Home is Where the Heart Is
by JasNCarly

I wrote this story as if the kidnapping of Michael never happened.So when when reading this story please keep in mind that the kidnapping of Michael never happened.Hope you enjoy my story!!!

Carly woke up fairly early and checked on Michael.Jason had already beaten her to it.He was talking and holding Michael as he always did.Carly walked down stairs and she poured herself a glass of apple juice and sat down.Carly had made a vow to herself the other night she first vowed to spend all her time with Michael and maybe one day for herself and second not talk as much Carly knew that's what had been getting her in so much trouble and though she hated to admit it she knew it was.Last night she was talking to Jason and she must have said something wrong because it turned out to be an argument between her and Jason.Jason said hi before leaving.Carly hated the silence you could drop a tiny needle in their and it would sound like a Bang.She went over to Michael and talked with him.
"Hey Michael,"Carly picked him up,"Mama's big boy.Yea."
Michael giggled and smiled.He moved his little feet and wrapped his tiny fingers around her pinkies.Carly fed him and kissed his forehead,"I think we should go out and get you a new toy today.What do you say?"
Michael hiccuped in response.
"Really?I'll take that as a yes."Carly dressed him up to go out.It wasn't freezing but it was a little nippy.So she put a hat on him.When she was done she headed out.That day Michael and Carly did a lot.They went to the park,they got him some new toys and clothes,and had lunch.Carly loved being around her little boy she wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.Before going home Carly decided to make one last trip to the park with Michael.They sat near the fountain and Carly just watched Michael and played with his little hands.
"Excuse me,"a man said to Carly,"Do you mind if I sit here?"He gestured to the bench still available next to her.
"I'm sorry am I taking up a lot of space?"Carly looked up to see a very handsome man in front of her.He was wearing a pair of jeans and a blue long sleeved shirt.He had brown hair and beautiful blue eyes.He was carrying a suitcase and backpack.
"I just wanted to make sure you wouldn't mind."He smiled.
"No, don't mind."Carly replied and went right back to playing with Michael.She couldn't help but notice that the man sitting next to her was staring.She instantly thought it was because of the sounds she was making to Michael,"Am I to loud?"
"I was just noticing how well you interact with him."
"Well,he is my son."
"I could tell.What's his name?"He peered in to Michael's stroller.
"His name is Michael."Carly knew Michael heard his name because he started to kick.
"And your's?"The man asked his next question.
"I'm sorry who are you?"Carly noticed he was asking a lot of questions.
"Oh,I'm sorry my name is Eric.I'm new here in Port Charles and to tell you the truth your the first townie I've met."
"Hi Eric,my name's Carly."She shook his hand.
"Carly,that's a lovely name."Eric again flashed her a deviant smile.
"Look if your trying to get on my good side...it's working really well."They both laughed.
"What time is it?"Carly saw that he had a watch.
"Look's like 4:00."
"I should get going."Carly stood up.
"Do you have to go?"Eric ot up also.
"Will I see you again anytime soon?"
"I'm around."Carly walked away with Michael.
"See ya."He called after her.

