by JasNCarly

I wrote this story as if Jason was still keeping the docks project on hold.Please keep that in mind when reading this.
Jason sat at his desk and gazed at his picture of  Carly and Michael.They had taken it after the got him back.He sighed at the thought of her coming home.As much as he hated to admit it he missed her a lot.He rubbed his face with both eyes trying to wipe away the thoughts of feeling something more than friendship towards Carly.It wasn't right.He couldn't be in love with two women at the same time,right?He shook his head and he heard Robin's heels click on the floor as she approached Jason.She had a backpack with her.Jason rose a brow in curiousity,"Going somewhere?"
"We both know I have to leave."Robin looked very upset.
"Robin,you don't have to leave this is your home."Jason took her back pack off her shoulder.
"No,it's not.It's Carly's home.It won't be this great when she gets here.We both know it."Robin's explained exactly how he felt.
"What am I suppose to Robin?!I promised Michael and Carly I'd bring her home.You want me to break my promise?!"Jason shouted.
"No!I want you to stop pretending problems don't exsist because they do!And they are going to get worse!"Robin yelled back.
"What do you want me to do?!"Jason asked in high tone but lowered his voice,"Because I don't know what to do.All I know is I promised."
"Choose."Robin crossed her arms.
"Choose what?!"
"Choose!Do you want your life to continue the way it has been lately-me,you,and Michael or do you want it to be like it was before Carly shot Tony?!"Robin presented Jason's choices,"If you choose me then we'll figure out something.But if you choose Carly or can't choose I am going to walk out that door and I'm not going to come back this time."
"I choose to keep my promise to Michael.And I guess--that means Carly."Jason answered.
Robin nodded with tears in her eyes,"I knew you would."She grabbed Jason and kissed him,"I love you,Jason."She pulled back and shrugged,"Goodbye."
Jason had tears fall but he didn't go after her.It was best.

Carly smiled up at pitchblack sky the only sign of any color was the purplish-gray clouds above her.She didn't care how bad it looked outside she knew she was going home tommorrow.She tucked her hair behind her ears and slipped into her bed more happy now than ever before.She laid on her side and put her hands under the side of her face.She was so happy tommorrow night she would be in her own room and it have all her things.Pictures,clothes,and most importantly she would be back with Jason & Michael.

Jason's sadness was overcome with happiness for Carly and Michael.They'd all be under the same roof again.No more fake letters or ten mintues visits.He'd be able to see Carly whenever and she'd be with Michael.He couldn't wait to give her the pictures he had taken.He got dressed and Bobbie came over to stay with Michael.Jason told Bobbie what had happened with Robin.Bobbie told Jason she was sorry but was happy Robin left.Now,Carly could come home to Michael and Jason.Not Michael,Jason,and Robin.Bobbie had noticed how Robin had tried to take Carly's place wheter she knew it or not she was.After talking with Jason a few mintues she said,"Well,go get her!"Bobbie rushed him.
Jason grinned,"Ok."He went out to his car that was ready to go.
On the ride over Jason kept the grin on his face because he realized when he left Ferncliff today Carly would be with him.Talking his ear off and asking tons of questions about Michael.And that didn't bother Jason at all he missed her voice and smile.He missed the way she giggle or laugh at herself when she knew that something she said sounded kind of absurd.She could also relate to Jason in weird ways.She didn't have any family besides Bobbie,Michael,Lucas,and Jason.Jason consider them his family too.He sat in the penthouse sometimes thinking she was sitting on the couch smiling at him and laughing.After a few seconds he'd realize it was just his imagination.Not now.She'd be there for real now.

