god, you stayed with Lucky for
two days last week."
        "I love him."
        "I know you think you do, but......"
        Liz slammed her mug down.  "No!  Don't you dare start that too."  She started
to pace the kitchen.  "That's exactly what Gram has been saying.  She seems to
think that I'm just fooling myself into thinking there's more between Lucky than
there really is."
        "Is that really so unbelieveable after what you've been through."
        Liz threw up her arms.  "You know despite what you two believe, not every
decision I make lately has been influenced by what happened to me."
        "She's just worried about you Liz.  We both are."  Sarah raised a hand to her
        Liz noticed the blue tattoo on her wrist.  "What the hell is this?"  She said
grabbing Sarah's arm.  "You're a Watcher?!?"
        "How do you know about them?"  Sarah asked pulling her arm back.
        "Aaron told me.  He's known about them for centuries."  Liz sat down at the
table.  "How in the hell did you get involved with them?"
        Sarah sat down next to her.  "They came to me after you told me about
        "Why would they come....."  Liz's face fell as she suddenly realized.  "Oh
        "Yeah.  I'm you're Watcher."

        Robin sat at the kithcen table and watched as Jason shoved a fork full of eggs
into his mouth.  Jason looked over at her and found her grinning at him.
        "What are you doing?"  He asked swallowing.
        Robin continued grinning.  "Nothing."
        "Why are you watching me?"
        "No reason."  The smile still not leaving her face.
        He put down his fork.  "I'm serious.  What?"
        "I'm just...... happy."
        He leaned over and kissed her.  "Well I'm glad you're happy."  He then got up
carrying his plate to the sink.  Shutting the water off he turned back to Robin.
"I'm going by to see Michael this morning.  Are you alright with this?"
        Robin got up.  "Yes.  I'm not threatened by Carly so you can go see Michael
without having to worry about me."
        Jason dried his hands and tossed the towel on the counter.  "That's not what I
meant.  I was worried about leaving you here all day.... alone."
        Robin put her arm around his waist as they walked out of the kitchen.  "Jason,
don't worry about me.  I'll call and talk to Brenda for a while and then I'll
probably go back to sleep till you get back."
        Jason kissed her lips after he opened the door.  "You mean they really do sleep
all day?"
        Robin laughed.  "Yeah, they do, well most of it anyway."
        Jason kissed her again.  "I just might join you when I get back."
        "Promise?"  Robin said as she released him.  She waved to him as she saw him
enter the elevator.  "Rinaldo, I'm going back to bed for awhile don't disturb me
unless you think it's important."
        "Yes Miss Scorpio."  Rinaldo said as he closed the door behind her.
        A short while later Robin woke up to knocking on her door.  "Yes what is it?"
        A muffled voice Robin recognized as Rinaldo's came through the door.  "I'm
sorry to wake you, but Miss Barrett is here."
        "Alright, let her come up.  Thank you."
        A few seconds later Robin opened the bedroom door.  "Brenda, how are you?"  She
asked, but seeing the look on her big sister's face told her everything.  "Lemme
guess.  Umm..... Sonny and/or Jax."
        "They're driving me crazy."  Brenda plopped down on the bed.  "Oh... I don't
know what to do.  Sonny won't stop trying to explain to me why he left and Jax
is in full-fledged I hate Sonny mode."  She fell back onto the bed and stared at
the ceiling.
        Robin layed down next to her.  "How did Jax take it when he heard Sonny was
        "He wasn't happy, but I think he was more upset that I didn't tell him."
        "Why didn't you?"
        "What was I going say.  Hi Jax, Sonny came back to town to save me from an
Immortal crime lord and he did this because he's an Immortal too and he still
loves me and probably wants me back."
        "Do you think that's why he came back?"
        "I don't know.  I've stopped trying to figure Sonny out a long time ago."
        Robin sat up her face now serious.  "How do you feel about him?"
        Brenda sat up as well but said nothing.  Robin studied her face for a moment.
        "Well how do you feel about Jax then?"  She asked.
        Brenda ran a hand through her long hair.  "I care about him... I really do.
He's great to me.... he's fun to be around... he cares about what happens to me.
I can't help but think that if these last few months hadn't happened he and I
might be together now."
        "But do you love him?"  Robin asked bluntly.  "I mean really love him."
        "I don't know."  That was only answer Brenda could think of.
        "What about Sonny?"  Robin asked again.  "Do you still love him?"
        Brenda sat quietly for a moment before speaking.  "I do.  Even after everything
he's done to me.... everything he's put me through."  A tear fell from her eye.
"God help me Robin... I still love him."
        Adam and Alexis were walking through the hospital.  "Why didn't you tell us you
were coming to visit?"  She said as she slipped her arm around him.
        "I would have, but I didn't know myself until a day ago."
        They had reached the elevator with Adam when Bobbie approached.  "Alexis have
you seen Stefan?"  She asked.
        "He was in his office a few minutes ago."  Alexis answered.  She noticed Bobbie
staring at her friend.  "Oh, I'm sorry.  Adam this is Bobbie Jones.... Bobbie
this is Adam Pierson."
        Adam took Bobbie's hand and kissed the back of it tenderly.  "Pleased to meet
you Bobbie"
        Bobbie smiled and tried not to blush like a little girl.  Adam released her
hand and Bobbie walked away slowly, turning back every few steps to look at the
handsome Englishman until the elevator doors closed.
        Alexis and Adam walked off the elevator and headed out of the hospital on their
way to the Outback for lunch.  As they walked Dr Chris Ramsey came around the
corner and suddenly stopped.
        At the hospital entrance Alexis' companion stopped as well.  He turned around,
but saw no one near.  He left the hospital and Chris Ramsey came out again and
whispered to himself.


