It's Up to You
by JasNCarly

This story takes place in 2002.Carly and Jason have been married two years.Robin left a two
months after Carly came back.Jason told Robin she could not continue to act as though Michael
was her son when Carly was there.Robin and Jason had a huge fight before Robin left.Carly
was again there when Robin wasn't and Jason started to see his future with her.Carly and Jason
are enjoying marraige bliss and are expecting another child.Carly is now seven months pregnant
but Robin has decided to claim what she thinks is hers...Jason.
The sun shined on Carly's face so brightly that it made her wake up.Carly turned to Jason's slightly smiling face.She took a weird sense of pleasure looking at her sleeping husband.She used her nose to gently rub Jason's neck.She took comfort in his soft breathing.
"Mommy!Daddy!"Michael burst into their room and jumped on the bed.
"Michael!Your daddy is trying to sleep!"Carly laughed.
"Not anymore."Jason groaned as he sat up in bed.Michael jumped into his dads arms,"Hello,Michael."He turned to Carly,"Good morning,beautiful."Jason kissed.
"Morning handsome."Carly said pulling away from their kiss.
"Dad,stop it!"Michael told Jason.Michael turned Jason's face to his,"We have to make sure that thing is ready."Michael winked,"Don't you remember?"
"What thing?"Carly inquired.
"It's a surprise."Jason grinned and kissed Carly again.
"Yeah a surprise."Michael put his hands on his hips.
Jason picked up a giggling Michael and carried him out.
Carly just embraced all of it-her home,her marraige,and her life.She and Bobbie were great friends.Lucas and Michael played all the time.She and Michael was even going to meet with Bobbie and Lucas this afternoon in the park.Carly loved having Jason as her husband.Knowing that he loved her got her through each day no matter how hard.Carly couldn't believe how good her life had turned out.Now she was pregnant with Jason's child she could ask for something more.She walked over to the window and looked out at Port Charles.Jason entered the room once again,"Carly?"
Carly turned to him,"Hi honey."
"You ok?"Jason took her hand.
"I'm more than ok.I'm perfect nothing could  possibly take away my feeling of happiness right now or make it better."Carly wrapped her hands around Jason's neck and gave him a quick kiss.
"Nothing could make it better,huh?You might change your mind after you see our surprise."Jason took her hand and they walked up to Michael's room.They had given  Michael Carly's old room and made Michael's old room into a nursery for their new child.Carly sat on the bed with Jason on one side and Michael on the other.Jason turned on the tv and vcr,"This is our surprise it is a video of all our special moments Michael's birthday's,holidays,picnics with family,and our wedding.We put it together for so without further or do."Jason turned on the tape.
Carly watched all of it and she was overwhelmed with joy.Her favorite part was a picnic Jason and had had to tell Monica,Emily,Lila,Michael,Lucas,and Bobbie that Carly was pregnant again.Jason had just bought a video camera and taped just about everything these days:
Carly had everybody just finish congratulating her,Jason talked into the cameras microphone
and pointed it toward Carly,"This my lovely wife and soon to be mother of my second child."
Jason began to talk to Carly,"Carly,smile!"
Carly looked up at the camera,"Jason,no!You and that dang camera!"She raised her hands and blocked the camera.
Jason briefly turned the camera to himself,"Well,it's seems as though Carly does not want to smile
so I'll have to make her."Jason gave the camera to Bobbie and he went to Carly.
Bobbie focused on Carly and Jason.Jason started to tickle Carly and finally hugged her from behind.Carly laughed aloud and smiled at Jason,"Your nuts!"
"Yep,and you love it."Jason said and they began to kiss.
Bobbie turned the camera to herself,"Let's leave the lovebirds alone."
Carly had a tear fall and she whispered to Jason,"It's perfect."
"I win,dad!"Michael said.
"Yeah,I guess you do."Jason replied.
"Win what?"Carly asked.
"A bet.I bet you wouldn't cry and Michael bet you would."Jason told Carly.
"Oh thanks you guys have a lot of faith in me."Carly walked out of the room while Michael and Jason settle their little bet.
Carly walked downstairs and there was a knock at the door.Rinaldo must have left for a mintue.Carly shrugged and opened the door.Her happiness was overwhelemed by fear and saddness when she saw who it was,"Robin,what are you doing here?"
"You know why I'm here."Robin uncrossed her arms and walked into the penthouse.
Jason came downstairs  with Michael following him.Jason looked up at Robin,"Robin?"
"Jason!"Robin ran to him and wrapped her arms around him.
Michael walked over to Carly.Carly wrapped her arm around Michael.Jason looked at his family over Robin's shoulder.Carly looked a little sad.Jason quickly let go of Robin,"Why are you here?"
Robin slightly smiled,"Not exactly the greeting I wanted but it's ok.I can be patient."Robin turned to Michael,"Hi,Michael."She knelt down to him.
Carly looked at Jason now with anger.
Michael hid behind his mother a little,"Do I know you?"
"Yes,actually,I used to live here when you were little.I use to know your father,"Robin stood,"And,unfortunely,your mother."
"The feeling's mutual."Carly snapped at Robin.
"Robin,why are you here?"Jason's voice rose.
"I'm sorry maybe-Michael should leave the room."Robin suggested.
"I agree,"Carly added,"I son't think he needs to be anywhere near here."
"Michael,go to your room."Jason instructed.
"Ok,daddy."Michael grinned and went to his room.
Carly stood in place trying not to get too upset for the baby's sake.
Jason walked past Robin and to Carly,"You ok?"
"I'll be ok when she leaves."Carly answered.
"Feel to talk to me."Robin made Jason turned to her,"I came back for you.I know I don't deserve another chance and I know you think you love Carly but I'm here now and I will never ever let her come between us."
Jason let out a small laugh,"Robin,Carly's my wife.She has been for two years.And I don't think I love her,"Jason looked at Carly,"I know I do."
Carly gave Jason an understanding look.
"How could you want her?She's nothing.Absolutely nothing.Ok so she gave you Michael so what and just because she's pregnant  again doesn't mean we can't have a life together."Robin pleaded with Jason.
Jason saw Carly's pained look,"Get out."Jason told Robin.
"Jason,I apologize."Robin sighed.
"No!You can not come into my home and insult my wife like she isn't here.Get out."Jason opened the front door.
Robin held her head high,"She won't ruin us,Jason.I won't let her."
"She didn't ruin us.You did."Jason said and slammed the door behind Robin.
Carly ran her hands through her hair,"That's it."
Jason ran to Carly,"You ok?"
Carly sat at his desk,"That's it,you know,she's back we're over."
Jason got on a knee so he could face her,"No,Carly,it's not over.Why would you think that?"
Carly shook her head,"It happened last time."
"Last time?"Jason questioned.
"Let me refresh your memory...I shot someone and went to a mental ward.Robin came back to and took over in spot as Michael's mother and the woman in your life."Carly reminded Jason.
"Woman in my life?Carly,I wasn't in love with you then.That's what makes it different know.I love you."Jason took her hands,"We're together,now.Isn't that all that matters?"
Carly took her away,"For how long?Huh,Jason?How long?"
"How long what?"Jason second guessed Carly's question.
"How long will you love me?How long will you sustain the feelings you have for Robin?"Carly cried.
"Carly,how can you ask me that?How can you ask me how long I'll love you?Don't you know?"
Carly took a deep breath,"No."
Jason took her hand and his and showed their wedding rings to her,"This sybolizes how long."He kissed her hand,"I will love you forever and ever.You mean everything to me,Carly.Please,don't doubt that."
Carly took Jason's face in her hands,"I wanna believe you."Carly stood up and took a few steps away.
"You want to believe me?Why don't trust me,Carly?"Jason was hurt by her not trusting him.
"I do trust but I trust anybody where Robin's concerned.I can't trust my mom,people around me,or even you."Carly sighed.
"Carly,what can I say to you?"Jason went to her.
"Nothing."Carly sniffled,"I'm going have to live off the faith in our marraige.And I'm going to go and see my mother."Carly grabbed her small purse and began to leave.
Jason stopped her before she was gone,"Carly,don't leave not now."
"Jason,I need some peace,right now.I can't argue right now.It's for me or the baby so I am going to go meet Bobbie."Carly looked at Jason and saw how hurt he was.She walked back to him and kissed him.She pulled away and kept her eyes closed so she could remember this moment,"I love you,Jason."
"I love you more,Carly."Jason had his eyes closed too.
When they finally opened their eyes they smiled at each other.
"Mommy,are we leaving?"Michael asked putting on his hat.
"Yeah we're going to go now,sweety."Carly hugged Michael.
"Cool."Michael walked out to the elevator,"Bye,daddy!"
Carly hugged Jason,waved goodbye,and left.

