Do You Remember Me?
by JasNCarly

Carly woke up in her own bed.She had just gotten back yesterday.She was glad to be out of the mental ward but when she saw how Robin and Jason were acting around each other she grew sick to her stomach.She wiped away the tears that had slid dow her cheeks.She didn't feel wanted and she felt alone.She thought Michael could cheer her up but he was being occupied with Robin and Jason.It seemed like Robin had taken Carly's place.Carly felt left out and had to leave.She put on a pair of black jean shorts and a short yellow shirt.She cried a little while she watched Jason and Robin together.She put on a watch and left.She sat beneath a tree in the woods somewhere.She scooted her knees to her chest and cried into her knees.She couldn't believe how horrible her life was.She loved Jason so much but he could care less.She lifted her head when she heard the leaves crunch behind her.Carly jumped up.She looked around and turned to a man.She screamed.
He quickly apologized for scaring her,"I'm sorry.My name is Sam.I was just trying to get to Port Charles.I didn't mean to scare you I swear I just saw you crying and wanted to help that's all."He showed her his ID.
Carly took it from him and looked at it.He had blond hair and green eyes.He was wearing a black shirt and black jeans.He looked like he had been traveling for a while all he carried was a back pack in his hand.Carly handed it back to him,"Hi Sam."
Sam sighed and smiled,"Hi.What's your name?"
Carly dropped back to her seat under the tree,"My name's Carly."
Sam knelt in front of her,"Hi Carly.It's a beautiful name.Why were you crying,Carly?"
Carly looked into Sam's eyes.He looked so gentle and trusting.She felt she could trust him,"Have you ever been in love,Sam?I mean really in love.Like all you did is think,dream,breath love for one person?"
Sam sat,"No I can't say I have."
"Well,trust me it hurts especially when not only is the man not in love with you but he is also in love with someone else."Carly explained.
"I must admit does sound painful."Sam replied,"Do you need help getting home?"
"I don't have a home.My home was taken over by another woman."
"I don't have a home either but it wasn't taken over by another woman.I just had to leave."Sam looked down at his feet and stood up.He held out his hand,"Come on I'll take you home--scratch that I'll take you to Port Charles."
"Ok,I guess I can deal with that."Carly let him help her up.

Sam walked with Carly back to Port Charles.Carly hadn't realized how far she had walked into the forest until Sam walked her to Port Charles.Carly and Sam had talked actually Carly did most of the talking Sam didn't say too much about himself or his background.Carly finally asked about him,"Sam,why did you leave your home?"
Sam turned to her,"My father wants me to take over the family business and I don't want to so I left home."
"Oh,I'm sorry."Carly wished she hadn't asked.
"I love my father but if he can't respect my wishes I just have to make a life for myself."Sam told her.
"I completely understand if you don't want to talk about it anymore."Carly excused him.
Sam smiled,"No you know what?I can talk to you.I've know you less than a day and I can talk to you."
Sam told Carly about how his father was disappointed with him an d how he wanted to be independent.Carly took his hand in hers to comfort him.Sam finally got Carly back to Port Charles.Carly let Sam take her to the building where Jason's penthouse was.Carly sighed,"Thanks Sam.It's been so nice talking to you.Tell me how it turns out ok?"
"Sure I will.I think I'll stay in Port Charles.Goodbye,Carly."Sam waved and left.

Carly felt a little better and walked up to the Penthouse.Carly walked in but Rinaldo told her Jason,Robin, and Michael went to the park.Rinaldo gave her a note that Jason had left.Carly walked in the penthouse and burst into tears this was way to hard.She ripped up the letter that Jason left her and threw it away.

Weeks past and Carly was getting worst.Jason was so busy being a family with Robin and Michael he didn't pay attention.Carly was growing more depressed.Michael was the only thing saving her.She would see his face and knew she had to hold it together for him.Carly was sitting in the front room of the Penthouse.Michael was upstairs asleep,Robin was out with Brenda,and Jason was out on business.There was a knock at the door.Carly opened the door and there was a man with a dozen roses in his hands,"Ms.Bensen?"
"That's me."Carly responded.
The man gave her a clipboard and pointed to a space,"Sign here."Carly signed.And he handed her the roses and a letter.
"Thanks."Carly called after him.She sat the her roses on the table and read the letter.It read:
Dear Carly,
Hi bet you thought I forgot you.But I wouldn't in a million years.It's me,Sam.I got a job at a grocery store dowtown.I wanted to write to you to let you know.I plan to see you again.I am staying in a hotel but I plan on moving into an apartment soon.I have it all set up just have to pay ythe down payment and get some furniture.I loved talking with you and I hope to do it again.I guess things probaly didn't get better right?If they aren't don't worry.I'll take care of it.If it is ok congratulations.I'll see you soon.