Carly put on a pair of blue jeans,a small white t-shirt,and a long sleeved black shirt over that.She brushed her hair quickly and put on a pair of sneakers.She made her bed and folded her hands and placed them in her lap.She sat for a few mintues but her feet keep moving so she stood and paced the floor.She couldn't help but be really anxious.She was finally going home!Then there was a knock at the door.Her doctor entered the room,"Well,Ms.Bensen they've come to pick you up.I guess your going home."
Carly frowned,"They?"He must have ment Robin and Jason or maybe Jason and Benny.Either way she had kind of hoped that she would be alone with Jason before they got home.
"So,if you'll just follow me."The doctor gestured for her to go first.
As Carly walked down the hall she was so happy she wouldn't have to do it ever again.As they rounded the corner.Carly saw the exit doors but before she could go out she had to go into the doctor's office.She went in and didn't see Jason,"Where's Jason?"
"He couldn't make it Ms.Bensen."One of the men answered.
"What?!Why not?"Carly asked.
"A business deal came up and he had to go immediatly."The other added.
She knew it Jason must have had an emergency.She recognized one of the men.He worked for Jason.Carly signed her papers,"Well,at least I'm going home."She waved goodbye to the doctor and they walked out to a black car in the middle of the parking lot,"Not the best parking space you guys."She was about to get in to the car when she saw another car pull up.It looked just like Jason's.The guys looked a little paniced.That's when Jason stepped out of his car.She turned to the two men and saw they had guns.
"Jason!"She screamed,"Help!"
Jason heard her scream and saw Carly,"Carly!"Jason pulled out his gun and so did his driver and bodyguard who was in the front seat with the driver.They pointed at the two men.One of the men grabbed Carly by her waist.He held her there with one hand around her waist and the other on her mouth.Carly tried to get out of the hold.She couldn't loosen the man's grip.The other man pulled out a gun of his own which had had tucked in to his pants.He held it to Carly's head,"Any sudden moves and the next thing you'll see is her brains all over this car."
Carly's eyes widen and her scream was muffled by the man who was holding her.
Jason's heart stopped as he watched what was happening,"What do you want?!"
"We'll let you know soon enough."He flashed Jason a devilish smiled.
The other man through Carly into the back seat and locked her in.Carly pounded on the window trying to break it or something.She pounded as hard as she could but nothing happened.She gave up and her hand slid down the window as she cried.
The men got in the front seat and drove away quickly.
Jason's men started to shoot at the car.Jason stopped them,"No!We can't risk Carly!Let's get back to the penthouse."

Carly quitely sobbed into her hands.She was suppose to be with Jason talking about Michael she was suppose to be going home.But she didn't know where she was going.They drove her to the middle of nowhere.Carly wiped away her tears and tried to keep her composure so she wouldn't do something stupid.One of the guys stared at her in the rear view mirror,"My name's Leo."
"Good for you."Carly snapped.
Leo tried to make conversation,"So why'd you get locked up."
Carly looked the guy dead in the eye,"I shot a guy."
He laughed nervously,"Yeah,well,don't get any ideas.I keep my gun close at all times."
Carly continued to give him a cold stare,"You sure about that?"The man didn't respond.She looked at the man who was driving.The man who used to work for Jason,"Your name's Eddie,right?"She questioned the guy.
He smiled,"I'm flattered you remember."
"Hey,Eddie.What do you think Jason will do when he finds out your doing this?Do you think he'll hire somebody or kill you himself?"Carly said with complete confidence.
Eddie grew uneasy and Leo noticed,"Alright that's enough talk."He pointed the gun at her,"Shut up."
Carly sat back and looked out at the desert like scene passing by.She hoped Jason would get her soon.

Jason ran into the penthouse.Bobbie sat at the couch bouncing Michael up and down.Her smile faded when she saw how Jason looked.Scared and frightened.She put Michael in his playpen and stood up.Jason checked the machine now messages and the phone didn't ring.He tilted his head back and forth slowly.Bobbie knew something was wrong,"Jason,where's Carly?"
Jason turned to her,"She was--"
Bobbie caught him off,"Where's my daughter?"Bobbie's eyes filled with tears.
"She's been kidnapped."Jason replied.
Bobbie brought her hands to her mouth and shook her head,"No.No she was suppose to come home today."Jason tried to touch Bobbie but she hit him away,"You were suppose to bring her home!What happened?!"
"I went there and they had already got to her."
"They?Did they hurt her?Did they hurt my daughter?Did they hurt my baby?"Bobbie questioned with tears falling down,"Is she ok?"
"From what I could tell she's was just scared they didn't hit her or anything."Jason said.
"Oh god she must be so scared.Or they going to kill her?"Bobbie asked.
"No.I would never let that happen."Jason answered with anger in his voice.
"But you would let her get kidnapped."Bobbie nodded.
Jason walked to Bobbie so they could stand face to face,"I will get Carly back.I promise."
Bobbie wiped away her tears,"I know you will.Can I help?"
"Yeah,keep an eye on Michael.I might have to focus on just getting her back for awhile."Jason responded.
"Ok.Consider it done."Bobbie was glad she could do something.That's when the phone rang.
Jason picked it up right away,"Hello?"
"Hello,Mr.Morgan."Leo greeted Jason.
Jason cleared his throat,"Tell me what you want."
"I want the docks project back on schedule.Within the next few hours."Leo demanded.
"It might take longer."Jason argued.
"You listen here,Mr.Morgan.I am calling the shots not you.If you don't get it done within the time limit my friend and I might get bored.You know and Carly is very attractive women.We might start thinking thoughts."Leo teased Jason.
"If you lay one hand on her head and I swear to god--"Jason threatened but Leo cut him off.
"Don't threaten me,Mr.Morgan."Leo laughed.
"Fine,I'll get it done but I want to speak Carly.I want to make sure she's ok."Jason set his own demands.
Leo put the phone to his chest and walked over to Carly.Carly was tied up and silenced by a piece of cloth they had tied around her mead to cover her mouth.Leo pulled it out of her mouth and put the phone to her ear and let her speak,"Jason?"Carly whispered.
"Carly!Are you ok?"Jason was a little relieved when he heard her voice.
"I'm scared."Carly's fear was heard in her voice.
"That's ok,Carly.But you have got to know I will get you home.I will not let them hurt you.Trust me."Jason told Carly.
"I do,Jason."Carly saw that Leo was looking out at Eddie who was working on the car.So she had to tell Jason now,"Jason?"
"If for some reason I don't make it out of this--"
"You will."
"Jason,please just listen.If I don't make it out of this just know that-,"Carly took a deep breath,"I love you.I love you and Michael with all my heart.You two are the only real family I have ever known and I never regret meeting such a wonderful man like you."Carly was glad she let it all out.
"Carly,I--"Jason stopped when Leo came on.
"Time's up."Leo told Jason.
"I'll get it done."Jason said and hung up the phone.
Bobbie looked at his expression,"What happened?Did you talk to Carly?"
Jason stood still shocked by Carly's words,"I talked to her."
"Well,what did she say,Jason!?"Bobbie was growing impatient.
"She said,"Jason smiled,"She said she loved me."
Bobbie's mouth dropped.
Jason picked up the phone,"I've got to get her back."He dialed Jutus's number.