Carly and Michael waited on the bench in the park.Bobbie finally showed up with Lucas,"Carly,I am so sorry I'm late.The hospital was hectic today."Bobbie sat next Carly while Michacel and Lucas played,"Carly?"
Carly finally turned to her mom with tears in her eyes,"Robin's back."
"Oh,no are you ok?"Bobbie sweep Carly's hair out of her face.
"She came over and,"Carly turned to her,"I didn't take it too well,Momma."
Bobbie embraced her daughter,"It's going to be ok,Carly.You'l see."Bobbie soothed her daughter as she cried.
Carly pulled back a little,"What do I do?"
Bobbie stroked her daughter's cheek,"There's not much you can do."
"That's not what I wanted to here,Momma."Carly joked.
"Sorry."Bobbie smiled.
"Mommy."Michael tugged at Carly's dress.
Carly wiped her tears and turned to Michael,"Yes,Michael."
Michael tapped his mom,"You're it!"Michael giggled as he ran away.
"I'm going get you!"Carly called after him.She ran after him.She ran through some bushes and ended up in a different part of the park.Carly examined what was around her,"Michael?"There was a rustle in the bushes.Carly squinted her eyes and walked over to the bushes,"I've got you now."She pushed the bushes apart and the person yelled boo at her.Carly screamed and started to back up when she saw who it was.

Bobbie heard the scream and immediatly shouted,"Carly?"
Michael came rushing towards Bobbie,"The bad man's with mommy."
"Bad man?What bad man,Michael?!"Bobbie asked.
"The man who took me away from mommy and daddy when I was little."Michael impatiently said swinging his arms in the air.
Lucas walked to them as he heard Michael's statement,"Dad?"
"Tony."Bobbie spoke low to herself and then to Lucas,"Watch Michael."Bobbie went to find Carly.