She put the letter back in the envelope,put her roses in a vase and brang them to her room.She came back downstairs and found Jason talking to Rinaldo.Robin was putting Michael in his high chair.Jason turned to Carly,"Great your here.We need to talk."Jason took her back to her room.He shut the door behind him,"I'm so sorry I have been such a jerk.We never talk anymore I don't even spend time with you and Michael."
"You are?"Carly slightly smiled.
"Yeah and I got something for you to say sorry."Jason pulled out a jewelry box and handed it to her.
"What's this?"Carly giggled.
"Open it."Jason laughed.
Carly opened in and there was a small circular locket.It was beautiful.She opened it and it had Michal and Carly in it,"Jason,it's perfect."
"Good.Are you mad anymore?"Jason asked.
"How could I be?"Carly replied.
"Good."He kissed her cheek and went back downstairs.Carly looked and put the necklace.She went downstairs.Robin and Jason were standing there with Michael by the window.She looked down at the locket and realized it was just a bribe a stupid meaningless bribe.She felt like a complete idot.She went back to her room and cried into her pillow.She hated her life.She then heard a knock at her window.But that was impossible.She was four stories up and there was no way someone could get up there especially since there was no porch or patio t her window.She walked over to the window anyway.She opened the window and looked down there was no screen so she stuck her head out and her eyes widen when she looked out a little.She squealed,"Sam!"
"Hey Sweetheart."He said with a phony accent holding on to the window sill.
Carly smiled,"Oh,my god how did you get up here?"
"You know,it's amazing,I gave the men a little money and tell them I am falling for this incrediable girl and they just gave me a lift."Sam flattered her.
She looked down more to see he was standing on a ladder that was connected to a fire truck,"You got the fire department to help you?!"The firemen waved to her.
"Yeah they were pretty cool about it."He joked.
Carly laughed,"You're crazy!"She was so impressed.No one had ever went through so much trouble for her.
"For you maybe."He praised more.
"You've only know me for a day!"Carly exclaimed.
"Have you ever heard that saying--Love at First Site?"Sam was like a love sick puppy.
Carly was blushing the whole time,"Yes,I've heard it."
"That's what I feel.Love at first site and you standing there looking at me under the moonlight impresses me even more."
Carly got on her knees so that she and Sam could be face to face,"This has got to be the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me.Thanks,Sam."
He pulled something from behind his back,"This is for you."He gave her a rose.
"How can I ever repay you?"Carly asked.
"You could kiss me."Sam answered.
Carly nodded,"I could but...I don't know."Sam looked down in disappointment.Carly took his face in her hands and kissed him.Sam put his hands on her face.No one else seemed to exist.Carly felt as though they were the only people on earth.When they stopped kissing Carly pulled back and opened her eyes,"Goodnight,Romeo."Carly smiled.
"Goodnight,Juliet."Sam smiled back and called down the guys,"Ok!"The guys down there started to bring the ladder down when Jason pounded on the door and when she didn't answer Jason burst in.Carly closed the windows before he came in and stood trying to look innocent.
"Carly,what the heck was that?!"Jason shouted and pointed to the window.
Carly looked out the window pretending not to see anything,"What was what?"
"Carly,I just a fire truck and a ladder next to your window."
"Jason,your seeing things.There was no truck you should go to sleep because your imaging things."
Jason thought about it for a second no one saw it besides him.Robin had already went to bed and Michael was asleep,"I have to get to bed."Before leaving the room he saw some roses on her dresser but said nothing.

The next night Jason got dressed up for a dinner party he had to attend.
Jason,Carly,and Robin were going.Carly had to get dressed up to go she still wasn't sure why she had to go.She put on her long white dress.It was very shapely on her.It had to wide straps.She wore her hair in a bun and pulled down a little bit of hair to frame her face.She put on her small pearl braclet and her pearly earrings.She walked downstairs and Jason couldn't help but be amazed.She wasn't wearing a lot of make up just pink lipstick and foundation.She saw him staring at her and smiled.Robin noticed too.She gave Jason a dirty look.He still walked over to Carly,"You look good."
"Thanks.You look good too I mean handsome."Carly tripped on her words a little.
Jason stuck his arms out Robin took one and Carly took one.While walking out the door Rinaldo stopped Jason for something.Robin and Carly stood by the doorway.More of Jason's men crowded around Jason.Robin was facing the elevator but saw Justus stepping out and walked over to him.Carly stood with her back to the elevator.Carly heard the elevator ding but didn't turn around she was going to wait for Jason.Before Carly knew what was happening a hand came around her face and waist to pull her back into the elevator. Carly slightly screamed.The elevator doors closed and the person pressed for the first floor.Carly spun around to see Sam standing there in a suit.

Jason heard the scream and didn't see Carly.Jason ran to Robin,"Where's Carly?!"He paniced.
Robin turned to him,"I don't know she was right there."
Jason ran his hand through his short hair and turned to his men,"I want everyone looking for Carly now!"He shouted.Robin and Justus started to get worried.Jason slammed his hand on the elevator button.

Carly hit Sam with her hand,"Are you nuts!?Jason's going to kill you?!"
Sam laughed at her hit,"Good maybe he'll pay attention to you now."
"You better let me out of this elevator.Jason's going to freak."Carly told him.
"Carly,why are you so worried about him?He doesn't listen to a word you say anymore.He ignores you.He picks Robin over you.Carly,"Sam took his hand to her face,"Jason,doesn't deserve you."
Carly had tears slide down her cheeks,"I wish he wanted me like he wanted Robin."
Sam grabbed her face with his hands and kissed her until the elevator stopped,"He will after I wisk you away but you might not want him."
Carly smiled.Sam took her hand and they ran to a limo waiting outside of the building.Carly wasn't worried at all she trusted Sam with her life.Right now she was sure that love at first site existed.Carly sat inside,"How did you get this?"
"I decided to work for my dad for a while because I wanted to do this for you.Carly, for the next few days it's just you and me.I won't bring you back to him unless you want me to.I'll make sure you forget,Jason.At least for awhile"
"Really?I don't know if that's possible."Carly still felt strongly for Jason even though her feelings for Sam were growing,"We'll see."She stood up and peeked out of the sun roof.Sam followed her.He looked at what she was wearing,"Did I tell you looked beautiful?"
"Well,not tonight."Carly joked.
"Oh well you do."Sam said.
"I know."Carly laughed and kissed his cheek as they rode down the freeway.