After a few hours Jason had got everything settled.The phone rang once again.Jason picked it up,"Hello."
"Very good Mr.Morgan.I like that you are being efficent."Leo praised.
"When do I get Carly back?"Jason asked.
"I'll tell you later."Leo was about to hang up.
"No you said that was what you wanted now I kept my end of the deal.It's your turn!If you do not give Carly back to me I will put the dock project back to the way it was and I will find you and your friend I'll make sure you pay."Jason hung up on Leo.
Leo turned to Eddie,"Has she woken up yet?"
"No she's still out cold.Why did you hit her?"Eddie asked.
"She was making me panic."Leo rubbed his forehead,"I got nervous and I hit her."
"Boss is going to kill us!Do you really think he'll pay us after what you've done?!If she doesn't wake up and he finds out he won't pay us and he'll make sure we pay that's if Jason doesn't kill us first."Eddie lightly smacked her cheeks.
"Leave Edward Quatermaine to me,Eddie."Leo said in referal to their boss.

"Jason,so is she coming back?How are you going to get her?"Bobbie was turning pale at the thought of losing her daughter.
"Their not giving her back just yet."Jason could see Bobbie start to panic again.He took her by the forearms,"I'm going to save her.I won't let them hurt her.I'll get Carly back.I swear."Jason assured Bobbie.
"Jason,I can't lose her again.Not now we were just starting to get close.Don't let them take my second chance with her away."
"They won't take your second chance or my second chance.I'm going to get her back.Unfortunely,I might have to use someone I really hate to get her back."Jason's face turned disgusted.
"Who?"Bobbie's thoughts were so focused on Carly she couldn't think.
"Tagert."Jason answered.
"Are you sure what if your business is involved?"Bobbie questioned his actions.
"Carly's all that matters."Jason was determined to get Carly back no matter what the cost.
"Thank you,Jason."Bobbie was happy to hear him say that.
"Don't thank me yet."Jason went to the door and turned to her before leaving,"Thank me when we've got her back."