Carly stepped back as Tony advanced towards her.Carly started to get scared.Once she was pregnant she worried about  her baby more than herself.She started to think she would get very upset talking to him.
"You lose Michael again,Carly?"Tony snickered.
"He's probaly back with Bobbie.He does that sometimes,I'll go back now."Carly quickly tried to leave.
Tony grabbed her wrist tightly,"We should talk."
"No.Let me go."Carly struggled but couldn't get loose from Tony's grip.
"Get the hell away from my daughter!"Bobbie yelled.
Tony let go instantly,"Bobbie,sticking up for your off-spring how nice!"
Bobbie went to Carly,"Did he hurt you?"
"No mom I just want to go."Carly was so happy Bobbie showed up.
"You go back to Michael and Lucas.I have something to settle with Tony."Bobbie gave Tony a furious look.
Carly grew worried,"Are you sure?We could just go."Carly assuring her mom everything was ok.
"I'll be fine,Carly.Just go back,ok?I'll be there in a second."Bobbie gave her daughter a caring look.Carly nodded and left.Bobbie spun around to face Tony,"How many times do I have to tell you stay away from her!How many times do I have to telly you to stay away from us!Me,Lucas,Michael,and Carly are off-limits to you!"Bobbie continued to yell furious at his continued misbehavior.
"You won't even let me see my son!"Tony argued.
"Can you blame me?!You lurk around in bushes,you kidnapped on my grandson,you almost got my son killed,and you are trying to scare my pregnant daughter!You listen good,Tony!You will stay away from my family,if I have to kill you myself,I will!Stay away from us!"Bobbie finished and stormed away.
Carly sat at the bench tapping her fingers on the bench waiting for her mom to come back.Then she saw her mom and ran to her,"Is everything ok?"
"Yes,Tony,won't bother us anymore."Bobbie took her daughter's,"Let's get you home."

Jason paced the floor as he waited for Carly to come back.He was hurt by Carly's words and he didn't have time to explain.It was unfair he didn't even do anything wrong.He even kicked Robin out.Then he heard the door knob open and Michael came in,"Daddy!You should have been there!Grandma saved mommy from the bad man!"Michael exclaimed.
"Bad man?"Jason was surprised by Michael words.
"Tony was there."Bobbie told Jason as she walked in with Carly.
Jason looked at Carly and she looked back at him.
Bobbie saw the look,"I was thinking maybe Michael could stay with us tonight.You guys could use the time alone."
Carly eye's widen,"No thanks--"
Jason cut Carly off,"Would you?"
"It'd be my pleasure."Bobbie grinned at Michael,"You want to stay with Lucas and me tonight,Michael?"
"Yeah!"Michael responded.
Bobbie picked him,"Let's go."Bobbie walked and when she was halfway out the door she mouthed to Carly,'Play nice.'
Carly could feel Jason's eyes burning in the skin behind her neck.
Jason was the first to speak,"Carly,we need to talk."
Carly slowly turned to Jason,"I know.I just don't want to say something wrong."
"Something wrong?"
"All it takes is me making one mistake to,"Carly paused,"To drive you to her."
"Carly,please listen to me.Just listen."Jason begged.
Carly nodded and sat on the couch.
He sat next to her,"I love you,Carly.Not Robin.I have faith in us.I have faith in our marraige.I have faith in our family.I dream about you,I think about you,I do everything for you,I take extra care of myself for you,and I need you."Jason whispered.
Carly shed her tears and placed her hand on his cheek,"I need you,too."
"Don't leave me.Please."Jason cried.
"Leave you?"Carly repeated.
"Your going to leave me."Jason looked down.
"Jason,I'm not going to leave you.Why would you think such a thing?"
"Because the way you talked to me this morning."Jason answered.
"Jason,I said those things because I feel like your going to leave me."
"What?Why did you think that?"
"Jason,come on."
"Robin's smart,she's beautiful,and she loved and wants you."Carly stood,"And me I'm as big as a house."
Jason smiled,"Carly,your not big."
"Yes,I am."Carly looked at him with her innocent eyes,"I'm fat and ugly.Jason,even my fingers are big."
Jason laughed,"Carly,your not ugly or fat.Your fingers are not big your just worrying."
"How can I compete with Robin?I'm not as pretty as her."
Jason lifted Carly's chin,"Your beautiful.Carly,your even carrying our child.Robin could never compete with you."
Carly blushed,"Really?"
"Yes.Really."Jason kissed Carly.Instead of pulling back Carly kissed back.They kissed and Carly felt like nothing could come between them.But Robin was still in town and Carly knew she wouldn't give up.When the kiss ended Carly and Jason gazed into each other's eyes.After a while Carly grinned,"What?"
Jason continued to look at her,"I was trying to remember how I ever lived without you."
"Jason,you're so sweet.Your not at all mad at me for snapping at you today?"Carly questioned.
"Mad?No.I was hurt by what you sad."Jason finally turned away.
"I'm sorry."Carly apologized,"Can we just forget today happened?"
"If that's what you want,consider it forgotten."Jason wrapped his arm around her.
Carly leaned her head against his chest,"That's what I want."
They sat in silence.Jason said something to Carly but she didn't reply.Jason tucked some of her behind her ear.She had fallen asleep.Jason kissed her head and held her tighter.Jason remembered a paticular day when he realized how much his feelings towards her were changing it was the same day he told Carly he loved her:
Carly was playing with Michael in the living room.Jason walked down to the halfway point on
the stairway and stopped to watch them.As Jason watched them he realized how full his heart
was.He thought he'd feel empty know that Robin was gone but he didn't.Carly laughed and
smiled the hole time Jason watched her.Jason even remembered what she wore that day.She had
on a green sweater over a white shirt and blue jeans.It was sunny outside but the house was kind
of cold.The sun shined bright in the house.Jason watched Carly continue to play with Michael.
When she knelt before him by the window her golden hair seemed to shine and her face seemed
to make him overly happy.He wanted to go right to her and say he loved her.Carly poked
Michael's nose and looked up to see Jason.She flashed him a slight smile and picked up Michael.
Jason decided to come down the stairs finally.Carly bended her head to the side a little,"Jason?"
Jason shook his head to snap out of his thoughts,"What?"
"Everything alright?"Carly asked.
"Yeah,I'm ok."Jason answered.
"Good.You seemed a little weird about something.Anyways,Michael has decided he's a little tired.
You want to put him down for a nap?"Carly inquired.
"Sure."Jason grabbed Michael,"Come on big guy."
Jason laid Michael down for his nap.Michael closed his eyelids slowly.Jason walked back
downstairs.Carly was looking back out the window.Jason walked to her side.Carly couldn't help
but smile at him again.She wrapped her arms around his arm and kissed his cheek.She then
turned back to look out at Port Charles looked back out at Port Charles.Jason cleared his throat,"Carly,I have to tell you something."
"What?Is it about our date last night?"Carly's smile faded.
"It's more than our date last night--it's everything."
"Geez,what I do wrong."Carly looked worried.
"No-it's not that.I just,"Jason kissed her on the lips and Carly was a little surprised when he
pulled away he just said it,"I love you,Carly."
"What?"Carly was shocked.
Jason grinned," I can't believe it but I do."
"You do?!"Carly jumped and hugged him,"I love you too,Jason."
"Good."Jason laughed and they kissed again.
Jason's thought's were ended when the phone rang.Carly quickly sat up.Jason went to the phone,"Hello?"Carly only heard Jason's end of the conversation,"What?When?Ok thanks for telling me,Brenda."
Carly spoke softly to herself,"Brenda?"
Jason explained,"Robin's in the hospital.Apparently,she has stopped taking her medicine.Why would she do something like that?"
"Think about it,Jason."Carly sighed,"Maybe you should go and visit her."
Jason turned to Carly,"Are you serious?"
"Yeah,I trust you."Carly looked up at him.
Jason loved her even more at that moment,"Thank you,Carly."He kissed her.
Carly tried to keep in her mind that what she did was probaly the right thing but she couldn't help but think it was the stupidest thing she had ever done.Carly walked over to the waiting to see Jason get into his car.As he got into the car he looked at Carly and left.