Jason was calling everyone he knew.He couldn't believe in a blink of an eye Carly was gone.He realized what a jerk he had been to her.He remembered what she said about not knowing what you've got until it's gone and he thought he had learned his lesson with Michael but now Carly.He took a vase that was one the table and threw it at the wall.Robin entered the room,"Jason,she'll be ok."
"No she won't somebody had to have done this from the inside nobody else would make it this obvious or as untrackable."Jason explained,"They made it so I know she was taken but they also made it so I have no idea where she is,what's going on with her,and who's she's with.Robin,whoever did this is a professional.She could be half way around the world and I wouldn't know."

Sam helped Carly step out of the limo.They were at a club way out of Port Charles.Carly and Sam stepped in to an empty club except for a gentlemen in the corner.Sam took her to the booth where the man was,"Carly,this is my father Anothony.Papa this is Carly."
Anothony got up and kissed her hand,"I know you know Jason Morgan.He will never know where you are if you don't want him to.Trust me."
Carly didn't know what to say but,"Thank you."
"If you do want to be with him I will bring you back but if not he will never mistreat you again.Of course you know the business."Anothony said politely.
Carly finally got it,"You guys are in Jason's business."
"Yes and I owe you for making my son so happy."
Sam smiled at his father.
Carly felt bad,"Anothony,sir,may I have a moment with your son alone?"
"Well of course."He kissed her hand again,"Again thank you.My son is finally going into the business."
Anthony left the room and Carly turned to Sam.Carly gave him a how dare you look.
Sam knew she didn't like the idea,"Carly I know this isn't exactly what you like in a guy but I wanted to impress you."
Carly felt tears almost choke her,"I can't believe I drove you to this.Sam I don't like you because of how fat your pocket I like you for you.You impress me.You.Not some island get away or pearls,"Carly took off her pearl earrings and braclet she threw them over the railling to the dance floor,"Or anything else money can buy.Love is not about who's got more money or who can impress you the most.It's about how we feel about each other.I feel the way I feel about you because your sweet,kind,and nice.I'm sorry if you thought money impressed me.How much did you tip those fire men?"
"I don't remember like five bucks but they took me to your window because I told them about you."Sam explained.
"You see that impressed me it wasn't about money it was about how you made me feel and how I felt about you.Sam whether or not you have money doesn't matter.I want you because of you.Got it?"Carly wrapped her arms around his neck.
"Got it and I'm sorry."He kissed her.
"You better be sorry."
"So it's like that is it?"
"Yeah it is."She giggled.
Anothony re-entered the room,"So did you two work out you disagreement?"
"I think we did."Carly smiled at Sam.
"Little girl thank you for bringing my son back to me."Anthony said.
"Your welcome."
Carly and Sam left after talking with Anthony a little.Sam and Carly got back in the limo.They drove to an airport.Carly stepped out of the car with Sam,"Where are we going?"
"Where do you want to go?"Sam asked.
"Anywhere as long as your there,"She then thought about it,"I've always wanted to go to Paris."
"Then that's where were going."Sam laughed and they walked onto the plane.

Jason had no word on Carly.It had been weeks already.He didn't know what to do.She was no where to be found.He went to her room.He looked at her things and wished he had seen her.She was not there though and he knew it.He remembered all the good things that had happened to them.He wanted things to be the way they were before Michael was kidnapped.He saw Carly's locket on the dresser.He had a bad feeling about that.He didn't even pick it out Robin did.He hated to feel like he was bribing her.He knew she knew he was too.He wanted Carly back.

Carly and Sam were staying at Anthony's Paris home.Sam and Carly were having so much fun they would dance,play,and rollerblade through the palace like place.Carly and Sam were rollerblading now in the place and Sam wrapped his arms around her.Carly stopped her laughter when she saw a mother pushing her daughter in a stroller.Carly looked down in shame,"I miss Michael,Sam."
"I know you do.Are you ok?"He hugged her.
Carly began to cry,"He doesn't even remember my face,Sam.Robin would pick him every morning,feed him,and put to sleep for the night."
"I'm sorry,Carly.Robin really did take over but you have to remember,Jason let her."Sam said.
Carly wiped away her tears and put her hands on her hips,"Oh trust me I remember.He broke a promise to me.He told me Michael would know who I was and he lied to me Sam,"He hugged her,"He lied to me."Carly closed her eyes and cried.
"He can't hurt you anymore,Carly.I won't let him."Sam whispered.

Jason was by the window in the penthouse with Michael in his arms.Robin had left because he told her he didn't want her there while this was going on.Jason greeted Michael,"Hey Michael,got any idea where Carly is?"
Michael hiccuped.
"Me neither.I miss her Michael.I can't believe it I miss,Carly.You know when your mom and I first met I didn't-she didn't mean anything to me just another girl,but then we became friends,then she gave me you,and she loved me I think.Imagine that me and your mom actually together."There was a knock at the door,"Come in."
Rinaldo was smiling,"They found her,sir."
"What?"He laid Michael in his bassinet,"Is she ok?"
"She's fine,sir."Rinaldo replied.
"That's great where is she?"
"Paris.Rinaldo who did this?"Jason wanted them to pay.
"Word is that Big Anthony's son's got a crush on her."Rinaldo watched as Jason paced the floor,"What do we do,sir?"
"We go get her and bring her home.You stay here call Latica make sure she watches Michael and you don't let anybody near him except Bobbie Spencer."Jason said and left for Paris.