The Outback.

        At their table Alexis had just put away her cell phone.  "Sorry, but I have to
        "Nothing serious I hope?"  Adam said setting his glass down.
        "No."  Alexis said getting up.  "Just a little personal business."
        Adam got up and kissed her cheek goodbye. He finished his drink and paid the
check.  Walking out of the restaurant he bumped into Eve Lambert who was coming
        "Doctor Lambert.  It's nice to see again."
        "Hello again, Mr......?"
        Adam held out his hand.  "Pierson.... Adam Pierson."
        "Mr Pierson."  She said taking his hand.
        "Please call me Adam."  He held is arm out.  "Can I buy you a drink Doctor
        "I'm afraid I'm still on call."
        "Well how about coffee then?  Tea?  Hot cocoa?"  He asked smiling.
        Eve started smiling too.  "You're not going to take no for an answer are you?"
        "No Doctor Lambert, I don't believe I am."
        She shrugged her shoudlers and walked to the bar.  "Eve."
        "I'm sorry?"
        "My name is Eve."
        "Is it really?"  Adam picked up his cup.  "I've always liked that name."

        Brenda walked up stairs that led from the practice hall to the loft.  When she
neared the top she heard two women laughing.  One of them was certainly Terry,
but other, the other sounded familiar, but she decided that she was mistaken.
She wouldn't come to Port Charles without letting me know first she thought.
        "Hey Terry."  She said as she reached the top.
        "Hello Brenda."  Terry replied.  "It seems you have a special visitor."
        Brenda was about to ask who when a striking brunette with curly hair popped out
from behind Terry's back.
        "Hey girlfriend!"
        "Lois!"  Brenda screamed as she ran and hugged Lois.  Both women were now
jumping up and down in each other's arms.  Finally Brenda released her friend
and led her to the couch.  "Why didn't you tell me you were coming?"  Brenda
        "I wanted to surprise you."  Lois replied back in a thick New York accent.
        "You succeeded."  Brenda grinned.
        Terry approached and set a tray with a pot of tea down on the table.  Lois
immediately picked up the pot and poured a cup and gave it to Brenda, she then
poured a second and offered it to Terry.
        Terry smiled at her.  "No.  Thank you."  She started to leave the room.
        "Oh hey, don't go."  Lois said sipping her cup.
        "No it's alright.  I need to track down my wayward husband anyway."
        Lois smiled at Terry as she let the room.  "I like her."
        "Yeah she's great isn't she."  Brenda replied.  "So how's Brooke?"
        "Growing like a weed.  She's staying with Ma while I sort some things out
        Brenda set her cup down and studied her friend.  "What's going on Lo?"
        Lois smiled faintly.  "I've made a decision Bren.  I'm moving back to Port
Charles, I'm coming home."