When Carly got home Jason was on the phone so she walked in very quietly.Jason didn't even know she came in.She took Michael out of his stroller and she went upstairs.Carly took his toys and began to set them up in his room.Michael was sleeping in his crib.She realized how much fun she had today and thinking of that made her remember that man.Who was he?
"Carly."Jason whispered when he walked in.
"Hi Jason."Carly turned to him and he was looking at Michael.
"Looks like you wore him out."
"He did that all by himself.Do you know he knows how to shop?"Carly asking and telling Jason.
"No,I didn't."
"Yeah,see what I do is show him a toy,"Carly picked up a toy to demonstrate,"And if he wants it he grabs he wants it and if he doesn't he just kind of turns his head."Carly again demonstrating.
"Sounds like you've taught him well."Jason laughed and crossed his arms.
"No no no he taught himself."Carly stroked Michael's cheek.
"Listen,Carly about last night..."Carly stopped him before he could say another word.
"You know,Jason I'm really tired so I'm going to go to bed."Carly walked past him and to her room.
Jason stood dumbfounded and didn't even call after her.
That week Carly spent every single moment possible with Michael.She hadn't said anything at all to Jason.She wasn't really sure what he thought about it.It was Friday and Carly had to get out of the house.Latica suggested she leave Michael with her she also teased Carly about not letting her do her job.Carly agreed and decided to just go walking around.She walked around Port Charles occasionaly seeing a happy couple holding hands while walking down the street,or sitting across from each other in a restraunt looking deeply in to each others eyes,and of course people giving each other little kisses on the others cheek.She went to the park and sat at the bench next to the fountain.She remembered that was where she had sat with Michael.Out of all things in life she just wanted what all the couples had...love.But even though she didn't have that she was happy she had Michael.She loved Jason too but never admitted it.She also knew he would never return the favor.She let out a loud sigh and gazed at the stars.
"You better make a wish."Someone spoke in her ear.
Carly jumped up,"Eric it's you.You scared me."She put her hand on her heart,"Make a wish?"
"Didn't you see the shooting star?"Eric lifted a brow.
"Oh no.I must've just missed it."She directed her attention again towards the stars.
"My wish must've come true your here."Eric seemed to flatter her.
"Yeah I only know you so far and the guy who owns the motel I'm staying at.Still looking for a job you know?"He stuck his hands in his pockets.
"You mean you still don't know anybody?You poor guy I could have somebody show you around if you'd like?"Carly offered.
"You see that's just it I was hoping that you'd show me around."
"Yes you.Why is that so surprising?"Eric slid his hand through his hair.
"I'm just not use to people wanting to be around me."
"I see."He looked at Carly who was watching the stars glide by,"You know Carly I do a lot of photography.Maybe you could do some modeling for me?"
"Your one of those peverts huh?The ones that lure a poor girl to their place and make them do nudes or your going to kill them.That's why you were so nice.You jerk!"Carly hitting him.
"No I'm not!I swear!"He yelled and Carly stopped,"You can hit pretty good."
Carly and Eric started laughing.
"Sorry."Carly helped him off the ground.
"I promise that if you did it would be completely legit.Please."
"How much would you pay me?"
"You women always looking for a profit."Eric joked.
"Ok.Tell me where to be and when.I'll show."
"Meet me here tommorrow at noon.See you then."
"Ok see ya."Carly headed home with a smile on her face.
Carly walked in and it was silent.She started walking up stairs.
"Hi Carly."Jason came downstairs right in front of her forcing her to backup.
"Hi Jason."
"Latica said you went out.Anywhere paticular?"Jason went downstairs and picked up the mail.
"No,Jason no where.Goodnight."Carly mumbled.
"Still not talking to me right?"Jason asked.
Carly just kept walking.

Carly woke up the next morning and asked Latica if she would watch Michael for the day.Latica was surprised but quickly volunteered.Carly did her makeup lightly.She arrived at the park but Eric was already there he grabbed Carly's hand and sat her in a very cool car.
"Your's?"Carly sat down and put her seat belt on.
"Yeah."Eric started the car and they were off.
They arrived at what looked like an abandoned house.Carly walked in and the house was very big it had a staircase that expanded to the left and right.There were many body size windows and they all had see through white curtains.It was empty and there were only a few things there Eric's photoraphy stuff a camera,rolls of film,and his bag,Carly saw that only a peek of what was in the other room which was a clothes rack with different ballgowns, dresses,shirts,pants,a leather jacket,and of course shoes.There was a little chaise lounge and outside there was a small stone bence and fountain and a rose garden.The floor in the house was black and white checkered.And surprising the place was clean spotless you would think it would be fithy since it was abandoned.Carly had a backpack with a make-up like blush,eye shadow,eyeliner,mascara,lipstick,and a water bottle.Carly was impressed at how pretty it all was.Eric set up his camera.Carly laid her backpack down.She looked around some more observing the little qualities.
"I'm set if you want to go pick something out."Eric pointed to the room with the clothes.
"I'll tell you what why don't you do the honor of picking the first outfit."
"Ok,"Eric walked into the other room and picked something for Carly to wear.It was a long white gown with a big bow in the back it was silk and had no sleeves.It was wonderful.Carly took it from him and stared in amazement.
"Aren't you going to ask me where I got it?Maybe I'm working for the mob."He noticed he was the only one who laughed.
Carly just look and made a pathetic smile,"I've learned not to ask questions.It only gets you in trouble.'Ask me no questions I'll tell you no lies' that's my motto."She walked in the other room to get dressed.When she was putting her shoes she saw that there were accessories on the floor she walked over to them.It was an assortment of jewels and hair things.She put her hair up,a pearl necklace on,a braclet,and a pair of long white gloves.She walked out of the room and his face lit up when he saw her.There was a long silence.
"Well say something."Carly urged.
"You look beautiful."Eric said.
He had her sit on the chaise lounge and put her hand under her chin.The rest of the day he just had her changing in to outfits and posing.In the garden was where the real fun lied.Carly got to pose in different ways with a rose without one.She loved the smell of the different roses.It was an absolutely perfect day.She was laughing and smiling all day.She didn't want it to end but it did.She had Eric drop her off at the park.
"You sure I can't drop you off at home?"Eric insisted on driving her home but she wouldn't let him.
"No thanks I can walk from here.Will you give me those pictures when there done?I'm anxious to see how they turn out."Carly never liked how she looked in pictures.
"They'll be perfect."
"And if they're not?"
"Then I am a horrible photographer because you would have to be to make a beautiful woman look ugly."
"Stop that!"Carly exclaimed.
"Being so...I don't know charming."
"Oh,I'll try."He kissed her hand and was gone.
"Oh god."She whispered to herself.She felt something in her hand and it was his number and where he was staying.