Jason entered General Hospital.Brenda was pacing the floor in the waiting room.Jason quickly approached Brenda,"How is she?"
"Jason,good your here.She asked doctors to let you but I'm not allowed to see her yet.Can you see how she is?"Brenda was very worried about her friend.
"Sure.Um...I'll tell you how it goes."Jason replied.
Brenda hugged him,"Thank you!"
Jason walked into Robin's hospital room.She was pale and sick looking.Jason sat next to her.Robin batted her eyelashes open,"Jason."
Jason sat back in the chair and crossed his arms,"What are you doing,Robin?"
"I had to see you."Robin slowly sat up.
"I saw you yesterday and you were fine."Jason thought aloud.
"I stopped taking my medicine.I had to see you."
"Robin,You could have got yourself killed!"Jason shouted and stood up.
"It was worth it!Your here.We can talk.I wanted just see you and talk to you."Robin cried.
Jason turned to her and realized how much she wanted and need his love.He stook a deep breath and sat next to her again,"I'm sorry.I just don't see why your doing this."
"I need you,Jason.I feel horrible inside."Robin wiped her tears away.
Jason thought about it for a second.He had to do something.Jason closed his eyes and took her hand.Robin squeezes his hand and smiled.Jason opened his eyes,"What can I do?"
"You could meet with me.I don't have to actually be with you,I just have to see you."Robin suggested.
Jason instantly wanted to say no but looked down and thought of Carly.She told him she trust him.Jason then looked back at Robin's pained but hopeful face,"Just meeting, right?"
"Right."Robin bit her lower lip waiting for him to say something.
"Ok.I'll meet with you.At the bridge everyday to make sure your taking your medicine."Jason agreed.
"Oh,Jason,thank you."Robin hugged him.
Jason hugged Robin but felt terrible aboout and for Carly.She wouldn't handle this to well.