Eddie shook Carly one last time.Carly groaned and slowly climbed to her feet.Eddie was so relieved to see her wake up.Leo was still mad about Carly's word before.Carly gave Leo a hateful look.She stood and walked to stand face to face with him.She let her body do the talking for her.She hit Leo so hard he fell to the ground.She was about to strangle him when Eddie restrained her from behind,"Let me hit him again!"
Eddie laughed while he sat her,"That's enough,Carly."Eddie tied her back up to the chair.He walked over to Leo,"You ok?"
"Yeah."Leo took Eddie's hand to help him up.
"So...what now?"Eddie looked over at Carly who was still infurated.
"I'm going to call the boss and get instructions."Leo dialed the Quatermaine's number.
Eddie went back to Carly who hadn't been silenced yet,"Pretty good hit for a lady."
Carly slightly laughed and smiled,"Thanks."Carly saw Leo over on the phone not speaking too loud,"Eddie,why are you doing this?"
"Money."Eddie nodded.
"Money?You use to work for Jason!"Carly exclaimed.
"Yeah but I just want a lot of money at once you know?I can get out of the country."
"Do you really think Jason's going to let you go that easy once I'm home?"Carly was a little worried about Eddie's safety.He was pretty nice considering the situation.He didn't hit her around like Leo.In a really weird way she had kind of bonded with him.
"That's just it,Carly.I don't know what's going to happen.Our boss might not let you go."Eddie was sadden he had to her this.
Carly made a surprised face,"What do you mean?"
"Leo's talking with him right now."
"Are you going to kill me?"Carly's eyes started to have tears flood them.
"I hope not."Eddie said and tied the cloth back around Carly's head to silence her.
Carly gave him a hurt look.Eddie tried not to let it get to him but it did.He walked back to Leo.Leo had just finished the phone call.Eddie saw his mad face,"What happened?"
"He wants us to transfer her to some shed that his has.It's on Quatermaine land so we have to sink her on.I'm telling you he better pay us top price."Leo put his phone back in his coat pocket.
"He's not letting her go?"Eddie looked back at Carly to see her looking out at one of the cracks  in the walls.She could see some of the outside world.He didn't want to hold her any longer.
Leo saw Eddie's look,"Your not getting a soft spot for her are you?"Eddie didn't answer,"Listen,Eddie,you can never fall for a pretty face in our line of work.Remember that."
"It just doesn't seem fair to keep her away from her kid."Eddie argued.
"Eddie come on you knew the risks when we got into this."Leo grabbed Eddie's face and turned him to face him,"Don't be stupid and try to betray Edward when you betrayed Jason bby helping in the first place.Ok?"Leo walked out to their car.
Carly was feeling all sorts of things fear,betrayal,worry,and pain in all sorts of ways.She kind of felt a little let down too.She never thought Jason would let something like this happen to her.Look where she was.Eddie approached her,"Alright,Carly,time to go."
Carly mumbled,"Home?"
Even though Carly was hard to understand Eddie knew what she said,"No.We're transfer you to a different location."
Carly made a sad sound.
"I'm sorry,Carly."Eddie looked into her teary eyes,"Really I am."He stuck a needle in her and injected her so she would pass out.Carly gave him one last pained looked and then her eyes slowly closed.Her head fell foward and she went limp.Eddie felt bad for what he was doing he untied Carly from the chair and picked her up.She was dead weight.Eddie brang her to the car and laid her in the back.

Jason walked into the police station and there sat his mortal enemy.Jason was going to turn around and walk out but swallowed his pride and went to Tagert's desk.Tagert looked up and when he saw Jason a wicked grin grew on his face,"Well,if it isn't anger boy."
Jason kept Carly in mind so he wouldn't walk away,"I need your help."
"Oh my,"Tagert held his hand to his chest,"What could I possibly do for you?!You ready to turn yourself in?"
"Carly."Jason said,"That's how you can help."
"Hey I'm not a doctor.I don't work with those kind of looneys."Tagert snickered.
"She's been--,"Jason thought about it for a second,"Nevermind."
"Kidnapped?"Tagert stopped Jason.
Jason turned back to Tagert,"How'd you know?"
"Considering your line of work--I just kind of guessed."Tagert shrugged.
"What can you do?"Jason asked.
"It all depends on what I get in return."Tagert clicked his tongue.
"What do you want?"
"Since asking for you turn yourself in is kind of out of the question I'll settle for your boss."
"Your never going to catch Sonny,Tagert and I made a mistake coming by coming here."Jason began to walk away again.
Tagert thought about it for a second maybe he could get another big organization instead,"Anger boy."He called after Jason.
Tagert had to decide now.He would get Jason eventually he thought.But he could settle for another organization for right now,"I'll help you.But you better do as I ask or I stop helping."
"Ok."Jason agreed.Tagert and Jason talked about how they would begin helping each other.

Leo and Eddie drove up to some small shed.It was a little bigger than regular sheds but still really small.Leo opened the shed and Eddie picked up Carly again and brang her into the shack with him.Their was a small table in the corner,three chairs,rope,and the house was so dusty that they started to cough as soon as they walked in.Eddie sat Carly up in the chair as he tied her up he continued to cough,"We can't leave her like this."
"What do you suggest we do,Eddie?Dust the place?"Leo sarcastically questioned coughed with him.
"No maybe we can leave the door opened for a mintue."Eddie suggested.
"Oh yeah,Eddie.Good idea why don't you untie her while your at it.She won't have to waste getting loose that way."Leo snapped,"We have to stay here to you know?We have to stay and check on her according to Edward."
"What?!He's going to keep her?!"Eddie shouted.
"He's suppose to tell us the plan pretty soon."Leo told Eddie,"He should be here within the next few mintues.Bring it up to him."