Carly was out in the pool out back swimming trying to forget Jason and Michael.She got out when she saw Sam.Sam helped her out.Carly saw his face,"What's wrong,Sam?"
"They found us."Sam told her.
Carly sighed,"What do we do?"
"We leave.Go get dressed I got a car waiting outside ok?"Sam smiled.
Carly nodded.
Sam kissed her lips,"I love you."
Carly almost cried,"I love you too."She ran upstairs and got dressed.She ran down stairs and out to the car where Sam was.Sam yelled at the driver,"Go!"
Sam rolled up the window that divided them and the limo driver.Sam turned to Carly now he looked nervous.Carly held his hand,"It'll be ok,Sam."Her hair was still wet from the pool.
"That's not what I'm worried about,"He got on one knee in the limo,"Carly,this isn't the best time to ask you this but I have to."
"Ask me what?"Carly smiled.
"Will you marry me?"Sam pulled out a beautiful diamond ring.
"Oh my god,Sam.It's beautiful."Carly looked at it in awe.
"So,what's your answer I mean it's a good sign that you like the ring but---Well what's your answer?"Sam rambled.
"Oh,Sam.Of course I'll marry you!"Carly kissed him and then hugged him.
"You will?"
"Just tell me when!"Carly laughed.
"Well next stop."
"Oh it's going to be so great to marry you!"Carly exclaimed.
Sam and Carly got out of the limo and ran to the plane.They boarded the plane and left for Puerto Rico.

Jason busted into the place where Carly and Sam had just left.Jason ran upstairs with his gun in his hands,"Carly!Where are you?!"
"Excuse me sir but who are you looking for?"A little butler stepped out of the kitchen.
Jason ran to him,"Where is she?!"Jason yelled.
"Don't play stupid with me old man!Where's Carly?!"Jason shouted.
"Oh she left a long time ago."He laughed.
"I have no idea.But they're gone."
Jason took his men and they left for the airport.He saw a pilot putting in his time card.Jason followed him into the parking lot.As the man opened the door to his car Jason grabbed him and spun him towards him,"Where did you take,Carly?"Jason held the gun to the pilot's head.
"I can't tell you they'll kill me."The pilot was begining to choke from Jason's grip.
"I'll kill you right now if you don't tell me."
"Fine I took them to Puerto Rico.Please don't kill me."
"I won't."He lightly smacked his cheek,"You have to fly the plane.Come on."
The pilot started the plane then Jason and his men boarded the plane.Jason took a deep breath he was going to bring Carly home.

Carly's stomach tied in knots as she looked in the body size mirror before her.She was getting married in just moments.Carly's dress was white with white roses as her straps and white gloves.She wore white roses in her hair.The women who did her hair and make up was so cool.Carly said what she wanted and she got it.Carly smiled she was marrying someone who loved her and he loved her back.She couldn't help but think about Jason.She was so sure that Jason would be her fantasy man but he wasn't now Sam was.
"You look perfect."
Carly turned to see Sam standing there,"Sam!What are you doing you can't see me before the wedding!It's bad luck!"
"That's is just tradition."
Carly began to shove him out of the room,"Yes my tradition now get out.Just forget you saw me!"
"That's going to be hard to do."He grabbed her and kissed her.
Carly pulled back reluctantly,"Save it for the wedding,Romeo!"
"Ok,Alright I'm out."He left.

The wedding march began to play and Carly started to walk towards Sam.The only people there were some of Big Anthony's guard men and the guard men he had hired for Sam.The priest began to perform the wedding ceremony and they had written there own vows so the priest stepped back to let them talk to each other.
Sam went first,"Carly,I know this isn't exactly the wedding you expected but we are getting married!,"Sam exclaimed and Carly smiled,"Carly, when I saw how Jason treated you I wanted to be with you instantly.You were so beautiful and he was treating you so badly.I'm sorry that your mother couldn't be here and I know you wanted a big wedding with family and friends but this was the best I could do.Carly,I love you and I promise I will never treat you like Jason did,you will always be my first choice,and I will make this up to you."
Carly bit her lower lip and then spoke,"Well,when we first met I didn't know what to think of you I mean who would have known that you'd save me.You are the sweetest kindest person I've ever met and I love you.I didn't think anyone cared until you stepped into my life.You don't ever have to make anything up to me.I promise to never ever take you for granted."Carly smiled.
The priest continued the ceremony.right before he got to you may kiss the bride Jason and his gang slammed into the church,"Carly!Thank god!"Jason ran to her and put his arms around her,"I was so worried,"He looked at what she was wearing,"Did this jerk force you to marry him?!"He attacked Sam.
"No!"Carly screamed.
Jason and Sam fought on the floor and Carly tried to stop it but couldn't. Before she knew it everyone in the church.Carly didn't know what to do.Sam began to walk towards her when a fire was shot.Carly didn't know who it was that got shot.Sam turned around and shot the man.Carly recongnized him it was one of Jason's men.Sam feel into Carly's arms.She lightly smacked his cheeks,"Sam.Sam?What's wrong?"Carly pulled her other hand she pulled out from behind Sam's back.Carly's white gloves were covered in blood.She began to cry,"No."She moaned,"Sam no.You can't leave me now.You can't.Your all I have.Please don't.Sam."
Sam smiled,"Carly,your the best thing that ever happened to me.Don't you ever forget it.I love you."He kissed her and his body went limp.
"No."Carly cried,"Sam."She hugged him and rocked him.She grabbed his gun and stood up.Carly's dress and gloves were covered with Sam's blood.The guy who had shot Sam was still alive.She walked over to him with anger in her eyes.The tears fell from her eyes but you could tell the anger was taking over.She stood in front of the guy who had shot Sam and looked him straight in the eye holding the gun in his face,"You know what?I've shot someone before and he made it alive but the thing he took I got back!"Carly screamed and wiped away the few tears,"You took something I can never get back and your not going to be as lucky as Tony."She took the gun and shot the last of the bullets in the gun at him.She dropped the gun and looked over at Sam.Carly took off her gloves and stroked his cheek.She took her wedding ring from him and put it on her finger.And put her ring for him on his.She kissed him put his lips were cold.Her tears dropped some more,"You'll always be my husband.I promise."
Carly stood and a man grabbed her and threw her against a wall.Carly was knocked out.Jason saw her but what he didn't know was that her head hit it so hard she was begining to lose blood from her head.Jason ran to her side and called an ambulance when he had saw Carly head injury.After Carly was stable he immediatly had her transfered to General Hospital.