Carly laid down in her bedroom.She turned over so that she would be facing Jason's side of the bed.Her tears fell to the side since she was laying down.She stroked Jason's pillow trying to tell herself she could trust him.It was just to hard.She sniffled and burst into tears again.She felt like she was losing everything.Jason walked into the house and back to his bedroom.The door was slightly cracked.He could hear Carly sob loudly.He knew he couldn't tell her what he promised Robin.Not yet.He stepped into the room and went to Carly.She didn't notice anyone was there yet.Jason then whispered in her ear,"Hey."
Carly wiped her tears away hoping he didn't know she was crying,"Hi."
Jason sat down next to her,"What's wrong?"He wiped away another tear that slid down her cheek.
Carly laughed,"It's hormones.How'd it go with Robin?"
"Hormones?"Jason rose a brow.
"Yep.It's torture."
"Oh."Jason nodded,"Everything went ok with Robin but right now I just want to go to sleep,you know?"
"Ok."Carly stood.
"Where you going?"Jason asked.
"Well you want to go sleep."Carly said.
"With you.Don't leave."Jason took her hands and pulled her to him.He slid his hands across either side of her face,"Stay with me."He kissed her.
Carly kissed back not remembering the last time he kissed her like this.She wrapped her arms and kissed back.Carly was the first to pull away.Jason frowned,"Why'd you stop?"
"Because something's wrong.I can feel it and sense it.I'm your wife remember?"Carly grinned as she looked up into his eyes.
"Yeah,"Jason placed his hand to her face,"My wonderful,beautiful,perfect wife."
Carly continued to grin,"Now,I know something's wrong."Carly giggled.
"Nothing's wrong.How's the baby?"Jason looked at her stomach.
Carly's eyes widen and she hit him playfully,"Don't change the subject."
"Carly,please,nothing's wrong."Jason groaned.
"Alright.Fine."Carly turned her back to him.
"Fine?I'll show you fine."Jason started tickling her.
Carly's laughter filled the room and they both fell on the bed side by side.Jason finally stopped and asked her,"How's the baby?"
"He's fine."Carly responded.
"He?How do you know it's a he?"
"I have a feeling."
"Oh,what will we name him?"Jason wrapped his arm around her.
Carly moved her head closer to Jason,"Do you remember how you named Michael because to you it was like--one of the most perfect names you could think of?"
"Yes.I do."
"I want to name him the most perfect name ever heard."
"What's that?"
"No,"Carly laughed,"That's what I want to name him."
"Yeah,unless you had another name in mind."
"No,Carly,I just never thought that you'd name one of our children after me."
"I think it's a brillant idea."Carly joked,"By the way,don't forget,"She pointed to her stomach,"We have doctor's appointment tommorrow."
"You forgot?"Carly let out a small sarcastic laugh,"You promised you'd go with me."
Jason covered,"No I didn't forget.I may have drew a blank for a mintue but,"He turned Carly's head towards him,"I'll be there I promise."
Carly's eyes filled with happiness,"Thank you."
"Your welcome."Jason kissed her again and then they laid dwon and thought nothing but good thoughts.

Later on that night...
 Jason walked down this long white hall and finally arrived in a big room with weird designs.
There was a long black dark sprial staircase.It was different from the rest of the white room.He
was killed by curiousity.He ran up the stairs and walked into a room full of people all dressed in black.Like they were at a funeral.He walked to the coffin in the front of the room.He looked
down to see Robin.As he shed a tear at the loss of her he turned to see the people in the room
fade and all that was left was Bobbie,Lucas,Monica,Emily,and Lila.He turned back to the coffin
and saw Robin change into Carly.Jason's eyes widen and his heart sank.He started to sob loudly,"Carly?"He whispered,"No.No that can't be you."He closed his eyes and shook his head,"YOU'RE NOT DEAD."
Bobbie walked up behind him,"You get away from her!"
Jason spun around to Bobbie.Monica and Emily held her back.Jason's eyes were filled with tears,"What happened to her?"
"She died of heartbreak!And you caused it !"Bobbie yelled.
"No!!!"Jason screamed as he woke up.He was covered in sweat and his eyes were still filled with tears.
"Jason?"Carly quickly woke up.
"Carly?"Jason faced her.He grabbed her and held her tight.
"Jason,it's ok.I'm here."Carly rubbed his back and spoke softly into his ear,"It was a nightmare.Do you want to talk about it?Sometimes it makes it go away."
"You were dead."Jason still had tears falling rapidly,"And I caused it."
"I'm not dead,Jason."Carly looked into his eyes,"See,I'm right here.Now,I hate to ask this but how did I die?"
"Heartbreak."Jason whispered.
Carly giggled,"That's a new one."
Jason smiled,"I guess so."
"Besides,you would never hurt me."Carly said.
Jason knew exactly what was bothering him,"Carly,I didn't tell you everything about my visit with Robin."
Carly's smile faded,"Oh?"
"I sort of promised Robin that I'd meet with her everyday to make sure she takes her medicine."Jason told Carly for the first time.
Carly knew Jason was bothered the dream explained it.She put on a happy face for him,"That's ok your just making sure.It's not like a date or anything,right?"
"No,of course not."
"No problem then.Now,go back to sleep and have good dreams."Carly gave him a quick kiss.
"Thank you,Carly.I love you so much."Jason hugged her again before they both laid back down.

A couple of hours later...
Carly walked into a ballroom.She looked around for something.She wasn't sure what but she
knew she'd know what it was when she saw it.The people around her were dressed beautiful.She
looked down at what she was wearing.She had on a lilac ballgown.Her hair was down and had
on shoes to match her dress.She continued to look around for it.Then she saw it--him.It was
Jason.He looked like a prince.He was on the at the top of the staircase.She smiled at him and he smiled back.Carly felt a little shy for some reason but looked back at him.Then someone past her
and Jason's gaze followed the person.The person was a woman.She wore a blood red silk
ballgown.Her hair was in a curled pony tail and she greeted Jason with a kiss.When the woman looked down at the crowd her face was revealed.It was Robin.Carly felt like a fool.Prince
Charming wanted a princess not a peasant.Carly looked down in disappointed and started to
push her way out of the crowd.When she paused for a moment to get one last look at the Prince.
He wasn't there.She glanced around the room looking for him.She just wanted one last look.That
was all she needed.She craved it for some reason.Then she felt a tap on her shoulder.She jumped
a little and turned around.It was him.It was Jason.
"Thought I lost you."Jason flashed her another one of his sweet smiles.
"Me?Nah,I'm always around."Carly said.
"That's funny I've never seen you before."Jason looked around the room,"Would you like to
"Are you sure you don't want to dance with that girl I saw you with earlier?"Carly asked.
"Is that why you ran away?"Jason took her hand and they walked onto the dancefloor,"Don't
worry that girl's not for me."
Jason watched Carly sleeping.She seemed a little uneasy at first but suddenly she grew relaxed and even had a slight smile on her face.Jason took comfort in Carly's smile and fell asleep soon after.