Jason and Tagert got Jason's phone tapped and Tagert told him to tell him if they made any calls so they could track them.He in the meantime would try and trace the steps of the kidnappers from Ferncliff.Jason felt helpless.Carly must have been so scared.He sat at the his desk waiting for the phone to ring.He ended up staring at the picture of Michael and Carly yet again.Bobbie was upstairs with Michael.Jason's started to cry when he thought of leaving without Carly forever.Bobbie came downstairs and saw Jason sobbing at his desk.She approached him with her own tears falling,"Are you ok?"
"No,"Jason stood,"I can't do it.I'll die if I don't see her smile at me or talk to me about Michael or even reek havic in my life.If I don't hear her voice filling the halls while she's talking to Michael.If I lose her--for good I don't what I'm going to do.It's not the same when she's not around.And I can't raise Michael by myself.I need Carly here.I just never realized it before."Jason tried to hold back his tears but they continued to fall anyway.
"You'll get her back."Bobbie tried to keep her faith in Jason in tact.
"If I don't Carly will never know how I feel about her.I won't be able to tell her."Jason wiped away his tears.
"Jason,I think that deep down,"Bobbie looked him in the eyes,"She knows."Bobbie sat Jason down at the couch,"When you love someone you gain,"Bobbie smiled as she came up with a way to tell him,"A connection with them.Something no one knows about except you and that person.Carly knows."
"Then why didn't she tell me how she felt sooner?"Jason sighed.
"She wanted you to realize the feelings for yourself.She wanted you to feel it too.This situation is going to bring out a lot from all of us.But...when it's over we'll all be even stronger than before."Bobbie explained.
"Thank you,Bobbie."Jason grinned,"I actually feel better."
"Good,now,you can concentrate on getting her back.How is it going?"
"We've done all we can.All we can do now,"Jason turned to look at the phone,"Is wait."

Carly heard chatter but couldn't quite lift her eyelids yet.She struggled as the chatter kept going on.She finally got them completely open and saw Leo,Eddie,and Edward talking.She gasped when she saw Edward Quatermaine.Edward saw she was awake,"Why hello,Carly?"He untied the cloth from around her mouth.
"I don't believe it."Carly's mouth stayed opened and her eyes filled with tears and she turned to Eddie,"Nice boss,Eddie.You moved up in the world didn't you."Carly sarcastically said.Eddie looked ashamed.
"Nice to see your back to yourself,Carly."Edward grabbed a chair and sat in front of her,"How are you feeling?"
"How am I feeling?"Carly repeated and started to shout,"How do you think, Edward!?I can't even see my son!"
"Oh that's only temporary."Edward laughed.
"What do you mean?"Carly lowered her voice.
"I'm suing for cutody of Michael.I mean with you out of the picture and all things that lead up to now in terms of Jason.They definitely give me custody of Michael."
"Jason won't let you get away with this."Carly had to believe in something.
"Carly,I gave you many chances to join the Quatermaine family but you refused.You brought this on yourself."Edward told Carly.
"Why can't you just leave Michael alone?He's happy.As a grandfather you should be happy for him."Carly sniffled.
"I won't be happy as long as he lives with that criminal."
"Jason is your grandson!"Carly yelled.
"No like you've told me before he's a Morgan not a Quatermaine."Edward put his chair back at the table.
"Edward,please leave them alone."Carly begged.
"You'll see Michael when I get him."Edward left after his last statement.Leo followed Edward so they could work out payment.Eddie watched as Carly sobbed.He knelt before her,"Here."He wiped her tears but they continued to fall.
"Eddie,you have to help me.I can't let him take Michael away from Jason.He already took Michael from me I can't let him do it to Jason.I have to see Michael again.I have to do something.Please!Help!I can't just stay here.I can't live like this."Carly pleaded.
"I can't."Eddie walked out the door.
Carly closed her eyes and whispered,"Help.Oh god,somebody help me."

A week past and Jason had no word on Carly.He stayed right by the phone but no calls.He would hold Michael and see Carly's traits in him.Michael looked a lot like Carly in a lot of ways.He couldn't believe how sudden everything had happened.He lost Carly within seconds.He loved Carly and he would never be able to tell her.He went to her room and could smell her scent still on her pillows.He would lay in her bed and try to remember moments they shared.He didn't want to believe that he would never see Carly again.It wasn't fair for them never to get their fair shot as a family with Michael.Although he would be happy to have Carly back to be Michael's mother he wanted her back for selfish reasons.He wanted to just hold her again.He missed everything about her but most of all he missed her smile.He went to Michael's forehead and made sure he was ok before going to sleep for the night.He wished on a star that Carly was ok no matter where she was.