When walking into the house it was just like any other normal night be quiet.She tip toed up stairs and checked on Michael,"Hey sweetie.Sorry I wasn't with you today but I'm sure you weren't to mad.Your probaly sick of me always picking you up and playing with you."
"He could never get sick of you."Jason said.
"Jason,your here."
"Yeah.So you just get home?"
"Yep."Carly answered.
"Carly,lately we haven't been on the best of terms but don't let that affect Michael."
"Oh trust me it won't."Carly could not believe that he said that she bumped him on the way out.

The next week Carly again spent it with Michael it was becoming a routine all week with Michael until Friday and Saturday that's when she met up with Eric.She liked her routine.She finally got her pictures from Eric.They turned out just like he said they would perfect.She loved every one of them.She would stay up everynight thinking of Eric wondering what their relastionship meant and was.She would stay up all night and just look out at the town.She was happy but unhappy about not knowing what the heck was going on.Eric knew about Jason.He knew their was nothing going on between Carly & Jason.Although sometimes Carly use to want their to be.They were now again talking about him...
"I sometimes think he doesn't even care about me."Carly didn't mean it the way it sounded.
"I thought you didn't like him like that."
"I don't I just kind of want him to but not really---nevermind."Carly giggled.
"Carly,I didn't know when to say this but I think now is a good time."
"What?"Carly started to panic.
"Nothing bad at least I don't think it is.Leave him.Come with me.I could make you more happy than he ever could or has."Eric looked so hopeful.
"I can't leave Jason.And even if I wanted to I couldn't.I don't want to leave,Jason has done everything for me,and he takes care of Michael notice I'm not metioning how much he loves him."Carly tried to reason with him.
"I just can't stand the thought of you two being together in the same house when he doesn't love you."
"You knew my situation.I have enough love for Michael,Jason,and me.I know we are feeling things for each other but you have got to know my feelings will never change towards Jason.Never.And I'm sorry.Maybe we should stop seeing each other."
"Carly,you can not get rid of me that easy.I can't stop caring.I won't stop.But if you want me to stop seeing you I will.As much as I hate it."
Carly started to cry,"Yes it's what I want."
"I just want you to know that I love you."Eric took one last look at her and left.
Carly just sat there crying.Did she make a mistake?