Jason waited for the real doctors opinion.Jason found out she really wanted to marry this guy.He found out from one of his men.Jason didn't know that while he was paying attention to Robin and Michael Big Anthony's son was romancing Carly.Jason felt so bad he also found out Carly had shot one of his men.He couldn't believe one of his guys would kill a mob leader's son what was the guy thinking?Jason had shot the man who had hurt Carly so there were three dead victims all together.Carly wasn't dead but she came close.Jason still didn't understand exactly why she left,"You're lying to yourself,Jason."He took her hand into his,"You know exactly why she left."He was waiting for Carly to wake up,"I'm sorry,Carly I don't know how I am ever going to make up to you what I've done.I am so sorry."
Carly started to move.She was groaning.She moved her side to side mumbling something.Jason called for a doctor.Carly sat up quickly in her bed .
Jason smiled,"Carly!You're up?"
"Why are you yelling?"She said and held the back of her head with her hand.
"Carly,you've been in coma for weeks."
"Carly?Is that me?"She looked at him.
"Yes that's you."Jason answered thinking she was kidding.
"Who are you?"Carly turned to him.
"Jason,remember?Do you remember me?"Jason asked growing scared.
"I can't remember anything.I'm drawing a complete blank."She grabbed Jason by his arms,"Do something please?"She started to cry.
A doctor walked in,"Ms. Bensen how are you feeling?"
"She can't remember anything!"Jason shouted.
"Well,we were expecting as much."The doctor told Jason.
"You expected as much!When the hell did you plan on telling me?"
"We wanted to make sure."The doctor replied and took Jason out in to the hall,"Mr. Morgan she suffered from a severe blow to the head.She can't just wake up and remember everything.Now what you have to do is try and make her remember show her familiar things and she should pick it up."
"How long will it take?"Jason questioned.
"Could take days,weeks,month,years who knows?"The doctor was talking not taking things seriously.
"Years?!"Jason shouted.
The doctor laughed,"Yeah."
Jason was getting sick of this guy's attitude.He laughed shortly and grabbed the doctor by his neck and slammed him against a wall,"You listen to me this isn't some kind of joke we are talking about the woman I love and the mother of my kid."He snapped.
The doctor glupped,"I'm sorry Mr. Morgan we try to look at the bright side of things and joke." Jason let him go,"That's better now go tell Carly what's going on."Jason straighten the doctor's clothing andlet him walk into Carly's room and explain to her.

After a couple of days at the hospital Carly was able to go home.Jason took her into the house hoping something would click but Carly just looked around not knowing anything,"Nice place."Carly sighed.
Jason instructed her,"Your room is upstairs."
"Oh ok."Carly walked upstairs past Michael's room and into her own.Carly looked at the window something immediatly popped into her head.Carly ran down and grabbed Jason by his hand.She dragged him upstairs and to the window,"I remember something,Jason."She opened the window and looked out.Something popped into here head.She closed her eyes.

Carly pulled back and opened her eyes,"Goodnight,Romeo."Carly smiled.

"Jason,I thought you said my name was Carly."She turned to Jason.
"It is."Jason didn't know what she was taling about.
"Then why did he call me,Juliet."Carly looked down at the cement.More came back to her.The voices began to talk in her mind:

"Hey Sweetheart."
"Oh my god how did you get up here?"
"You know,it's amazing,I gave the men a little money and tell them I am falling for this
incrediable girl and they just gave me a lift."
"You got the fire department to help you?!"
Carly laughed,"You're crazy!"

Carly smiled as her own voice echoed in her mind.She still didn't recognize the guy.Jason tapped her snapping her out of her thoughts,"You ok?"
"Carly--did she have a boyfriend?"Carly turned to Jason.
"You saw him.How?"
"There was a man here.He really liked Carly didn't he?She liked him too."Carly laughed,"Romeo and Juliet."
"The story?"Jason asked.
"There's a story?"Carly asked.
"Yeah,Carly,she used to love that story she kept a copy in the house all the time."Jason looked in one of Carly's top drawers.He pulled it out,"Here it is.Romeo and Juliet written by William Shakespeare.Suppose to be a classic."
Carly hugged Jason,"Thank you,for everything."