Carly was losing all hope.She was disappointed.She felt so alone.Nothing help our save her not to mention Edward was going to court tommorrow and try and get a date for the custody hearing.Carly was so afraid he had an actual chance at winning.The only thing that had made her feel a little better was the fact that Michael was with Jason.Her wrists were red and covered with blood from her trying to get free.Her face had a big bruise along the side because Leo had hit her across the face with the gun a couple time.She didn't even notice all the physical pain she was in.She just worried about the mental.She gave up on trying to get herself loose for the night.She started to cry when she saw the doorknob jiggle.Then Eddie burst in.He smiled at her.
Carly wasn't sure what was going on.She just stared at him.Eddie walked up behind her and cut the rope.Carly was so shocked the door was open and she wasn't sure what to do.Eddie turned her to him,"When you see Jason tell him Eddie sent ya."He smiled.
Carly smiled and hugged him,"Thank you!"
Eddie grabbed her face and gave her a long kiss,"Always wanted to do that."
Carly grinned,"We better get out of here before someone catches us.Come on."
Eddie took Carly's hand and they ran out the door where Leo waited.Carly's eyes went from happy to terrified.Eddie stepped in front of Carly so she wouldn't get hurt. Leo pointed the gun towards Eddie,"Take her back inside,Eddie."
"No."Eddie stood his ground.
"Now Eddie."Leo demanded.
"No!"Eddie yelled.
Carly didn't want Eddie to get hurt for her so she stepped out from behind him.But Leo shot anyway.Carly managed to grab Eddie she fell with him to the ground.Eddie looked at her,"I'm getting what I deserve I guess.When you see Jason again him who did this.Don't give up ok?"He groaned.
"I won't."Carly vowed.Eddie ceased to breath after only a short few seconds.Carly used her hand to close his eyes..Then she ducked just before Leo shot again.She looked at how close he got to getting her,"Whoa."She whispered.
Leo ran to her and pointed the gun at her head,"Look what you madde me do!?"
Carly didn't know what to do it was all happening so fast.She just did the first thing she could think of.She kicked Leo's feet from under him.Leo fell on his back.Carly stood up fast and started to run through the woods on Quatermaine land.Breathless she said to herself,"I didn't know I could do that."
Leo gathered himself up and ran after Carly.Carly continued to run.She ran as fast and as far away as she could.She reached the gate and there was guard,"I need to get out of here."
"Oh,it's you."The guy smiled.
She wasn't sure what to think,"Me?"
"Yep,"He pointed his gun towards her,"How did you get out?"
Carly started to cry,"There were these shots and I didn't know what to do."
The guy put his gun his holster,"Ok.I'll take you back no sudden moves and you won't get hurt."
Carly nodded.As he went up to her she kicked him right where it counts.He balled over and fell to the ground.Carly ran out and out the back way of the Quatermaine land.She didn't even look back.She just ran away.Carly ran for hours as soon as she realized no one was following her she stopped to catch her breath.She suddenly felt dizzy and felt like she would fall over.She then collapsed right in the middle of nowhere.

Tagert was driving down a street that passed the Quatermaine's Mansion.He always thought those people had too much money for their own good.He laughed to himself.The weirdest thing going on right now was the fact that he was working with Jason to help and save the girl who grabbed his gun to shoot somebody.It was bizzare really.He turned up his radio and cruised down the street he let his arm hang out the window.He gazed out at the scenery passing him.Then he saw a person laying in the middle of woods.He pressed his foot on the brakes fast.He called for backup and ran out to the body facing down.He turned it over and pushed the leaves out of the person's face.He recognized her instanly,"Ms.Bensen,we've been looking for you."He carried her to his car and an ambulance pulled up.

Edward walked out to the shed.He saw Eddie laying there dead.Edward followed the footsteps and found Leo and the guard talking the gate was open and Carly was no where to be found.He walked quickly,"Where is she?"
"She escaped,Edward.More importantly what are we going to do about me shooting Eddie."Leo asked with panic in his voice.
"Why that was stupid."Edward turned to his security guard,"You know what to do."
The guard lifted his gun and shot Leo in the heart.Leo gave them a confused face before falling to his death.The guard faced Edward,"Is that it?"
"Yep.Call the police tell them that they broke in and if Carly brings it up it will look as if those to held her here.I will still have the hearing thanks to it."
"Right away,Mr.Quartermaine."The guard did as told.