Carly got home and her eyes were red from all the crying she had done.She walked to her room laid down and cried some more.A couple hours later Jason got home.
"Oh,thank god you're here Mr. Morgan!Ms.Roberts she's been in her room crying all day I am deeply woried about her."Latica exclaimed.
"Don't worry I'll talk to her."Jason had no idea what was wrong he knew things weren't ok between them and he had seen how Carly was spending all her time either with Michael or she was out.He barely saw her.He knocked on her door and walked in,"Carly are you ok?"
"Yes Jason I'm fine."Carly was facing her window and holding a pillow.
"Are you sure?"
"Yes!Jason I'm sure."Carly yelled through her tears.
Jason sat on the bed next to her,"Do you remember when you told me Michael knew how to shop?"
"Jason,I'm sorry but is there a point to this?"Carly was very irritable right now.
"I took him shopping the other day and tried what you told me about holding a toy in front of him."Carly's back was still to him.
She turned over,"Really?"
"Yeah and he took his hands,"Jason demonstrated this time holding up his hands,"And put them around the toy but around my hands too."Jason wrapped his hands around Carly's.
She laughed,"He does that sometimes."
"There you see it can't be that bad you laughed.What's wrong Carly?"Jason still kind of holding her hands they were know a little less tight.
"Nothing a trip to see Michael wouldn't take care of."Carly sat up and grabbed Jason's hand they then hurried off to Michael's room.As she walked to Michael's room she knew she made the right choice.
Carly walked in slowly with Jason behind her.Michael was asleep.
"Hey Michael.How's my angel doing?"Carly spoke in a whisper to Michael.She was stroking Michael's cheek.
"Your a good mother,Carly."Jason told her.
"Michael makes it easy."Carly pulled the blanket over him a little more and stroked his hair. Jason watched every moment.A new feeling came over him and he liked the way this felt.It just felt right that he was watching Carly with Michael.It was the only real family he knew besides Sonny.He looked at his life at this moment just how much he felt for not only Michael but Carly.She may not be Robin but she was definitely her own person.
"We should probaly leave now."Carly said in to Jason's ear.They went down stairs and Carly sat down on the couch.
"Carly,we should do something tonight."Jason suggested.
"But Michael's asleep."Carly pointed up stairs.
"No just us."
"You mean like me and you?"
"Why is that so unbelievable?"
"It's just we never do anything together."
"Well let's do something tonight."
"Ok."Carly was excited to hear this.
"Good well do you want to change or should we just go?"
Carly looked at her clothes black pants and a green sweater over her white t-shirt,"Let's just go."
"Ok."Jason took her hand and they got on the elevator.
That night they went to a movie and had dinner.Carly knew she was having fun but wasn't sure what he thought.When they got home they talked a little about Michael afterwards Carly went to her room.Jason to his.That night they were both thinkin the same thing when they were in their own beds...what a great night.

Over the next two weeks Carly,Jason,and Michael just got closer and closer.One day Carly was cleaning around her dresser.She checked her dresser drawers to when she did she came across the pictures Eric had taken.She started to think about him.She wondered where he was,who he was with,and what he was doing?Had he left Port Charles yet?She looked over the pictures one time and put them under her dresser instead they would be easier to notice then and she could always remember Eric.
"Carly,can I come in?"Jason knocked.
"Sure."Carly opened the door.
"Latica said you asked her to watch Michael today.Are you going somewhere?"
"Yeah I was just going to go and get something I had made for all of us."Carly liked the idea of them being a real family.
"Good if you need some one to take to where ever it is you have to go I could get someone to take you."
"You would like that wouldn't you because then you would have some idea where this was made."Carly poked him.
"No that wasn't my plan at all."Jason put on a wicked smile.
"Yeah.Sure."Carly took her purse and walked to the mystery store which was Customary Gifts.Their motto was'You want it order it!".When she got there the clerk knew her by her face.
"Ah Ms.Roberts I got your order."The clerk had a heavy accent and but Carly understood what he said.
"Good does it have the--"Carly was cut off by the clerk.
"Yes it does and may I say you have a beautiful family."He praised.
"Thank you."
"I'll go get it right now."The clerk went to the back to get her order.
Carly was humming to her self while waiting.She had a terrible feeling wash over her like she was being watched.Before she knew it a hand was over her mouth muffling her screams only for a few minutes and then she past out.

When Carly woke she was in a room that was very bright and warm.She thought she had just had a bad dream and she was just home.At least it looked like home.The room was white and the curtains were pink.She felt like she was in her room but not.Their were none of Michael's pictures on her dresser.None of Jason's gifts to her.Only a clear dresser.Their were clothes in the drawers but they weren't hers.She also noticed the little things like a very small stain that Michael had made on her carpet from a grape juice he spilled.She always wanted to clean it up but she never did.
"Where am I?This isn't my room."Carly thought aloud.
"No but don't you wish it was."Carly spun around and instantly knew who it was.
"Eric!Why are you here?"Carly knew but just didn't want to believe it.
"Carly,do you really not know?I brought you here.I wanted to try and knock some sense in to you.You haven't called so I had no way of contacting you."Eric sat her down and pulled out a gun.
Carly didn't want to believe this,"Eric why?Why are you doing this?I'm happy isn't that what you wanted?"
"Yes and don't you understand you can only be that way with me?Granted Michael makes you happy.But he could never make you happy in the way I can.And you won't have to change diapers anymore or hear him cry in the middle of the night.Now you could just be with me."Eric was waving that gun around right in front of her face.
"Do you honestly believe that!?Do you honestly think I could forget Michael?!He's my son Eric!"Carly screamed.
"Well if you want I could get Michael."Eric made it sound like he was a toy he could buy at a store.
"No!I want to go home and be with Michael!"
"And with Jason right?"
Carly didn't answer.
"Right?!"Eric yelled.
"Yes!Is that what you want to hear?!I want to be with my family."Eric turned away from Carly,"That's right Eric my family Jason and Michael."
"You know,Carly, I look at you and I see my future.When you look at me what do you see?"Eric sat in front of her.
"Nothing."Carly didn't like sayin it but she felt as though it was his only way to get through to him.
"Ok think about that."He ran out and locked the door behind him.
Carly pounded the door,"Eric please let me go home.I swear I won't tell please please let me out."Carly cried.
"I'm sorry Carly I really am I just want you to see me like you see Jason."Eric said throug the door.