Jason woke up the next morning and went to the front room.He had called Robin before to tell her that he thought they should see other people.Robin told him she wasn't stupid and that she knew he wanted to see Carly.They got into an arguement and she hung up.Carly was on the couch reading Romeo and Juliet.She was wearing gray sweat paints,small white t-shirt,and sweat shirt over that.She looked a little confused.Jason sat next to her and patted her knee,"How are you?"
"Fine but,"Carly put a bookmark in the book,"I just--you're going to think I'm stupid but I don't really get the language.Do you have to learn it?I mean when is the last time I used thou in sentence?"Carly didn't think Jason would think much of her.
"Just now."He smiled.
"Ha ha,Jason I just wish I got more of what Carly liked then she'd be back."
"You don't have to rush it.It will come back and if it doesn't you just adapt to the new life you've made for yourself."Jason assured her feeling something completely different inside.
"Thanks,Jason."Carly sighed,"But you have now idea what it's like to wake up and not know who you are."
Jason completely forgot to tell her,"Yes I do.I went through the same thing your going through."
Carly lit up,"Really?And your memory came back?!How long did it take dare I ask."
Jason wished he could tell her it did,"It never came back."
"That means that I'll never remember Michael?I can't even remember my own son."
"Carly,you'll get use to--Michael will grow on you after awhile.He's hard not to like."Jason told her.
"Your a good father,Jason."
The way she said it triggered something in his mind.Carly had said that to him before.It was all new to the new Carly.Jason and Carly shared a long pause.The phone rang,"Hello?What?!Ok I'll be right there."Jason slammed the phone down Carly jumped in fear.
The slam heard like something she had heard before gun shots.She remembered something:

She stood in front of the guy who had shot Sam and looked him straight in the eye,"You know what?I've shot someone before and he made it alive but the thing he took I got back!"Carly
screamed and wiped away the few tears,"You took something I can never get back and your not
going to be as lucky as Tony."

"Sam?"Carly whispered.
"Carly?Carly?! Are you ok?"Jason's shouting snapped her out of her trance.
"Yeah I'm fine."Carly smiled nervously.
"I'm sorry if I scared you.I shouldn't scare you."Jason apologized.
"It's ok you must have done it for a reason."
"I did I have a problem I have to take care of but I'll be right back don't go anywhere ok?"Jason made sure she wouldn't leave.
"Ok."Carly nodded.
As Jason walked out Carly tried to read the book some more but got a headache.She sat the book down and sat there.There was a knock at the door but Rinaldo didn't really ask her anything so she opened the door.There was a middle aged man standing there he looked kind of mean.She looked at Rinaldo,"Who is he?"
"Dr.Tony Jones."Rinaldo replied.
"Oh you must be here to talk to me about my condition come on in."Carly smiled and let him in. Tony started to speak but Carly stopped him to ask him questions first,"Am I getting better?"
"Well, if you are I just want you to remember a few things,"Tony started yelling at Carly and as he walked foward Carly walked backward,"You ruined my life!You ruined my marraige,career,and shot me!And if you forgot that I just want you to remember."
Carly had tears falling from her eyes,"I shot you?"Then she thought about it Tony.Your not going to be as lucky as Tony,"I'm so sorry I shot you."She apologized still crying.
"What's wrong,Carly is big bad wolf Jason not here to protect you.Sorry can't get my life back!You also hurt Bobbie,Lucas,Robin,and poor Virginia."
"I didn't mean to hurt anybody."Carly cried.
Jason walked up to the door and heard somebody kind of yelling.Rinaldo was away from the door.So Jason walked in to see Carly backed up against a wall crying that she was sorry.And he reconized the voice instantly.Jason ran over to Tony and pulled him away from Carly.Tony faced him and Jason punched him across the face.Tony was on the ground in pain but laughing.Carly didn't know what to do.She did what her body told her to she ran he hands threw her hair and ran out of the apartment.Jason called after her,"Carly!Carly wait!"
Carly just ran into the elevator and Jason ran to the window in the penthouse to see Carly run out of the building.
Jason walked over to Tony and punched him again,"If anything happens to her I'll kill you."
Rinaldo finally showed up at the door.
Jason yelled,"Where the hell were you?"
"I was called downstairs,sir.Security crisis."Rinaldo responded.
"Carly was in here alone with Tony Jones!This is never to happen again got that!"Jason grabbed Tony by his jacket,"Escort him out of the building and tell everyone to look for Carly."Jason commanded.