Jason woke up sweating and crying.He hadn't had one good dream since Carly was gone.He let out a sigh of relief when he saw that it was just a dream.Jason got out of bed and got dressed.He took a his usual spot at his desk.There was a knock.Jason answered the door and saw Tagert.Tagert took the bug off Jason's phone.Jason crossed his arms,"So that's it?"
"No that's not it.I found her."Tagert said.
Jason didn't know what to say,"What?"
"I did she had collapsed in the woods.They have her at General Hospital.She hasn't eaten for weeks and she apparently had bruises on her face and wrists."Tagert explained.
"I owe you,Tagert."Jason was so happy Carly was ok.
Tagert smiled like the devil himself,"I'll find someway for you to repay me."
Jason opened his door so Tagert and himself could leave,"Don't let it go to your head."
"I'll try not to,anger boy."Tagert laughed and walked out.
Jason got in a car and headed to General Hospital.

Jason ran into General Hospital.The nurse showed him to Carly's room.Bobbie was there already.Carly was awake and laughing with Bobbie.Jason was so happy to hear her voice and laugh.Bobbie saw Jason and Carly's look towards each other.Bobbie grinned,"Well,I should go to watch Michael.Is Latica watching him,Jason?"
Jason conitnued to look at Carly.Carly seemed more than happy to see him.
"Right."Bobbie nodded and left the room.
Jason sat in the seat next to Carly he took her hands,"Carly,look at this."Carly's wrist they were cut and bruised,"And this."He storked her cheek gently.She still had the big bruise along the side of her face.
"Who cares about that.Is Michael alright?"Carly asked,"Are you alright?"
Jason smiled,"Now,that I've got you back I'm fine.Michael's ok he's a little disappointed that you weren't home about two weeks ago."
Carly started to cry,"I'm sorry I worried you.I should have never trusted those guys it's just I thought they were your guys and--"
Jason stopped her,"Do you know who did this?"
"They're dead."Tagert stood in the doorway.
"What?"Jason's eyes followed Tagert as he approached Carly.
"Carly told me that she was kidnapped by two guys that Edward Quartermaine kidnapped her."
"What?!"Jason yelled.
"The two men were found dead on Quatermaine property but Edward claims they must have snuck in because he had no idea they were there and he's got a guard to back up his story."Tagert explained to Carly.
"That's not true!He told me he was going to keep me there!He told me he was going to take Michael away from Jason!That his was filing for custody!If it wasn't for Eddie I would have never got out!"Carly shouted.
"What?!"Jason repeated.
"Well,we have absolutely no prove to back up your side."Tagert stayed calm.
"But don't you think it's a little odd that the two guy's that could back up my side are dead!"Carly brought to Tagert's attention.
"Listen,I understand your upset but it's out of my hands.We have no proof."Tagert said again.
"Thanks for checking into it anyway."Carly was just happy she was out of there but she really wanted Edward to pay.
"Your welcome.I see ya around."Tagert left without saying one rude thing to either of them.
Carly like that she turned to Jason who was really confused,"Jason,I--Edward had two guys kidnap me.He told me he as going to take Michael away from you and that's when I got really scared."
"I'm going to kill him."Jason was infurated.
Carly pulled him back to sit down,"Please don't leave,Jason."
Jason calmed down,"I missed you so much,Carly."
"You did?"Carly smiled through her tears.
"Yes,I was afraid I'd never get to see you again.And I was worried I wouldn't be able to tell you how I felt about you."Jason cried with Carly,"I love you,Carly."
Carly put her finger on his lips,"Don't say things yo don't mean.Your only saying this because I was gone for so long."
"No,that's not why I said it.I mean it Carly.I do.I love you.I don't want to lose you ever again.Edward is going to pay somehow."Jason stopped crying.
Carly hugged Jason and just held on to him.

Carly walked into the penthouse with Jason.Bobbie waited with Michael in her arms.Carly gave Bobbie a happy but sad look,"You want to put him down for a second?"
Bobbie was happy her daughter actually wanted to see her.Bobbie handed Michael to Jason and hugged Carly.Carly laughed as Bobbie cried because she was so happy to see her,"First time you've been really happy to see me."
Bobbie pulled back,"I was so worried."
"I'm ok,Momma."Carly said without hesitation.
The last time Carly heard Carly call her that was the day Michael returned home,"Momma?"
"Yea,Momma."Carly grinned and hugged Bobbie again,"I missed you."
Bobbie was so happy now this family was going to be stronger than ever.Carly pulled away and turned to Michael,"Oh god you've gotten so big."Carly's eyes filled with tears.She picked up Michael and held him for a few mintues.Jason and Bobbie watched their reunion.Carly pulled back to look at Michael's smiling face,"I missed even more."Carly hugged him again but then her smile disappeared.
Jason didn't understand,"Carly,what's wrong?"
"He's not going to get in trouble.He's not going to pay for taking me away frm my son.After everything,"Carly shrugged,"We lose."
"He's going to win,Carly.He's going to pay somehow.If it means the rest of my life he'll pay."Jason assured Carly again looking at her wrist and face,"I won't let him get away with hurting you.I won't let anybody get away with that."
"Jason,what is she talking about?"Bobbie asked.
"Nothing,Momma.It's nothing."Carly tried to let Bobbie know.
"Carly,we should tell her."Jason looked at Carly.Carly was very reluctant but nodded yes.Jason sat Bobbie down,"Edward Quartermaine hired two men to kidnap so he could get custody of Michael and get the docks project back on track."Jason and Carly could tell Bobbie was upset.
Carly put Michael in his playpen and walked to Bobbie,"Momma,are you ok?"
"He kidnapped my daughter for a business deal and my grandson."Bobbie's body tensed up.
Carly gave Jason a dirty look,"See."
Jason shrugged.
Bobbie stood and walked to the door,"I'm going kill him."After saying that she ran out the door.
Carly hit Jason,"My mother is going to commit a crime because of you."Carly called Latica and asked if she could watch Michael as soon as she agreed Jason and Carly headed for the Quatermaine Mansion.