The next day Carly got on a pair of sea green overalls and a white shirt under that.She was trying to dress in something easy to get in and out of.She had to so they could perform the ultrasound on Carly.She put on a heart necklace that Jason got her.She walked out to the front room.Jason was on the phone,"Yeah at three o' clock.Bye."He hung up the phone.
Carly walked up behind Jason and wrapped her arms around Jason's waist,"Hi,honey."
Jason turned around in Carly's arms so he could face her,"Hi."Jason kissed her on the lips.
"Jason,I had a dream last night."Carly smiled,"And me realize something."
"What?Good or bad?"Jason asked.
"I realized Robin isn't a threat to us.You married me because you love me and you need me.She can't take that a way.You really do love me and not her.I'm the one for you,right?That's why today if you have to cancel on the appointment,I understand and we still have two months before our little bundle of joy is here."Carly looked so happy and understanding.
Jason loved her more now than he had ever loved her before,"Carly,you don't know how much that means to me."
Carly continued to give him that wonderful look,"Everything's going to be perfect between us,Jason.I just know it."
"Me too."Jason kissed her,"Your..."
"It's ok.You don't have to say anything.I called Bobbie she'll  be with me at the doctor appointment if you can't make it."She gave him another quick kiss,"See you later,honey."Carly took her tiny purse and left.
Jason grinned and crossed his arms.This was all going to work out.

Carly went to Bobbie's place.They talked for awhile and then headed for Carly's doctor.On the way Bobbie looked at Carly who looked very content,"So how did it go with Jason?"
"Our marraige is going to last no matter what Robin tries.I'm sure of it."Carly said determined.
"Carly,I am so glad you said that."Bobbie was glad it didn't turn into another fight between Carly and Jason.

Jason and Robin met at the bridge at three o clock.Robin looked more lively than yesterday.Jason and Robin talked most of the day and part of the night.Robin was angered that whenever she brought up a memory of her andJason togetherJason would bring up something with Carly.Jason finally looked down at his watch,"Wow.It's getting kind of late.Carly's probaly waiting for me.I'll walk you home."
Jason and Robin walked to Brenda and Jax's house.There was an arkward moment at the door.Jason put his hands in his pocket.Robin smiled,took his hand,and brought him into the house.Jason knew right away this wasn't good.He turned around and faced Robin,"Robin,I should go.I had fun today and it was nice talking to you but I just don't feel that way anymore."Jason put his hands in front of him in protest.
"Jason."Robin grabbed him and kissed him.
Jason tried not to give in but it had been awhile since he had kissed anyone but Carly.Not that he didn't enjoy kissing Carly.Carly and Jason had not made love since Carly got pregnant.She just didn't want to.Jason accepted her choice but when Robin showed him that kind of attention he wanted it and needed it.
Robin stopped for a second,"I love you,Jason."
Jason kept his eyes closed,"I love you too,Carly."He grabbed Robin by the back of her neck and they kissed then fell to the couch.

Carly walked into the penthouse,"Jason!You home?You won't believe what happened at the doctor's office.Jason?"Carly called out and looked at the clock on the wall,"Ten?He should be home."She took a deep breath,"Oh god,no.Please no."Carly ran back out.She had a car take her to Brenda's house.She was so lucky Bobbie volunteered to take Michael for another night.Carly sat in the back of the car praying,"Oh,god please don't let it be true."Carly's legs kept moving she couldn't sit still.Finally,the car stopped.She slowly approached the door.She turned the knob and walked in.She felt the bad feeling of hers getting worse.She then saw a ray of light from the end of the hall coming out of a room.She closed her eyes and pushed the door open more.There Jason was.He and Robin were kissing and getting close to being completely naked.Her tears fell fluentely,"Please stop!"Carly shouted.
Jason quickly stopped kissing Robin,"Oh god,Carly."
"Just don't please.Just stop."Carly hugged herself and rocked herself a little.
"Carly,I'm sorry."Jason said trying to put his clothes back on.He still had to put on his shirt.
"No.Don't.Just don't."Carly turned away and walked out of the room.
Jason put on his shirt and ran after her,"Carly!"
Robin stood and the room and smiled to herself.That should seperate them for good.She sat in her bed.
Jason grabbed Carly from behind just before she got to the door,"Carly..wait."
Carly quickly got loose,"Don't!Don't you ever touch me!Never again!You know,Jason,I am trying so hard to understand.I try so hard to get you!"Carly cried,"So I trusted in you!In our marraige!And look what you've done!You ruined it.Everything that we worked so hard for!"Carly pointed at him barely seeing his face through her tears,"You ruined it.That's it.We aren't ment to be together.Take your rings and,"Carly pulled her rings off and threw them at Jason,"See if Robin wants them.They mean less than dirt to me."Carly stomped up the stairs and slammed the door on the way out.Carly walked back to the car and instructed the driver to take her back to the penthouse.She dragged herself into the penthouse and laid on the couch.He sobs filled the room.This was just to much.

Jason stood in place for hours.Carly's words played over and over again.The only time he moved was when he picked up Carly's wedding rings.She was right.He did it.They had worked so hard to get to where they were today.His tears fell onto the rings as he realized he lost the most important thing in his life.Carly trusted him so much that she let him bail out on their baby's appointment just so he could make sure Robin was ok.Robin interuptted his thoughts,"You ok?"
Jason shook his head,"No.I just did the most horrible thing to the person I love the most."
Robin stepped in front of him,"You'll be ok.We'll get through this."
"What?"Jason finally moved.He took a step back so Robin couldn't touch him,"Don't you get there is no us!That upstairs was just stuff inside me that I didn't now was there but it wasn't ment for you it was ment for Carly.I have to go.Robin if you decide not to take your pills as much as would hurt me I will never ever come to see you again.Ever.Bye,Robin.You did as much damage to me and Carly as your going to do so be proud."Jason opened the door.
"She'll never take you back."Robin yelled.
"Maybe not,but I have to try."Jason laughed,"But even if she didn't I'd never take you back."Jason closed the door behind him.He respected Carly enough to stay away from their penthouse.Jason stayed at Justus'.