Carly ran as far as she could and ended up somewhere in a park.Carly saw a corner in the bushes she sat there and cried into her knees.She hated her life she couldn't remember anything about herself and the things she didn't want to remember she remembered.
"Carly?"A voice called out.
Carly lifted her head with tears still streaming their was down her face.She saw a man who looked a little like Jason but his hair and eyes were darker.
"Oh god ,Carly did Jase do something to you?"
"Jase?You mean Jason?No he would never do anything to me."Carly took a deep breath,"Who are you?"
"You don't know who I am?"He asked looking a little disappointed.
"Got in an accident I can't remember anything."Carly vaguely explained.
He stuck out his hand,"Name's A.J. Quatermaine."She looked at his hand weird,"Your suppose to shake it,Carly."He laughed at how clueless she was.He took her hand,"You see you shake hands to introduce yourself."He shook her hand.
"Oh."Carly smiled and took her hand back.
"So what's wrong?"AJ. asked.
"I found out how horrible I am and I just can't hack it I guess.Did I do something bad to you too?"Carly's eyes began to feel with tears again.Some even fell.
A.J. 's heart went out to her she was really scared and she couldn't remember anything so...he lied,"No you never did anything bad to me."He wiped her tears away.
"I didn't.Wow at least one person I didn't hurt or burden."Carly giggled.
A.J. felt sorry for Carly but still was a Quatermaine and he still had to prove himself to Edward,"Carly,I want you to meet some people."
"Who's people?"
"My family.Jason's family before he lost his memory too he told you about that didn't he?"A.J. asked and helped her up.
"Yeah,but not the family part."Carly said while getting in his car.

Carly showed up at the Quatermaine's Mansion.Carly walked in with A.J. but he stopped her before they went into the big room.A.J. couldn't believe he was doing this but he was a Quatermaine,"Carly,I'm just going to tell everybody your here ok?I'll be right back."
Carly pulled her sleeves past her hands,"I should probaly call Jason,A.J."
"No!"A.J.'s shout made Carly jump,"I mean why don't we chat a little before you leave."
"Ok."Carly agreed but was still suspious.
A.J. walked the living room to see Ned and Edward he closed the door for a second. Ned turned to AJ.,"Well,what could reason could you possibly have for closing those doors."
A.J. signaled for Edward and Ned to come out onto the porch,"Carly's here.And I don't have a lot of information yet but she doesn't remember anything no faces,no names,and no crimes."A.J. hinted towards Edward and Ned.
"I like it A.J. very good bring her in so we can talk."
Ned stopped them both,"This is going to cost you guys.Do you know what Jason's going to do to you when he finds out Carly's here."
"Oh Ned spare us the dramatics."A.J. said.
"I can't wait to say I told you so."Ned warned them.
Edward dismissed and opened the doors to see Carly looking up at the staircase and her fingers peeking out of her sleeves.She was biting her nails.Edward greeted her with a hug,"Hello Carly."
Carly pushed him away,"Hey what's with the hands?!Do I know you?"
"Well I'm sorry my name is Edward Quatermaine.I'm Jason's grandfather."Edward laughed.
Ned shook her hand,"Hi Carly,I'm Ned."
"Hi Ned."Carly smiled.
Edward invited her in to the living room.Carly sat on the couch.Edward sat by her.AJ. sat in a chair as did Ned.
Carly put her hands in her lap,"You know,I appreciate you trying to getting to know me and maybe even boost my memory but I feel really uncomfortable I should call Jason."Carly stood up but Edward pulled her back down.
Carly gave him a look like she was going to hit him if he didn't get his hands off her,"I'm sorry,Carly.It's just we haven't really talked."
"Ok well I call him just so he can come talk with us."Carly smiled.But Edward stopped her again.Edward seemed to nervous for Carly,"Why don't you guys want me to call,Jason?"Carly pointed to A.J. and Edward.
"Because they knew I would get you out of here as soon as I knew you were here."Jason entered the room before he could be annouced.He looked at A.J. and Edward,"You guys just don't know when to leave things alone do you?!"He lowered his voice when talking to Carly,"You ok?"
"Yeah I'm ok."Carly answered.She was still sitting on the couch with her hands in her lap.
"Carly,I need you to trust me ok?"Jason knelt before her.
"I do trust you."She smiled.
"There's a car waiting out front I want you to get into the car and I'll join you in a minute ok?"Jason explained.
"Ok.Jason, I'm sorry for running out this morning."Carly said sadly.
"It's ok,Carly.I forgive you."Jason's smile reassured her.Carly got up and before she left she waved and said goodbye.A.J. and Edward were standing their corner.Jason felt like he was going to explode,"When are you guys going to learn to stay away from her?!"His voice rose again after Carly was gone.
"We were just trying to help."Edward defended.
"Oh yeah right like you tried to help last time and ended up getting her locked up even longer than she was suppose to."Jason laughed.
A.J stepped in,"Carly was in the park crying,Jason!Where were you!?"A.J. shouted.
"I was looking for her.She ran out when Tony Jones paid her visit and made her feel like less than nothing.Was that a plan of yours too?!Maybe if get her to be scared and run you could move in her right?Carly is a human being you can't keep using her like she's some stupid game piece!"
"Ned why aren't you helping us out?"A.J. asked looking at Ned kicked back.
Ned grinned,"I warned you."Ned snickered,"Hey A.J. I told you so."
"So what are you going to do,Jason."A.J. asked.
"Just don't plan on making any business deals for awhile.And stay away from Carly!"Jason stated and walked out.
Jason got in to the car where Carly was.She looked out the window hugging herself.Jason put his hand under her chin and turned her face towards him,"You sure your ok?"
Carly took his hand in hers and smiled,"Yes I'm fine.I'm guessing I wasn't suppose to talk to them though."
"It's ok,Carly.You didn't know."Jason said and wrapped his arm around her.She scooted closer to him and rested her head on his shoulder.