Edward,A.J.,Monica,and Ned were at the Quartermaine Mansion.Edward was made because he's perfect plan would have worked if it wasn't for Eddie's incompatance.He took the last sip of his drink and went back to dicussing things with the rest of the family.Then Bobbie Spencer slammed their front room doors open.She stomped over to Edward and just started to choke him.The Quatermaine family gasped and ran over to pull Bobbie off of Edward.Bobbie screamed,"Who do you think you are!?I can't believe you kidnapped my daughter!And I will die before I ever let you near my grandson!You sick demented man!How dare you do one thing to my daughter!"
The Quatermaines still held her back.Carly entered and yelled,"Get your hands off my mother!"Carly ran over and pulled them off her.When they got close to holding Carly back Jason stepped in front of both Bobbie and Carly.Jason gave them a stern look,"Back off."He warned.
Carly helped Bobbie up and they stood behind Carly.The Quartermaines stood on on one side and Carly,Bobbie,and Jason stood on the other.
"You are lucky we don't call the cops!"Edward shouted.
"Oh yeah they'd help you about as much as they helped Carly."Jason retailted.
"What is going on here?"Monica questioned everyone.
"Jase,what do you think your doing?"A.J. saw Carly's marks,"Carly,what happened?"
"Your grandfather had two guys rough her up that's what happened!"Jason said to A.J.
" What?!"Ned  looked at Edward with anger in his eyes.It kind of sounded like his ammo.
"I am warning you,Edward,if you ever ever go near my daughter again I swear on everything that breathes I will kill you!"Bobbie walked out to Jason's car.
"It's pitful all the woman in your new family shoot people,Jason."Edward commented.
Jason was going to punch him right then but Carly grabbed Jason's hand,"Let's go home,Jason."
"Are you sure?"Jason was ready to hit Edward.
Carly smiled,"Yeah."
Jason kissed Carly's hand,"Let's go."
They walked out hand in hand.
The rest of the Quatermaines asked Edward about it but he denied everything.Carly,Jason,and Bobbie drove away all stronger now that Edward had been confronted.

Carly and Jason dropped off Bobbie before going home to the penthouse.When they walked in Carly sat on the couch trying not to cry out of all the happiness she felt at that moment.But she began to cry anyway.Jason sat next to her,"What's wrong,Carly?"
Carly turned to him and smiled still having her tears fall,"Don't you know what this means?We're a family me,you,Michael,Bobbie,and Lucas we're family.My mom was actually glad that I was back."
"I guess we are a family."Jason grinned back.
"Nothing could compare to all the happiness I feel right at this moment."Carly wiped her tears away and continued to smile.
"Good then we can talk about something really serious."Jason took her hands in his,"Did you think about what I said in the hospital room."
Carly pulled her hands away,"Don't worry, Jason all's forgotten.I won't hold you to what you said."
"That's just it,"Jason placed his hand on her cheek,"I don't want you to forget."
Carly sighed and took his away,"If what your saying is true than we have got so much stuff to get through including Robin."
"Robin and I are finished."Jason stated.
"Doesn't mean she's going to give up.I wouldn't."Carly tried to reason with him.
"Carly,it doesn't have to be this complicated.We can just...be together."
There was a long pause that followed and Jason took it as he chance to make a move.Carly wasn't sure what to do.Jason turned Carly to him and kissed her.Carly closed her eyes and let herself just be in the moment.Carly didn't want it to end but Jason eventually pulled away,"Carly,if you need time I understand but don't think this just going to wear off because it won't my feelings for you are real."
Carly still lingering for another kiss,"I believe you,Jason."She kissed him again.
They both didn't let the kiss end this time.But Carly still wasn't sure how it would work.Guess only time will tell.
The End