Carly woke up the next morning with bad stomach pains.She was crying it was so bad.She went to the kitchen and grabbed a glass of milk.She figured it'd go away but it didn't.She was finishing the glass of milk but the pain got worse.She walkd out to the phone and dialed Bobbie's cellphone,"Momma,help me."
"Carly,what's wrong?"Bobbie asked alarmed.
"Mom,it's the baby.Something's wrong..."Carlt trailed off.
"Carly?!"Bobbie shouted.The only response she got was the phone falling to the floor.
Luckly Bobbie was at General Hospital she rode with the ambulance to the penthouse.When the ambulance stopped Bobbie burst out of the back doors.She ran up to Carly's penthouse.She walked in to the penthouse and saw Carly past out on the ground.Bobbie then screamed,"Help!!!"
They rushed Carly back the ambulance.Carly opened her eyes and knew where she was,"No."Carly cried.
Bobbie was next to her,"Carly."
"Momma,please don't let my baby die!Please!"Carly begged.
"Carly,calm down for the baby."Bobbie cried along with Carly.
"NO!My baby please!Don't let it die.Please!Save him!"
"Carly,please you have to calm down."The ambulance finally stopped at the hospital and the paramedics ran Carly into the emergency room.Carly past out somewhere inbetween.Monica saw that it was Carly and ran to Bobbie.Bobbie hugged Monica her poor baby girl was so scared.The mintues seemed to be hours.Bobbie sat in the waiting room hoping to hear some word.Bobbie then thought about it,"I have to call Jason."
Monica gasped,"You didn't call him yet?!"
"No.I was so worried about Carly.I still am can you call him?"Bobbie asked.

Jason didn't sleep all night.He was too worried about his marraige.Justus walked out in his suit,"You ok?"
"Yeah,I just--"Jason was cut off by the ring of his cellphone,"Hello?"Justus only heard Jason's side of the conversation,"No!When?I'll be right there."Jason hung up fast.
Justus went after him,"What happened?"
"Carly's in the the hospital.It's the baby."Jason and Justus both got into a car and went to General Hospital.

Jason ran into General Hospital.Bobbie was sitting while Monica paced the floor.Bobbie saw Jason and filled with rage,"Where were you?!"Monica stopped Bobbie from ringing Jason's neck.
"Nevermind,what's wrong?"Jason questioned his mother.
"We don't know."Monica replied.
"How did she look when she came in?"Jason asked.
"Horrible,scared,and sad."Bobbie sat back down.
"She's ok."A doctor added,"Thanks to Ms.Spencer she'll be fine."
"Doctor what caused this?"Bobbie asked.
"Stress.Something happened to Carly and it most have been really upsetting.The baby didn't like the stress an fought back."The doctor explained it Jason's terms.
"Can I see her?"Bobbie asked.
"Surely.She's requested that only you see her."The doctor nodded.
"Ok."Bobbie ran to Carly's room.
Monica turned to Jason and Justus,"Why did she not let you see her, Jason?"

Bobbie walked into see Carly sobbing in her hands.Bobbie ran to her,"Carly?"
"I hurt all my babies.I can never just have an ok pregnecy."Carly mummered.
"Carly,it's not your fault something upset you badly and your baby didn't like it.What happened?"
"Momma,it was horrible.I came home and Jason wasn't home so I got a bad feeling then I called a car to take me to Brenda's house.I just wanted to know Jason wasn't there.But I found them and if I hadn't walked in who knows maybe Robin when pregenant now."Carly looked at her mom.
Bobbie was shocked to say the least,"Oh,Carly.No wonder."
"I lost him."Carly made a hurt face.
Bobbie hugged her daughter,"No.No you didn't lose him.He lost you and he's going to regret ever hurting you."Bobbie was even more angry now than before.

Bobbie held Carly's hand until she fell asleep.Bobbie then put her hand next to her and quickly walked back into the waiting room.Jason was stading while Monica and Justus sat.Bobbie walked right up to Jason.Jason turned to her and Bobbie looked into his eyes and wanted to hurt him.She balled up her fist and punched him across the face.Monica and Justus go up real fast,"What did you do the for?"
"You bastard!She trusted you!"Bobbie screamed.
Monica stepped in front of her son to make sure Bobbie wouldn't hit him again,"Bobbie,what happened?"
"He cheated on my daughter!Did it feel good,Jason?!Are you proud of yourself?!You ruined the best thing you had!Carly almost lost her baby and it's because of you!The only person she's ever trusted in her life!She trusted you and look where it got here!"Bobbie yelled.
"Now,you listen to me Bobbie.I may not know my son inside but out but I do know he loves Carly and that he would never cheat on her!"Monica retailed.
"Oh,really ask him?Where were you last night?Did you stay with Robin?!"Bobbie was so mad she ring Jason's neck right now.
"No,"Jason sat and cried into his hands,"After Carly found us before had acutally slept I went Justus place for the night.I 'm so sorry.I don't know why I did it."Monica's heart ached for her son.She sat next to him and hugged him.Jason continued to cry in Monica's arms,"I don't why I did it.But I did and if Carly hadn't showed up I probaly would have gone through with it."
Justus sat on the other side of Jason.
Bobbie stood still as mad as before,"I don't want you anywhere near her.Or you.Or you."Bobbie said to Justus and Monica,"Everyone just stay away from my daughter."Bobbie straightened out her clothing and walked back to Carly's room.Carly was still asleep.Bobbie looked at her daughter and knew in her heart that over the next few months she would have to be the strentgh for both her and her daughter.