        Robin was sitting on the couch writing in her journal when a knock on the door
disturbed her.  She closed the book and got up to answer it.  Coming to the door
she paused to fix her silk robe before opening it.
        "Sonny."  She said suprised.
        "Hey kid."  He said as he wrapped his arms around the smaller woman.  "Taking
it easy today?"  He said noticing her robe.
        She looked down and blushed slightly.  The silk robe was pale red in color and
stopped midthigh.  "Oh... I... ahhh... just woke up."
        "How are you doing?"  Sonny asked.
        "I'm fine."  She led him to the couch and sat down next to him.  "Now why don't
you tell me the real reason you stopped by.  As if I didn't know..... Brenda?"
        Sonny's smile didn't quite reach his face.  "I don't know what to do.  I had it
all worked out.  I'd come to Port Charles and help Jason with Moreno and leave
without letting anyone know I was here."  He leaned back on the couch and stared
at the ceiling.  "I didn't expect to see her and I certainly didn't expect
Brenda to be Immortal."
        Robin placed a hand on his leg.  "You really didn't know?"
        He looked over at her.  "No.  I've heard that we can sometimes sense who's
going to be one before it happens, but I had no idea about Brenda."
        "What do you plan to do?"
        Sonny exhaled sharply.  "I don't know.  The reasons I left Port Charles.... I
left her.... aren't really a concern anymore."
        "Do you want her back?"
        He looked into Robin's brown eyes.  "More than anything."  He got up.  "I left
because I didn't want to be the cause of her death like I was Lily's."  Sonny
chuckled.  "Conner always said loving them would be tough, but I never really
knew how much until there was a chance I knew I could lose her."
        Robin got up and embraced him.  "Listen, Brenda is just angry and to be honest
she has a reason to be, but don't let that stop you.  She loves you."
        "What about Jax?"
        "Brenda cares for Jax... a lot, but she's not in love with him.  I don't think
she ever was.  I like Jax, I really do, but he was just someone who made her
feel safe."  Robin touches his face.  "Don't give up on her."
        Emily was sitting in the park when she saw Lucky and Liz walking towards her.
        "Hey Em."  Lucky said giving her a hug.  "Happy Birthday."
        She swated his chest.  "My birthday was weeks ago, you creep."
        "I know... I know.  I'm sorry."
        "It's okay Lucky.  I forgive you."  She then turned to Liz.  "It's not like all
of your blood has been reaching your brain lately."
        Liz broke into a broad smile and smacked Emily in the arm.  "I'm sorry we
didn't make it to your party, but with everything that's been going on."
        "I know."  Emily nodded.  "I heard about it."
        Lucky kissed Emily on the cheek.  "I've got to get to the club, so that means
you two can talk about me behind my back all you want."  He grinned and gave Liz
a quick kiss on the lips.  "I'll see you later."
        "Bye babe."  Liz said then kissed him again.
        "You two are so disgusting."  Emily said as Lucky walked away.  She placed her
arm around Liz's shoulder.  "How are things going?"
        "Gram still won't listen to me."  Liz sighed.  "I know she's upset, but why
can't she just believe that Lucky and I love each other."
        "Because she's your Grandmother and she's supposed to think the worst about
every man you bring home."
        Liz laughed.  "I suppose you're right.  What about you?  I heard you moved out
of the mansion."
        Emily started laughing too.  "Yeah.  The moment that clock struck midnight and
I turned eighteen, I was outta there."
        "Where are you living now?"
        "Jason got me an apartment in his building.  He's been really great about this.
He knows better than anyone how the Quatermaines can push someone to leave."
        "How did your family take it?"
        "How do you think?  Grandmother was calm, she was upset of course, but
supported me and Ned... Ned was behind me all the way."  Emily chuckled.  "My
parents however went nuclear.  They froze my trust fund, even though I can't
touch it till I'm twenty-one."
        "They expected you fall on your face the first week and come crawling home."
        "Yeah.  All I need now is a job, I can't sponge off Jason forever."
        Liz elbowed her.  "You can always go to work for him."
        Emily elbowed her back.  "Yeah, Monica and Alan would love that.  I can see the
headlines now.... 'Notorious Mobster Jason Morgan arrested with female companion
identified as Emily Quartermaine, daughter of Doctors Monica and Alan
        "Just make sure they spell your name right and don't forget to add that your
the ELQ founder's granddaughter."
        Both women were laughing hysterically now at the thought of Emily's parents and
Edward's faces.  They both got up and walked away still laughing.


General Hospital,
Third floor nurse's station.