Jason got home expecting to see Carly right there with Michael on the couch but she wasn't. Latica came down stairs,"Oh Mr.Morgan didn't expect to see you before Ms.Roberts."
"What are you talking about she's not here?"Jason knew right then something was wrong.
"Yes.She never came home after leaving this morning."Latica replied.
Jason opened the door and talked to Ranaldo,"I want everyone looking for Carly now!Search everywhere!Latica did she give you any ideas as to where she was going today?"
"Yes some place called'Customary Gifts' I think.Do you think someone did something to her?"Latica's hands began to shake.
"I don't know.But if something did I'll find her and take care of whoever did it."Jason assured Latica.
"I believe you.I'll go watch Michael."Latica went back upstairs.
Jason put his coat on and went to his only place for a clue:Customary Gifts.

Carly had felt like she was the stupidest person in the world.The guy she would've trusted with her life had kidnapped her and was keeping her there.She thought he would let her go after a couple of hours but he didn't.She had been there all night and morning would come soon.Her stomach started to churn.Eric came in and Carly didn't even acknowledge his existence.
"Are you hungry?I brought you some food,"Carly didn't even look at him and he started to feel really bad but not bad enough to let her go,"You have to eat you know?I'll leave it here."
Carly was thinking about Michael and Jason.Michael probaly didn't even know what was going on yet but she was positive that Jason knew.He knew she wouldn't leave Michael and that she would've come home by now.

Jason had searched all night but Carly was nowhere to be found.Customary Gifts had just opened and that's where he was going.There was only one customer there and she had gotten to clerk first.The clerk told her thank you and goodbye.The clerk started the conversation with Jason,"Oh are you here to pick up Ms.Roberts order,"The clerk got it from behind the counter it was a small brown box but the order was inside,"You know she left when I went to go it from the back.There must have been a family emergency right?"
"She was here?"Jason only had this clue as to where she was.
"What time?"Jason was quizzing the poor clerk.
"I think around eleven o' clock."
"Ok.Did you see anyone around the store?Maybe watching her?"
"No.Wait...there was a man but I thought he was just waiting for someone."The clerk was trying to think,"He was standing by window and reading a newspaper.I thought nothing of it."
"What did he look like?"
"Uh He was wearing a black overcoat and he had brown hair that's all I remember."
"That's it."
"I'm sorry sir but that's it."
Jason stormed out of the store with the box.
Carly pulled out her wallet it had a picture of Michael and Jason together.She kissed their picture and put the wallet back in her pocket.She was trying to figure out a way to leave the room but the widows were barred and the floor was concret.The only way out was the door and it didn't look like that was going to open on it's own.She just prayed that someone would find her.She didn't eat because it didn't seem that important to her at this minute plus it could've had posion or something.Eric entered,"Carly you didn't eat anything?"
"What's the point?"Carly mumered.
"Living is the point you don't eat you don't live."
"Oh well."
"Carly,I know you don't exactly like it here but I have a feeling it will grow on you."
"I should be at home with my son!"Carly shouted.
"I know.But I don't want you with him."Eric sat on her bed.
"Don't you see I'm not a piece of property you don't own me nobody does!And if I am nothing else I am a mother and I want to be with my child.You have to let me go.Please please think about Michael."Carly pleaded.Eric had to leave the room he did not want Carly to see she was getting to him.