That night all Carly could think about was how is Jason taking all of this?She sighed and saw her mom sitting right next to her.Bobbie had went home to watch Michael and Lucas.Carly slipped out of her covers and walked to her hospital door.She peeked out of the window and just as she thought Jason was right there in the waiting room resting.She knew what he did was wrong but she loved him too much to not let him know anything.She opened her door and made sure no one was around.She walked over to Jason and sat next to him.She held her hand close to his hair and hestitate for a minute but then stroked his hair.Jason felt a warm hand on his face and woke up.He turned to see it was Carly,"Car--"He was so surprise he couldn't even say her name.
Carly smiled at him with her hand still at the side of his face,"Hi."
Jason could barely hold back his tear.Without thinking he just hugged her.Carly tried to resist but hugged him back.Jason had tears fall from his eyes as he held her.Carly stroked his hair.Jason finally let go of her and looked her in the eyes,"I'm sorry."
Carly made an upset face and her eyes filled with tears,"I know,honey.But you gotta understand I'm going to need some time.I just have deal with this on my own.I have to figure out what I'm going to do."
"Don't give up on us,please."Jason cried.
Carly wiped away his tears,"I'll never give up on us.I swear to you.Somehow,were going to get through this.But right now I have to put to the side for the baby's sake,ok?Please understand."
"I do understand I just wish that we didn't have to go through this.And it's all my fault."Jason felt horrible for what he had done and Carly could tell.
"I can't take this right now.I'm going to go back to my room."Carly sighed and walked back to her room.
Jason stood,took one last look at Carly's room,and left.

The next day Bobbie came bright and early.She walked in with a grin on her face and a vase full of beautiful yellow roses,"Hi,sweetheart,you feeling better?"
Carly smiled,"Yeah,momma,I'm feeling ok."
"Well,I got a room all prepared for you at my place like you wanted.Have you talked to Jason?"Bobbie asked.
Carly ran her hands through her hair,"Yes,last night I asked him to give me some space right now and he agreed."
"That's good.Communication."Bobbie sat next to Carly.
"But I got to thinking he did something horrible to me.Something I never thought he'd do.Not in a million years.Who's to say he won't do it again?"Carly began to cry.
"So you want to leave him?"Bobbie wasn't sure what Carly was going to do.
"If I did I don't think I could."Carly made a pained face.
"Why not?"
Carly struggled,"Because--he's all I know.How do I turn my back on everything I know?How do I kiss my whole world goodbye?He's everything to me.He's been my shoulder to cry on,the father of my children,my loving husband,the person I love to laugh with,the person to cheer me up,and the person I've always wanted to grow old with."
"Carly,I don't know exactly what to tell you but I can say this you never know how strong you are until your strength is challenged and it looks like either way you'll have to be strong."Bobbie took her hand,"I am behind you no matter what you decide."
"Thank you,mom.I can never thank you enough."Carly hugged her.

A month past and Carly was trying to decide what she was going to do.She didn't talk or see Jason at all but she would look up at the moon and say goodnight to him.She knew Jason was doing the the same.She was right everynight at the same time he would say goodnight to her and  wish her well.One  morning Jason woke up to the phone ringing,"Hello?"
Jason was wide awake when he heard her voice,"Carly?"
"Yeah.Um...I made decision and I wanted to meet in the park if that's ok."Carly suggested.
"Sure.I'll be right there."Jason hung up before Carly could speak anything else.
Carly frowned at the receiver and hung up.
Bobbie was standing right next to her,"So?"
"He's on his way there."
"Good luck."Bobbie said to Carly who grabbed her coat and left.

Jason was sitting at a bench waiting for Carly.He was afraid of what she was going to say.Her not seeing him for the past month was not a good sign.It was so close to the birth of their new child.Jason never talked to Robin again after that night and he never wanted to.Carly peek around a bush to see Jason waiting there.She straighten out her white dress and brown coat She took a deep breath and approached him,"Hi."
"Carly."Jason seemed stunned when he saw her.He was in awe she was still as beautiful as he remembered.
"I made a decision."Carly sat on the bench and sat Jason back down next to her.
Jason sighed,"So,is that it?Can you not stand the sight of me?Does the thought of me make you sick?Or do you still love me?"
Carly burst into tears.
"Carly,please just tell me if you love me."Jason begged.
Carly looked into his eyes,"I will always love,Jason.No matter what.But I can't forget what happened."
Jason looked away.
"And it going to take sometime for us to fix all of our problems,"Carly's words made Jason turn to her,"But I think we can handle it.If your willing to try."
"Are you saying what think your saying?"Jason grinned.
"Jason,I have went over it in my mind again and again trying to figure out what's best for me and my baby.I want for him to see our faces when he comes into the word.I want him to be able to have a mom and dad.I want for us to be together when he's teeth start to grow or his first day of school.I want you.I love you,Jason."Carly smiled as she cried.
"I love you too,Carly."He hugged her.
Carly pulled away,"Let's go home."
Jason was more than happy to her say that.They picked up Michael from Bobbie's and went home.
The End

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