Jason was trying to think of what he was going to do about Carly.It must have been hard for her.He felt like it was a little easier for him he had Sonny,Luke,and Robin when he was going through her situation.She felt so bad because she couldn't even remember Michael.He stood in silence when he heard Carly scream from upstairs.Jason ran to her as fast as he could.
Carly was rocking herself in her bed and whispering,"No."Her eyes were filled with tears and fear.
"Carly,what's wrong?"Jason sat on her trying to figure out someway to calm her down.
Carly looked up at Jason,"There was just blood everywhere.I couldn't get off.And Sam,"Carly turned away from Jason and got out of her bed,"Jason,it's all coming back to me.Everything,"She wiped away her tears continously but they kept coming back,"I don't want to remember it,"She closed her eyes trying to hold back her tears better,"I bet you didn't know she cried herself to sleep did you?"
Jason felt bad because when Carly came back he neglected her terribly,"No I didn't."
"Yeah,well, she did.She used to cry and,"Carly keep her eyes closed but her tears fell no matter what she did,"She wanted to die.She felt left out and not wanted."Carly explained.
"Is that why she got together with Sam?"Jason asked.
"Sam,"Carly smiled but still had the tears fall,"He made her feel like she mattered.He treated her like a queen and all he wanted,"Carly laughed pathetically,"Was her love in return.She did love him,you know?Sam,"Carly pointed to Jason,"Sam was a good guy."
Jason turned stood and tured away from Carly.
Carly had to know,"Why weren't you with,Carly?I mean boyfriend wise."
Jason turned back to Carly.He was talking to a familiar face but it wasn't Carly,"I thought I was in love with someone else."
Carly wiped away.She was growing kind of mad,"She use to cry because she wanted you to want her but you were too worried about that girl!What's her name?"
"Robin."Jason replied.
Carly pointed to him again,"You hurt her!Why?Why did you do that?She would have done anything for you.But you never worried about that did you?It was all about,Robin.You know what just popped up into my head the other day?!"
Jason was still keeping his calm,"What?"
"The locket.She thought when you gave that to her you were really sorry.She thought you cared.But then,"Carly stopped herself and turned away from him.
"What,Carly?What happened?"Jason demanded her to tell him.
Carly's tears were coming back even worse than last time,"She put the locket on and she headed downstairs and she saw you standed there with Robin and Michael."
"Oh no."Jason sighed and sat down,"She came to me one night crying and she told me everything.All the lies,her break up with Tony,and just everything.We were getting along great but then...Tony took Michael and when we got him back everything was still ok.Then there was the trial and when she found out Tony was getting off with a slap on the wristed she flipped and shot him.From then on everything went wrong.She had to go to this like half way house you know not quite prison and not quite a mental hospital.When she was gone it was to quite around here.I missed her you know a lot.I got in this plane crash and when were saved...I came home,got Michael from the Quatermaines, and I just wanted to sleep so I went to bed.Anyways Robin came in to the penthouse and into my room.When she started saying things like she loved me and all I felt great because,"Jason took a deep breath,"Somehow,Robin being here took away the empty space that Carly had left.It was wrong but I just wanted to be whole again."
Carly stood there still mad but begining to understand.She wiped her tears again,"What about when she got home,Jason?"
"I had grown use to the thought of me,Robin,and Michael.I guess in some weird way I wanted her to pay for leaving me and Michael."Jason didn't know any of this until he said it.
"Pay?"Carly cried.
"And then when she was taken away that feeling came back whether Robin was here or not didn't matter."Jason was begining to shed some tears of his own,"I mean I had just got her back and then..."Jason trailed off.
"Then she fell in love with someone else,right?"
"Yeah.I wanted to hurt that guy so bad for making Carly feel this way but truth is she could have felt that way for anyone who'd even pay attention to her."
"Jason,"Carly knelt before him,"She wanted so bad to have a family with you and when she thought you didn't want that with her,she left.She thought it was the only resort."
"It was all my fault."Jason blamed himself.
"Jason,Carly should have just told you she was in love with you."Carly said and rested a hand on his arm.
Jason instantly looked at Carly whohad just confessed her feelings,"She was?"
Carly realized what she had said and pulled her hand away,"Yeah she was."
"I had no idea."
"She was afraid to tell you."
"She thought you'd get mad at her.You had told her you were in love with--Robin."Carly folded her arms.
"Well,I thought I was."Michael began to cry.Jason smiled,"I should probaly go check on him."
Carly laughed,"Probaly."
Jason walked to the door and stopped,"You want to come with me?"
Carly was a little surprised,"Sure."
Jason grinned and stuck his hand out.She took his hand and they walked to Michael's room.

Carly woke up the next day and went straight to Michael's room.Michael was wide awake.Carly laughed at the silly grin he had on his face.Carly picked him and took him downstairs.She held him next to the window like Jason did.She began to talk to him,"It's all coming back to me,Michael.You know,you and Jason,it's all coming back to me.My two favorite guys.The only glitch is that I can also remember,Sam.I guess I'll never forget him.Michael,how ever long it takes I'm going to bring Carly back to you,and Jason."Carly promised Michael.
Jason had heard everything he was standing in the kitchen listening.Carly never saw him.Jason walked into the room.Carly and Michael turned to Jason.Jason went to Carly and Michael.He wrapped his arm around Carly who was still Michael.Jason kissed her forehead.Carly smiled,"Why'd you do that?"
"Because I missed you,Carly."Jason confessed.
Carly blushed,"I missed you too,Jason."
Jason leaned to Carly and they kissed.When they pulled away they looked out at Port Charles with Michael.
The End

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