When Jason got home he checked on Michael who was asleep and went back dowstairs.He remembered the box he had gotten from the shop.He got a box cutter and opened it.He pushed aside the newspaper searching for the gift.He pulled out a photo ablum that was black and had an inscription on the front:Home Is Where The Heart Is. When Jason opened the book he saw another inscription:
Dear Michael and Jason,
I got this Photo Album and intitled it :Home Is Where The Heart Is because I never really understood what it meant until I found you two.You are my family and I love you both very much.You two are my world.Please know that no matter where you are or where I am that
I love you both and I'm thinking about you.Thank you for giving me what I 've always wanted,A home.

Yours Forever,
Jason sat down on the couch and went through the photos they were Michael,Jason,and Carly together,separate,and he loved them all.He couldn't imagine what she had to go through to get these pictures Michael's were easy but she had pictures of her as a kid growing up and Jason growing up.She had to have gone to Monica.He saw his whole life in one photo album.It was the best gift Carly could possibly give to Jason and Michael.Jason had to find her now,to thank her.

It had been weeks since Carly had been home.She was barely eating anything.Just enough to get her by.Carly was begining to get sick she was throwing up and getting dizzy.Eric had to let her go to the bathroom or she would puke all over her room.Eric tried to talk some sense in to her quick,"Carly you have got to eat something or your going to die."
"No!Not until I'm home!"Carly dropped on her bed.
"Carly,if you don't start eating you'll die."
"So let me die or let me go home it's your decision!"
Eric exited the room and thought for a long time.He could let the woman he says he loves go and live or stay and die.He knew what he had to do.

Jason had to go to the one person he hated more than anything and ask for help.This
person was at his desk.

"Detective Taggert can I speak with you?"Jason was going to try and be polite for Carly.
"Well,well, if it isn't Mr.Morgan.To what do I owe this honor?"Taggert bowed.
"I need you to find Carly.She's missing.I've had everybody I know looking for her and they know nothing hopefully you can find out more than we have."Jason's last resort.
"Ok.We'll of course have to ask a few questions."

Eric walked into a hospital outside of town and dropped Carly off.He had gotten Jason's phone number from Carly's pocket.He called the number and left a message.He saw Carly one last time in her hospital bed and went away forever.

Jason came home to check his messages and the first message he heard was:
"Hello Jason Morgan this is um...well names aren't important Carly is in a hospital outside of town and she should be here for a while.I'm letting her go."Jason was already out the door,"So good luck and congratulations she's in love with you."After that there was only a dial tone.
Carly woke up in a white room.And she looked down and saw she was wearing a hospital gown,"I'm in a hospital?"She toke the red nurses button from her side and started pressing it. A nurse walked in with a smile,"Why hello Ms.Morgan.And how are we feeling?"
"We have a lot of questions?But first you have got to call my family and tell them I'm okay.Wait--why did you call Mrs.Mogran?"Carly squinted.
"Oh the fellow who registered you in said your name was Carly Morgan.He also said he would call your family for us."The nurse checked her to make sure she was okay.
"Did he say anything else?"
"What was it?!"
"Goodbye."The nurse left the room.
Carly made sure the nurse was gone and started getting dressed.When she was dress she saw her purse and a bag of things in the closet she grabbed.
"They're letting you go already?"Carly spun around to see Jason's sweet smile.
Carly ran to him and gave him a hug,"Jason how's Michael?"
"He's ok but where were you going?I thought you would stay another night."
"I was going home to you and Michael.I couldn't stay away any longer.The nurse said someone called you but I didn't know for sure."Carly was careful not to tell Jason that Eric made the call.
"I'm glad your ok.Carly do you remember who did this?Do you remember anything about the kidnapper?"Jason didn't mean to ask all this questions now but felt he had to.
"You know,I can't remember a thing.I just want to go home.Besides the kidnapper let me go."
"Carly,this guy took you from Michael.And me."
"And you?"
"Yeah.You know I picked up your gift to me and Michael."Jason and Carly were in his car now and they were being driven home.
"I wish I was there when you opened it.What did you think?"Carly bit her lower lip.
"I loved it.I've never really got something like that."
"I'm glad you liked it."Carly rested her head on his shoulder.They were going home to Michael.
Jason never heard the last part of the message.Even if he had what would've happened?Who knows.Nobody but the real writers of the show.I wrote this story like another alternative the writers could've used.Truthfully I really like the show better.But what can you do.LoL.Thank you so much for reading this story.I'm thinking of doing some others.Hope you enjoyed it.I loved writing it.Bye bye!

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