        "So come on what do you say?"
        Eve closed her chart and smiled in spite of herself.  "You're not going to stop
asking are you?"
        Adam broke into a broad smile.  "No I'm not.  So why don't you stop me by
saying yes."
        Eve brushes a strand of hair behind her ear.  "Okay.... alright.  I'll have
dinner with you."
        Adam hollered elliciting stares from several doctors and nurses.  "I have an
appointment early this evening so..... how about eight o'clock?"
        "Eight is good for me."  She grabs a notepad and scribbles on it.  "Here's
where you can pick me up."  She says handing him the paper.
        Adam takes the paper and kissed the back of her hand.  "I'll see you tonight."
He watches Eve walk away and slips the paper into his pocket.  He hits the down
button on the elevator and waits silently for the doors to open.
        A few seconds later he feels the sensation, then the doos slide open and Adam
comes face to face with the last person he ever expected to see.
"Christian...."  Chris Ramsey stares in shock for a moment, but before he can
say or do anything he is viciously punched in the stomach and shoved back into
the elevator.  Adam held his forearm over Ramsey's throat who struggled to free
himself.  "Give me one reason why I shouldn't kill you right here."
        "I can give you several Methos.... several hundred in fact."  Ramsey replied.
        Adam released him suddenly remembering where they were.  The elevator doors
opened and the two men walked out, their eyes not leaving each other.  Ramsey
adjusted his shirt and fixed his tie.
        "It's not like you to hold a grudge."  He walked to the desk followed by Adam.
"I thought Kronos taught you better than that.  I can imagine how disappointed
he must be with you."
        "Kronos is dead and you're going to join him."  Adam came within an inch of
Ramsey's face.  "You've got years of debts to repay and I'm going to be the one
to collect."
        Robin hugged Sonny when they reached the door.  "Remember what I said.... just
give it a little time."
        Sonny smiled and chuckled.  "Time huh?"  Sonny opened the door and found
Detective Taggert standing there.
        He smirked when he saw Sonny.  "Well it looks like that little birdie was
right."  He walked in without being invited.  "You are back in town."
        "Taggert.....  now my day is complete."  Sonny said closing the door.
        "How ya doing Sonny."  Taggert gave Robin the once over and winked at her.
"Pretty well it seems.  I sure hope Anger Boy doesn't find out."
        Robin rolled her eyes and Sonny became annoyed.  "Amazing.  I've been gone over
a year.... and you're still a jerk."
        Robin came forward and placed a hand on Sonny's arm.  "What are doing here
Taggert?  You were warned about harassing Jason and Sonny."
        "I'm here to ask Mr Corinthos a few questions."
        "About what?"  Sonny asked.
        "About the murder Charles Moreno."  Taggert replied.
        Sonny feigned surprise.  "Somebody killed Moreno?  Well when you find out who
let me know so I can send them a thank you card."
        "You wouldn't happen to know where you were when Moreno bought it would you?"
        "Am I suspect?"
        "Not yet."
        "Then I don't think I have anything to say to you."  Sonny said walking to the
door and holding it open.
        Taggert smirked as walked out.  "You shouldn't have come back Sonny boy......
because now I am going nail you."
        "Not in this lifetime."  Sonny told him.
        Taggert looked back at Robin and winked at her again.  "Miss Scorpio."
        Sonny slammed the door behind him.  "I can't believe he's still on the force."
        Robin came close to him.  "If he keeps going like this, he won't be for much
longer.  Uncle Mac has warned him more than once about coming here to harass
        Sonny flashed her a smile.  "Maybe he has, but we both know Taggert won't stop
until he's fired or he finds something."

        At the practice hall V was doing some fencing exercies when Jax came in.  He
stood back and stared at her smiling to himself.  She was wearing a pair of cut
off shorts and a tank top style shirt, sweat from her workout was glistening on
her body giving her skin almost a glow.  He never really noticed before, but V
was quite lovely.
        V finally felt someone watching her and turned to face them.  "Mr Jax."  She
smiled at little at seeing him slightly flustered.
        Jax stammered a little when he first spoke.  "I... hope... I.... didn't
interrupt you did I?"
        "Oh no.  I was just doing a few exercises."  She said grabbing a towel.  "What
are you doing here?"
        "I was looking for Brenda."  Jax said and he noticed V's smile fade.  "But I'm
guessing she's not here."
        V tossed the towel onto a small chair near her.  "No she isn't.  She was here
earlier, but she left a while ago."
        Jax watched as V wiped her sword with a silk cloth and placed it gently into
it's case.  "I was going to ask her to a late lunch, but.... how would you like
to join me instead."
        V smiled before she caught herself.  "I'd like that."
        V closed and locked her sword case and headed to the door.  Jax reached down to
take the case from her, his hand brushed over hers and she looked up at him.
His hand lingered on hers for a few moments and the two stared into each others
eyes before she let go the case's handle allowing him to take it.  He held the
door open for her and she grinned as she walked outside.
        "Em this is a really great place."  Liz said as she sat down on the couch.
        Emily was in the kitchen, she came out and handed Liz a soda.  "Thanks, but I
think it's a little big for just me."  She took a drink and just stared at the
other woman.
        "What?"  Liz asked feeling her eyes bore into her.
        "I just had an idea."
        "Now I'm worried."
        "I'm serious."  Emily said smacking Liz in the arm.  "I was thinking...."
        Emily sat her soda down.  "Why don't you move in here with me."
        Liz got up and walked around the room.  "I don't know."
        "What do you mean?  You've been saying you wanted to move out."
        "Yeah, but.... I was kinda hoping to move in with Lucky."
        "What's stopping you?"
        "I love Lucky, but I'm not going to leave home to live in a cheap hotel room."
        Emily got up.  "Then stay here with me."
        Liz considered her friend for a moment then came to decision.  "Alright... I
will.  You've got yourself a roommate."

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